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Mike Exposes the Real Source of "Black LIves Matter" Sep 23, 2016
How the Jewish Mafia Creates Race Wars Sep 23, 2016
Will Trump's Economic Policy Team Cost Him the Election? Aug 5, 2016
The Wisdom of Dr. William Pierce Jan 4, 2016
Donald Trump and the China Dolls Oct 9, 2015
Over the past several months many individuals have asked me about my views on the US presidential campaign and the candidates from each party.Perhaps in the future when I have more time to waste and feel like ranting about something as meaningless as US politics, I just might reiterate my views on the ridiculous nature of the political system and why I am completely convinced it is a waste of time to vote.
The Loss of the Right to Self-Determination: The Bigger Picture Jun 27, 2015
Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.View Mike Stathis' Track Record , , and .Check to download . View Mike Stathis' Track Record , , and . Check here also
Propaganda - The Documentary Jun 26, 2014
The following documentary was released a couple of years ago. It was crafted to give viewers the impression that it was a North Korean propaganda film exposing the dark and evil realities of the USA. The individual who made the film was actually a citizen and resident of New Zealand, and t's production had no ties to North Korea. Even the North Korean scholar who discusses many of the points in the film with his face hidden is not even who the film claims he is. I suppose this positioning of...
Stop Jewish Control Jun 2, 2014
The Jewish Mafia Exposed (Part 1) May 24, 2014
When Israel is Mighty Jan 15, 2014
Subversion and Enslavement of the West Dec 29, 2013
Watch the video and confirm the claims for yourself.
An Example of How Political Correctness is Destroying US Businesses Dec 1, 2013
In this video, Mike Stathis gives you a few lessons on branding while demonstrating how the Jewish run political correctness movement has destroyed the USA.
Do You Support Israel? Mar 20, 2013
Whether you support Israel or not, I suggest you watch this video. It certainly isn't going to increase support for Israel.
Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia Oct 23, 2012
Among the various mechanisms of fraud carried out by the Jewish Mafia, the one most responsible for the economic decline of the United States has been its exploitative trade policy, otherwise known as free trade. As always, the Jewish Mafia has bought off an army of Gentile puppets to carry out much of its fraud, so as to escape detection. For instance, during the height of the Financial Crisis of 2008, President Bush was instructed by his handlers to denounce protectionism so as to...
Free Trade and the Suicide of a Superpower (Part 1) Oct 22, 2012
When President Bush was preparing to leave the White House during the peak of the financial crisis, he was instructed by his globalist handlers to preach the “we must guard against protectionism” line so as to reinforce the continuation of the propaganda campaign once Obama entered office. This line was taken directly out of the mandates from the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other organizations comprising the globalization establishment.
What Do Americans Want? Sep 3, 2012
During his four years in office, President Obamaas performance in the employment area has been as bad as one could imagine. Furthermore, he seems to not realize just how bad the situation is.Perhaps Obama has been informed by his advisers that there is really nothing he can do to create jobs because it has been U.S. trade policy that has been responsible for job exportation for many years before he entered office. But to make things worse, Obama expanded trade to South Korea, ensuring more...
America's Second Great Depression Aug 25, 2012
For nearly three decades, corporations, banks and the ultra wealthy have reaped financial rewards from America’s bubble economy at the expense of working class Americans. During this stretch, the majority of the gains from U.S. productivity have been disproportionately distributed to the top income earners. Over the years, these inequities have accumulated into an ever increasing wealth and income disparity. Although this trend has been apparent for many years, America’s...
Washington's Double-Dip Scam and War with Iran Aug 19, 2012
As the United States continues to suffer from the economic disaster created by Wall Street, the aoeexpertsa are once again discussing the possibility of a aoedouble dipa recession. This play on words is ludicrous to those of us who realize the recession which began in December of 2007, never ended.
The Solution to America's Great Depression: Eliminate Welfare Aug 4, 2012
Getting rid of welfare as a solution to Americaas depression might sound like a counterproductive idea. But letas take a closer look at why that just might represent the most viable option.
