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Mike Stathis' Track Record on the Economic Collapse
As the facts demonstrate, Mike Stathis is the leading expert on the economic collapse. We are offering a $100,000 prize to the first individual who can demonstrate that there is at least one individual who can merely match the written track record of Mr. Stathis. For details, please see .
One on One with Mike Announcement Mar 4, 2015
March 2015 Newsletter Release Schedule Mar 1, 2015
Who Subscribes to Our Investment Newsletters?
We have subscribers all across the United States and Canada. We also have a large number of subscribers in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Israel, and the Russian Federation. The list is...
Mike Reminds Investors to Keep Their Minds Clear Jan 30, 2015
Our Greatest Testimony Ever Dec 3, 2014
We are the only financial experts who criticize the Jewish Mafia. As you can imagine, being in the financial industry and criticizing anything related to Jewish people is the worst way to grow one's business since the financial industry is completely controlled by Jews.
Special Discount (limited time) for College Students
True Experts Have Great Track Records Oct 15, 2014
CRITICAL Message for all Subscribers and Members
Rules About Posting Our Videos and Comments on Google Crooks Oct 3, 2014
AVA Investment Analytics Intro Jun 24, 2014
Statement About the "Controversial" Nature of this Website Jun 24, 2014
Extension of the $100,000 Challenge
January 15, 2013 UPDATE: We have extended the duration of analysis of Mike's track record from October 2006 to December 2012. And we have extended the deadline for submissions for this $100,000 reward to December 2013.
New Material Just Added to Member Library Mar 4, 2014
Market Forecast Promotion Sep 20, 2013
Do we really need to say anything more about Mike's market forecasting abilities that have not already been shown by his world leading track record?
Morning Comments Sep 3, 2013
Just a few comments prior to the market open.
July 2012 U.S. & Emerging Market, Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals Forecasts Jul 19, 2012
We have just released our July 2012 U.S. & Emerging Market, Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals Forecasts.
Membership Benefits Jul 12, 2012
Telcom Analysis Video Presentation Nov 25, 2011
In this 23 minute video, Mike discusses ways to play the AT&T/T Mobile deal, and summarizes the business fundamentals of Sprint, Clearwire, MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, offering actionable investment and trading recommendations for each.
Investment Strategy Video Tutorial Nov 17, 2011
We have just released an investment strategy video tutorial for subscribers to Dividend Gems. In this video, Mike discusses some unique perspectives that can be implemented into one's investment strategy, using examples of two securities from the Dividend Gems Recommended Securities List.
The Wall Street Investment Bible Has Been Re-Released
Information on the Dividend Gems April Issue Apr 11, 2011
Recent Stock Pick Soars AGAIN Jan 12, 2011
Max Keiser Article UPDATED Dec 15, 2010
A Note About The Economy and Stock Market Oct 23, 2010
The Solution for Financial Advisers Aug 5, 2010
AToday, up to 90% of investors want to change their broker. Can you blame them?AAFortunately for brokers, investors really donat have anywhere else to go because most of the...
AVAIA Market Forecast and Recommendations SPOT ON, AGAIN May 25, 2010
Subscribers to the newsletter and those who purchased the special report released on May 9th know well that my market analysis was spot on once again (click here for details). I doubt that any o...
Beware of Amazon May 16, 2010
It has recently come to our attention that resellers on Amazon have chosen to exploit the lack of availability of The Wall Street Investment Bible by raising the price of their copies to over $20...
Internships & Employment May 12, 2010
Submit Your Security for Analysis Mar 27, 2010
Back by (very) popular demand, newsletter subscribers are free to submit 1 security for analysis in the next newsletter. Mike will select 2 or 3 securities and discuss the short , interme...
Pictures of Your Town Mar 19, 2010
Living in one of the cities less affected by the economic collapse, I'm curious to see how things are where you live. IAcanAtell you that although I'm inADallas (whichAwas not affe...
Key Publications by Mike Stathis Oct 23, 2009
For those of you who are new to AVA Investment Analytics, we advise you to take the opportunity to get up to speed on things. Below is a brief list of key articles written by Stathis over the pas...
How to Receive a Free Copy of The Wall Street Investment Bible Aug 15, 2009
Would you like a FREE copy of The Wall Street Investment Bible? Well here's your chance to get this very valuable book. Mr. Stathis is offering a free copy of his n...
Trump: A Lesson in Cheeseball Branding Jun 26, 2009
First he got involved with casinos. He just happened to pick the wrong spot (Atlantic City). Of course, everyone knows in real estate, the most important thing is "location, location, locat...
Thank you for your subscription to the AVA Investment Analytics Newsletter. For those of you who have yet to join, I encourage you to do so now before the price is raised. It p...
Special Report Released May 16, 2009
We just released a special securities analysis report for paid subscribers. Please check your email. The PDF is attached at the end of the email. ...
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Telcom Analysis Video Presentation

In this 23 minute video, Mike discusses ways to play the AT&T/T Mobile deal, and summarizes the...

Investment Strategy Video Tutorial

We have just released an investment strategy video tutorial for subscribers to Dividend Gems. In...

Italy, France and Japan Economic Analysis

As a reminder, we released an economic analysis of Italy, France, Japan and the US in the October...


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