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China's Stock Market Bubble Jan 20, 2015
Below Mike has released Chapter 12 of his own 2007 book showing that he was the only one to not only have predicted the financial crisis, but also showed specific ways to land huge profits. Check to download . View Mike Stathis' Track Record , , and .
Alex Jones as a Case Study on You Tube Con Men Jan 4, 2015
EXPOSED - Jim Sinclair and (Select) Gold Pumping Websites Jan 2, 2015
I want to remind those who have not yet signed up and paid for a Membership or have become a Client via subscription of one of our investment newsletters that we have amassed the most detailed and comprehensive compilation of LIARS, SNAKE OIL SALESMEN, IDIOTS and such pertaining to the financial industry. If you want to avoid getting taken by the countless con men and idiots that seem to be populating by the day, you need to understand how these scumbags operate. It is only by studying our...
The Jewish Mafia is Screwing You By Promoting Jewish Clowns Dec 30, 2014
More Proof that Gold Bugs are Clueless Dec 5, 2014
Don't Shoot the Messenger Nov 29, 2014
Financial Media Promotes Boiler Room Brokers as Experts (Part 2) Nov 23, 2014
Mike Stathis Offers to Show Peter Schiff How to Invest Successfully Nov 16, 2014
Another educational video.
Brief Statement About Gold Charlatans and Their Victims Nov 7, 2014
Financial Media Promotes Boiler Room Brokers as Experts (Part 1) Oct 31, 2014
Media = Liars, Crooks and Idiots CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance DOGSHIT MEDIA EXPOSED. See the video below for Mike's analysis of these boiler room scumbags who have been positioned as "experts" by the criminal media. For more in depth analysis, Members and Clients are highly encouraged to check our . It is the LARGEST (and maybe the only, but certainly the best) and most comprehensive resource exposing the tactics and strategies of hundreds of charlatans. In total, this resource...
Mike Stathis Explains the Media Scam Oct 9, 2014
The "Greatest Transfer of Wealth Opportunity" Hoax Oct 4, 2014
For several years now, I have been doing my best to expose Wall Street criminals, the tactics of the criminal financial media and the doomsday gold charlatans. I have exposed how the Securities and Exchange Commission serves as a partner in crime with Wall Street. I have exposed various Wall Street scams. I have exposed various acts of insider trading as well as a long list of pump and dump schemes. I have exposed a very long list of con men, idiots and faux heroes. I provides more details...
Why Would the Media Ask A Thail Resident about the US Economy? Oct 1, 2014
EXPOSED: More Doomsday Charlatans (Agora Financial Pt 1) Sep 20, 2014
In the video below, we take a closer look at the doomsday douche bag, Chris Martenson, along with the doomsday publication called Money Map, which is a production of Agora Financial. Agora Financial is the single largest copyediting firm spewing doomsday bullshit in the world. It publishes dozens of trash websites and newsletters, from Casey Research to the Daily Reckoning. Remember, the apple never falls far from the tree. I will be exposing Agora in more detail in the near future. *Note:...
Exposing Mental Midgets in the Financial Media (Short Version) Sep 12, 2014
JC Parets: The New Investment Expert in the Media Sep 11, 2014
Meet Josh Brown's former colleague and close friend, who he is continuously promoting. Birds of the same feather always flock together.
Mike Stathis and Elon Musk Have a Message for the Media Pinheads Sep 8, 2014
Peter Schiff Wants More of Your Money Sep 5, 2014
In 2007 Peter Schiff "wrote" a book that was apparently geared to win the approval of an unsophisticated and rather gullible audience. In addition to mentioning his disastrous brokerage firm on every other page, Peter Schiff’s 2007 book, Crash Proof turned out to be anything but a resource to avoid a stock market crash.
More You Tube Con Men (Part 7) Sep 2, 2014
Here we take a closer look at a media loser who was canned from CNN and is now paying his bills as a paid promoter of precious metals. This loser's name is Greg Hunter. Hunter confirms what I have been preaching for years now…you cannot trust anyone who works in the media. They are all for sale to the highest bidder. This includes anyone who has previously worked for the media as well.
EXPOSED: Karen Hudes (Part 2) Aug 30, 2014
Here we continue with Part 2 on Karen Hudes.
Stathis Destroys Broken Clock Doomsday Douche Bag Jim Rogers Aug 27, 2014
EXPOSED: Karen Hudes (Part 1) Aug 25, 2014
Due to various time restrictions, this article will continue to be updated throughout August 25, 2014. Here we have a very weak attempt by a Jewish lady to distract attention away from the Jewish Mafia. According to Karen Hudes, the Vatican runs the world! (pause for intense laughter) Anyone who actually thinks the Vatican has any truly autonomous power outside of Italy simply doesn't understand the reality. The Vatican continues to face financial pressures (largely) due to thousands of...
Stathis Exposes the Criminal Financial Media Aug 23, 2014
EXPOSED: Doug Casey (Part 1) Aug 17, 2014
As the evidence reveals, Doug Casey is a great contrarian indicator and a huge charlatan. And anyone who does not realize this is simply a damn fool. Furthermore, keep in mind that the apple never falls far from the tree. Now think to yourself who Casey associates with. Here is a small sample…Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, Porter Stansberry, Chris Martenson, Alex Jones, Max Keiser, John Williams, Eric Sprott, and thousands of other BS artists, each one with a lousy...
EXPOSED: MIke Rivero Aug 11, 2014
There are so many faux heroes out there it is difficult to keep count. In this video, Mike tells you about his interaction with this profiteering BS artist and gold pumping loser.
Mike Stathis' Message to Jim Rogers - "You're a Dumbass" Aug 4, 2014
WARNING: All Precious Metals Pumpers are Idiots and Con Men Jul 30, 2014
It is a fact... Says who? Says Mike Stathis, the man who holds the best investment track record in the world 8 years running. Mike Stathis Track Record , and Okay, now let's have a look at these con men.
Veterans Today is a Disinfo Site FIlled With Liars, Idiots and Nut Jobs Jul 20, 2014
Veterans Today Promotes Gold Charlatans and Doomsday Idiots Jul 19, 2014
In addition to publishing a wide variety of some of the wildest conspiracies on the latest headline of the day, Veterans Today also promotes the “bad banks, buy gold” mantra. I won’t go into the comical conspiracies published on this site right now, but it would appear that Veterans Today is all about generating ad revenues. They don’t care how inaccurate or ridiculous the content is. The case of Veterans Today proves once again that ad based content is dog shit that...
Mutual Fund Disasters: An Overview Jul 14, 2014
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