How the Jewish Mafia Screwed You Jun 4, 2012
Apparently, JewTube enjoys allowing people to infringe on copyright so that it can make money illegally, similar to its parent company Google, which permits millions of of people who sell Google ads to use copyright protected material. However, when it comes to stating facts about the Jewish Mafia, JewTube won't permit it; it's considered a violation of its hate speech policy.
Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement Has Been Taken Over by Jews Jun 4, 2012
There's not much to say about this other than what the headline reads. And to be honest, I don't have time right now to write about it. But I wanted to go on record exposing this fact which I have been aware of since the very beginning. Maybe I'll go over how I discovered that the OWS Movement is run by Jews another time.
Is the EPI Racist Against Whites? Sep 30, 2011
...virtually every so called think tank in the U.S. is run and/or funded by Jews and Jewish money. This remains a well guarded secret hidden from the naive and unsuspicious public eye in the U.S.
Krueger Will Not End the Nightmare on Main Street Aug 30, 2011
Yesterday, President Obama announced his nomination of Alan Krueger to serve as Chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers. Thus far, this council has been nothing short of an abject failure. Thus, you should already know what to expect from Krueger, another Jewish academic from the Clinton administration.
A Brief Note on Murdoch Jul 22, 2011
Scratching the Surface of the Zionist Multiculturalism Agenda Jul 17, 2011
I have no need to write about what has been stated by the lady in this video. If you can't figure it out after listening to her, I suggest you start using your brain.
The Media's Role in the War on Terror May 31, 2011
The media continues to utilize countless tactics designed to heighten public perception regarding the critical need to advance Americaas war on terror. We see this on a daily basis.
Code of Conduct for the Police State Known as the USA May 30, 2011
Over the weekend, a group of individuals decided to demonstrate just how bad the Police State has progressed in the U.S. So, they paid a visit to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC, and began dancing.
Middle East Dispatch: The Latest on the Middle Eastern Turmoil Feb 25, 2011
As many of you know, I do not normally respond to or discuss daily news bits because in most cases it's just noise unless you are a day trader. And if that's the case, my advice to you is to take your money to Vegas instead, as your odds will be better and you will have a much better time.
Obama, Puppet of the Jewish Mafia (Part 2) Dec 21, 2010
I continue where I left off from Part 1. So letas have a look at more of Obamaas Jewish appointees.
Obama, Puppet of the Jewish Mafia (Part 1) Dec 20, 2010
aoeThe great majority of the Senate of the United States...somewhere around 80 percent...are completely in support of Israel, anything Israel wants. This has been demonstrated time and again, and this has made it difficult."
Obamanation Dec 11, 2010
Back in early 2007, very few pundits gave Obama a chance in the 2008 Democratic presidential race. At the time, Hilary Clinton and others were front runners. But things would soon change.
The Zionist Jewish Mafia and Its Enablers Nov 11, 2010
I want to be crystal clear about things. What I am about to discuss has been stated in bits and pieces in the past in some of my previous articles. Here I want to bring things together so that you understand the big picture. And I want to do this by providing you with hand selected videos that demonstrate these ideas.
An Important Proclamation from Israel Oct 21, 2010
The more time you spend research things for yourself with an open mind, the more pissed off you are likely to become after realizing that in fact you have been had. The Jewish mafia does indeed control America, and they are raping you day by day.
Multiculturalism Acknowledged as a Disaster Oct 19, 2010
Those who read Americaas Financial Apocalypse might recall I discussed the problem of immigrants failing to integrate into U.S. society. This is just one of hundreds of prophetic conclusions made in this book.
Europeans Standing Up to Oligarchs and Criminal Bankers Sep 29, 2010
In the past, I've discussed how Americans should be taking notes as they watch Europeans resist the various austerity measures and other forms of control enacted by the oligarchs.
Obama Continues the Tradition of Discriminating Against Whites Sep 16, 2010
Why in America is it only discrimination if it's a white person doing or saying something against another race?A
More BS from the Washington Mafia, Delivered by America's Puppet In-Chief Aug 31, 2010
This evening, President Obama delivered a 20 minute address announcing the end of combat in Iraq. Caving into pressure from critics who have continued to criticize Obama's numerous failures since ...
