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Clueless Chris Martenson is Selling Fear (Part 1) Sep 25, 2013
Anyone can pretend to be some kind of economic or investment expert in the media. After all, the standards used by the media are extremely low. Basically, if you tell the media you're qualified they will believe you, hence the case of Chris Martenson. Sit back, relax and enjoy this video series. As always, you WILL learn a great deal about economics and how the markets work. It's about time someone exposed this snake.
Stathis Exposes Motley Fool and Reminds Us that Only Jews are Allowed in the Media Sep 19, 2013
The headline says it all. As always, watch, listen, learn, take notes and enjoy.
Why CNBC Viewership is Collapsing Sep 5, 2013
According to several accounts, CNBC is struggling with ratings. Some shows on the network haven’t had ratings this low in more than a decade.
Mike Stathis Offers Advice to Peter Schiff's Clients and Points Out His Ridiculous Statements Aug 24, 2013
In the video, Mike educates Peter Schiff on the economics and risks in China, the realities about Social Security, and advises clients of Euro Pacific Capital to pull their funds ASAP because Schiff has no idea what he is talking about. This is a reminder that we just released a that updates our precious metal and commodities forecast from August. You can find more information about this 1 hour long video presentation .
Mike Stathis Exposes the Network of Gold Charlatans Plus More Shitcoin Scams from Keiser Aug 10, 2013
Here, Mike provides a video introduction to the vast network of con artists who have been pumping gold and doom. The full analysis is contained in the , as well as in related articles. Combined, Mike has written more than 2000 pages and produced more than 50 videos exposing these clowns. We continue to add to this massive resource.Always remember that if you want to make money, the very first thing you need to do is determine how to avoid losing money. The best way to lose money is to listen...
Airhead from RT Spews BS about Gold But Stathis Sets the Record Straight Jul 25, 2013
Warning: This video contains excessive foul language. If you do not wish to hear such language, please do not watch this video.
Stathis Educates Another Clown Promoted on CNBC: Bill Fleckenstein Jul 19, 2013
I'm beginning to really enjoy exposing the countless idiots and charlatans positioned in the media as "experts" because it not only demonstrates the criminal nature of the media, but these videos also afford me the opportunity to discuss what is going on in the economy and capital markets. So if you aren't becoming more knowledgeable about the economy and market, you aren't paying close attention to the details.
Mike Stathis Schools Marc Faber and Exposes More Clowns Jul 16, 2013
Sit back, take notes as you watch, listen, learn and even laugh.
Peter Schiff Exposed and the Truth About Gold Jul 11, 2013
The video below says it all...well, not really. There are many other videos required to counter all of the inaccurate promotion of him by the media criminals, but for now this should do.
Delusional Stockbroker Gets Called Out by Media Bimbo Jul 6, 2013
Exposing the ridiculous and often insane nature of Peter Schiff's economic views, forecasts, investment recommendations and political thoughts is a full time job for two reasons.
Ray Dalio: Great Fund Manager or Clown? Jun 28, 2013
CNBC, Making Stars Out of Idiots: The Case of Doug Kass Jun 25, 2013
Reminder about the Clowns Who Continue to Get Everything Wrong Jun 23, 2013
Any guesses as to who I'm referring to? Certainly there are hundreds of idiots and con men who fall into this category; namely the gold charlatans. Here is a video that serves as a reminder of how clueless Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Mike Maloney, Larry Kudlow, Ron Paul and Jim Rogers ARE, HAVE BEEN and CONTINUE TO BE.As a bonus, you will hear from a few spastic, brainless You Tube chumps and fellow gold charlatans.
Marketing Disguised as News: Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff Exposed Jun 14, 2013
Today, Mike points to a couple of examples of your typical media and marketing BS, compliments of Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff.
Peter Schiff Embarrasses Himself AGAIN With His Dog and Pony Rant and Horrendous Forecasts May 31, 2013
What more do we need to say other than what has been said in the headline? You won't want to miss this video.
Doomsday Investors = Sheep May 27, 2013
Have a look at this video.