Covert Operations (A MUST-READ) Aug 26, 2010
Updated on August 28, 2010)Subscribers to the AVAAInvestment Analytics newsletter might recall a few months ago IAcriticized a nonpartisan think tank for its sudden departure from meaning...
The Hidden Dangers of Lax Immigration Policy and Open Borders Aug 3, 2010
Americaas former greatness was created by the hard work of struggling immigrants, who earned their right to become U.S. citizens. They did not ask for nor receive handouts.
Even Canadians Refuse to Take Things Lying Down Jun 27, 2010
This weekend during the G 20 summit in Toronto, thousands of protesters lined the streets to voice their anger at the meeting of the global elites.A
Obama Seizes Another Opportunity to Distract from the Most Important Issues Jun 4, 2010
Hopefully by now you are familiar with all of the campaign promises Obama made prior to winning the 2008 presidential election.
An Important Message from Peter Schiff May 20, 2010
I just ran across this plea from Peter Schiff in my mail box and I had to make a comment.This is a man who took his 5 man brokerage firm and turned it into a staff of over 100 in less than 3 years, compliments of CNBC and the naive individuals who fell for his hot air.
Swedish Candidate for Parliament Says Jews and Rockerfeller Were Responsible for WWII and 911 May 18, 2010
Even more interesting than this article was where IAfound it.Perhaps Mr. Sviden has watched
Mearsheimer and Walt: The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy May 5, 2010
In the past, IAhave made mention of Mearsheimer and Walt's book, The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, although IAhave not read it (IAhave no time!).
Which Nation Poses the Biggest Threat to the World? Apr 18, 2010
First of all, we need to look at nations that have or could have nuclear warheads. Is it North Korea? In the past, the U.S. media and Washington have told Americans that North Korea is a poten...
More Tea Party Scams Apr 16, 2010
Previously I have discussed how the Tea Party movement has been taken over by the republican party. This and so many other activities have taken place because the vast majority of Americans are FOOL...
Realities of the Neo-Cons' Multi-Trillion Dollar War Apr 6, 2010
You may have heard about the turkey shoots by U.S. military andAmercenary groups (Blackwater)Ain Iraq. The problem is, a good deal of the turkeys are innocent Iraqi civilians, some of which ...
American Heroes You Never Hear About Mar 22, 2010
There are many Americans heroes. Unfortunately, many of the ones we think are heroes are quite the opposite. This is part of the mechanism used to manipulate the masses so that they can be deceived ...
Zionist Media & Zionist Washington: Selling You Another War Using Lies and Manipulation Mar 18, 2010
Many of you know how IAhave been discussing how the Zionist control over America is causing you to lose your liberty, your money, and economic opportunities.
Iran's Ahmadinejad Echoing What Most Intelligent American's Already Know Mar 6, 2010
I wanted to post a link to a brief article discussing Ahmadinejad's statement regarding the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.A
It's Official: The Tea Party Movement is a Scam Feb 5, 2010
IAhave previous written a few posts about the so called Tea Party Movement, discussing how many Americans have been fooled by this front for the Republican Party.
What Alex Jones Doesn't Want You to Know Feb 2, 2010
A few months ago, IAwrote a brief piece on how Alex Jones has brainwashed so many people. Well, actually, IAonly discussed a tiny portion of it.
Reviewing Obama's Promises Feb 2, 2010
Just a reminder how you can never trust any politcian who represents a fascist dictatorship, whether we are talking about George Bush, Barrack Obama (Barry Soetoro) or the next puppet who will replace...
The Best Black Man in College Basketball Jan 30, 2010
As I was enjoying some college hoops today, I noticed how CBS seized the opportunity to give President Obama some air time after spotting him at the Duke/Georgetown game.
America Needs Seven Days in May Jan 12, 2010
IArun across a movie that some of you older folks might remember. IAfind it quite ironic, and perhaps more relevant today than (although not nearly as good as)Athe movie version ofA...
Late to the Party Dec 31, 2009
Many of you are aware of my forecasts about the economy, real estate, the stock market, gold, oil, etc. from my books, articles and newsletter.
America's Most Dangerous Enemy Lies From Within Nov 22, 2009
Everyday, as I think about what has happened to this nation, I feel like Iam living through a nightmare. A AWashington keeps brainwas...
Barrack Obama: Puppet of Zionist Elitists and Homosexual Crackhead? Nov 10, 2009
Hopefully by now you realize that Obama is nothing more than a puppet for Zionists who really run America. Most of these Zionists are Jewish.
The Cold, Hard Truth About Obama by Nader Oct 13, 2009
I hate to even direct anyone to a Tech Ticker video since the head of this Internet propaganda venue is headed by none other than Henry Blodget, former Wall Street analyst who pumped the dotcom stocks...
More Obama Mania Oct 9, 2009
I've always felt that the Nodel Peace Prize was a joke, and a disgrace toAbearAtheANobel name by it. News of the latest winner only confirms this in my opinion.
Here is Where Your President's Mind Is Sep 15, 2009
I ran across an article that might have blown past many of you.A This article clearly demonstrates where President Obama's mind is...occupied with BS.A
Evidence that Tea Parties Are Fronts for the Republican Party Sep 13, 2009
You know when anAairhead neo con like Michelle Malkin supports tea parties, they serve as fronts for republican agendas.A As she proudly admits on her blog, tea parties are being spearheaded...
Just One More Reason to Boycott GM Sep 12, 2009
So many people speak of moral hazards, usuallyAat their own convenience. Most of you have heard the term used when referring to bailouts.A Moral hazard basically means that companies or indi...
More of Less From Obama Sep 5, 2009
In tradition with the previous empty bag delivered by President Bush, President Obama has continued to offer Americans more of less when it comes to ways to ensure a viable retirement.
AIG Criminals Seek to Extort More from Taxpayers Jul 10, 2009
So you thought you'd heard the end of AIG,Ahuh?AANot by a long shot. This useless company, with a very long list of employees belonging in prison, is still demanding the White House app...
It's All For a Good Cause Jul 7, 2009
I find it odd how theAUnited States justice systemAconveniently uses subjective forms of...
Let's Focus on Wall Street Executive Bonuses, So We'll Forget They Belong in Jail Jun 25, 2009
Here's a pretty good article on the Wall Street crooks from Vanity Fair.A
The AUDACITY of Change (Part 2) Jun 24, 2009
Letas continue with the elements needed for America to mount a real and sustainable economic recovery.
The AUDACITY of Change (Part 1) Jun 23, 2009
Ever since (finally) acknowledging the problems within the real estate and banking industries, several historic actions have been taken by Washington, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the ...
Obama's Czars - Unconstitutional Jun 17, 2009
I thought I'd post an article which sums up Obama's efforts to gain unprecedented control over America. Notice that you are unlikely to find this article or anything similar in the mainstream pr...
Do You have Any Sympathy for the Crooks That Robbed You? Jun 15, 2009
The latest from the AIGAcontinues now with another greedy attorney fighting for bonus money for AIGAemployees the same people who helped collapse the global economy.A http://finance...
Who REALLY Runs the Show? May 22, 2009
If you think President Obama runs America, think again. Like many U.S. presidents before him, Obama is merely a puppet. Larry Summers is making most of the decisions. He's pulling Ob...
When Does it All End? The Abuse Continues. Apr 22, 2009
Trillions of dollars for the bailouts haven’t satisfied the banks and automakers. They want more, and they’re spending your dollars to make sure they get it. According to the Associated Pr...
Obama's Change Nov 23, 2008
Last Friday the 21st, the market staged a huge closing rally upon announcement of New York Federal Reserve President and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Timothy Geithner as the next Secretary of Treasury.
A New Precedent for America: Financial Irresponsibility Pays Nov 11, 2008
As a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding, banks are stepping up with further efforts to protect delinquent homeowners. To date, this represents the most radical effort to stop the avalanche of fore...
Off-Shore Drilling: Just Another Scam Sep 14, 2008
Itas a game Washington plays. And theyave become quite good at it.AIn fact, itas a game where both parties are on the same team.
American Heroes Don't Last Aug 13, 2008
Politicians use several means to hide the real problems from voters. One of their biggest partners in this deception is the media, which helps deliver messages they want the public to hear.
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