Rachelle Fox: Underage Prostitute for the Financial Industry (Part 2) May 17, 2013
This is just another example of how the criminal financial media is brainwashing people to get them into the stock market so the banks can take their money.
Rachelle Fox: Underage Prostitute for the Financial Industry (Part 1) May 12, 2013
This is just another example of how the criminal financial media is brainwashing people to get them into the stock market so the banks can take their money.
Starbucks Bans Press TV but Allows Live Porn Apr 28, 2013
The video says it all.
Max Keiser and Alex Jones Announce Plans to Crash Goldman Sachs Apr 28, 2013
Email us and tell us what you think of this video.
Was Cocaine Really Responsible for the Financial Crisis? Apr 27, 2013
In this video I discuss how the media gets its audience to think that it's on their side but is really providing cover for the crooks.
WARNING: Peter Schiff is CLUELESS Apr 17, 2013
Anyone who has a decent grasp on the economy and who also bothers to pay close attention to what Peter Schiff says should be able to see how he has no idea what he is talking about. Sit back and take notes as Mike Stathis destroys Peter Schiff all while providing several learning points about economics and investments. As you watch this video, keep in mind that this is the typical BS broadcast by the media. If you pay attention to the media, your investments are doomed, your life is doomed.
VIDEO: Peter Schiff Calls Himself a Buy-and-Hold Value Investor. I am Laughing My Ass Off Apr 14, 2013
Schiff claims to be a value investor. The funny thing about that is he recommends something that has no real value GOLD! In addition, unlike model value investors, Schiff does not seem to focus much on risk mitigation. Finally, Schiff's investment strategy is buy and hold. What a disaster. Let's take a look at some of Schiff's value investment recommendations.
More Pumping of Bitcoin (Shitcoin) Apr 14, 2013
First, we have a pumper from a small Wall Street firm demonstrating how irresponsible he is. I will guarantee you either this guy or his firm have a financial stake in Shitcoin, but they don't have to disclose it since it's not regulated by the securities industry! In the second video, we get a visit from Max Keiser and Alex Jones, discussing the recent short call on gold made by Goldman Sachs.
VIDEO: Is Gold a Ponzi Scheme? Listen to Marc Faber's Answer Apr 11, 2013
Just another video showing you that ALL of these media idiots are CLUELESS salesmen with agendas and shitty track records.
Robert Prechter Sends a Stooge to Fill in for Him as He Stays in Hiding Apr 9, 2013
Robert Prechter knows that he has amassed one of the worst market forecasting track records in U.S. history. I guess he figures that if he makes a huge call and sticks with it that by the time it happens, most people who remember all of his previous horrendous calls with have forgotten or died. See Unfortunately for Prechter, even he won't live to see his Dow below 1000 prediction materialize; even if he lives for several decades from today.
SCAM ALERT: Max Keiser's Latest Scam Called Bitcoin (Shitcoin) Apr 5, 2013
Two years ago, Max Keiser created a "Destroy JP Morgan, Buy Silver" scam in which he conned his low IQ audience into believing that could implode JP Morgan if they bought physical silver, since, according to Keiser, JP Morgan held a huge short position in silver. Well, once I heard about this, I wrote an article warning people that Keiser was creating a complete scam to get suckers to buy silver and jack up the price so that certain individuals could sell (I won't name these...
VIDEO: Marc Faber Prefers Asian Equities Apr 3, 2013
Just another example of how these media clowns flip flop. They are all contrarian indicators!
VIDEO: Casey Research: A Prime Example of Idiots in the Financial Publishing Business Apr 2, 2013
You aren't going to want to miss this video. I was directed to the Casey Research website after following the trail of one of the doomsday videos that have been plastered by countless hucksters throughout the Internet. On my very first visit to the Casey Research website, I ran across a gold pumping article that clearly demonstrates the kind of bullshit you get from financial publishers who claim to be research firms but are really publishers of garbage. Sit back, pull out the popcorn and...
VIDEO: Mike Stathis Slices Up Mike "Mental Midget" Shedlock (Parts 3-4) Mar 31, 2013
In the concluding videos, you will get an even better ideal just how clueless Mike Shedlock is, all while learning a good deal about economics and investments.
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