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VIDEO: Mike Stathis Slices Up Mike "Mental Midget" Shedlock (Parts 3-4) Mar 31, 2013
In the concluding videos, you will get an even better ideal just how clueless Mike Shedlock is, all while learning a good deal about economics and investments.
VIDEO: Mike Stathis Slices Up Mike "Mental Midget" Shedlock (Parts 1-2) Mar 30, 2013
You don't want to miss this 4 part video series. Not only does Mike Stathis reveal just what a clueless idiot Mike Shedlock is, he also provides valuable insight, as always.
VIDEO: More "Gold is Money" Brainwashing from Peter Schiff Mar 29, 2013
After you watch this video, you will get a better idea why Peter Schiff fears going up head to head with Mike Stathis on a neutral platform. The two are on completely different levels. One is a clown preaching scare tactics ad myths in order to make money charging people huge fees for gold, all while getting most of his forecasts wrong; the other is a no nonsense expert who doesn't sell gold or securities so he has no agendas, and he doesn't spend most of his time in media and marketing,...
VIDEO: CNBC Idiots Get Exposed and Destroyed by Stathis Mar 27, 2013
The title says it all.
VIDEO: Is Peter Schiff Finally Backing Away from His Extremist Claims? Mar 25, 2013
Well, I'll let you decide for yourself. Watch the video, listen and learn the subtle art of sidestepping compliments of Peter Schiff.
VIDEO: Peter Schiff is a Salesman, Nothing More, Nothing Less Mar 17, 2013
The video below says it all, well not really. There are many other videos required to counter all of the inaccurate promotion of him by the media criminals, but for now this should do. Feel free to download it and upload it to YouTube or where ever.
Market Manipulation by the Media is Happening Right Now Mar 15, 2013
I don't have time to go into the detail this deserves, but hopefully the notes I wrote on the image below and referencing back to the previous two pieces by the media (mentioned below) will help you realize what's going on here. Certainly, those who have followed me for some time will understand precisely what is going on here.
Gold Charlatans Strike it Rich While their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 3) Mar 7, 2013
None of these guys who preach doom and advocate gold as your key to salvation will EVER post articles or interview anyone who speaks the truth. The whole idea is to deceive their audience and they fear the truth. They create propaganda in order to fool their audience. Glenn Beck is a perfect example. Beck never airs any credible experts because no credible expert would give him what he wants a doomsday scenario positioning gold as your salvation. That's why he featured clowns like Peter...
Gold Charlatans Running Out of Excuses as the Dow Hits a New High Mar 6, 2013
UPDATE ON MARCH NEWSLETTERS: After a very harsh bout of the flu, Mike is now back on his feet and is preparing the newsletters. As a reminder to those of you out there who still haven’t figured out that you’ve been listening to the wrong people, take note of the following…just as the Dow Jones Industrial Average just blasted to an all time high on Tuesday, the doomsday, perma bear and gold charlatan crowd is reacting with the same excuses since late 2009…
The Criminal Financial Media Sinks to an All-Time Low Feb 26, 2013
Recently, the financial media featured 16 year old Rachelle Fox, apparently a teen actress, but not for her acting ability. Are you ready? The bought off criminal media featured her because she likes to "day trade." Clearly, this type of promotion pleased online brokerage firms.
Bloomberg Gets in on the Deception Feb 26, 2013
Recently I showed you how CNBC and Yahoo showed no conscious for duping investors to think it's easy to day trade. In order to pull this off, they featured a 16 year old girl, who clearly has no idea what she is doing. We recently discovered that Bloomberg had it's own 16 year old girl it interviewed in order to promote the premise that even kids can invest or trade stocks successfully.
They Want Your Soul (New and Improved Version) Feb 24, 2013
This is the third version of the original video. It nearly twice as long as the first, better organized, more detailed and explains things better. I restricted the length to 15 minutes so it could be uploaded to YouTube (even though I know longer videos are permitted but I think you need to provide more personal info).
Gold Charlatans Strike it Rich While their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 2) Feb 21, 2013
Now, if you have not already read this hatchet job on John Williams, I want to encourage you to do so. After reading it, hopefully you will understand how Williams and the rest of these gold bug clowns have been lying to you.
They Want Your Soul Feb 20, 2013
Most likely, unless you have been following me for some time you won't catch everything depicted by the images in the video below. For those who have been following me, I trust there is no need for narration.
Gold Charlatans Strike it Rich While their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 1) Feb 19, 2013
The Snake Oil Salesmen are Out in FULL Force A Closer look at Peter Schiff, Porter Stansberry, Chris Martenson, Doug Casey, the National Inflation Association and Zero Hedge. As I have been discussing for some time now, the various gold dealers and others who are aligned with these charlatans represent an enormous propaganda machine that has been created specifically for the purpose of scaring unsuspecting and even fearful investors who are out of touch with reality into buying gold for which...
Free versus Paid Content Feb 1, 2013
I think it is important to remind people about the price and quality of content. It’s really quite simple. No content is truly free. You pay a huge price for that content.
Where Do We Go for Reliable Information? Dec 3, 2012
We are always being asked where else to go for unbiased credible information and commentaries.
The Con Game (Part 2) Oct 27, 2012
In this, the second installment of what is slated to be a 4 part series, I expose more sharks sucks as Kevin Trudeau, Robert Kiyosaki and more. You won't want to miss out on this piece because as you know by now, you aren't going to get the full unbiased truth about these BS artists anywhere else but here.
Gold Propaganda from Raymond Dalio Sep 30, 2012
The other day I was alerted to article by a colleague who knew I wouldn’t be able to resist pointing another example of the type of inaccurate and reckless content spewed from CNBC on a daily basis. I have documented the motives and tactics used by CNBC to dup its sheep audience on several occasions. Here is a partial list of articles discussing this criminal network run by the Jewish Mafia. Remember, CNBC makes its money by selling advertisements. The vast majority of advertisers on...
The Truth about Jim Cramer and CNBC (Part 1) Sep 19, 2012
As I have discussed in the past, the financial media constantly portrays the impression that it provides its audience with valuable content from "experts." However, as the facts indicate, this is rarely the case. Like all professional marketers realize, once you have an audience, you can tell them anything you want and they will believe you. Simply turning in the TV or picking up the newspaper sends the signal that you want to be lied to. The biggest marketers target CNBC for their...
Comprehensive List of Gold Hacks Sep 1, 2012
We recently added a significant amount of material to our Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes. This is a publication that will be expanded indefinitely.
More Evidence of Idiots on CNBC Aug 21, 2012
I ran across this piece today. Apparently, the crooks and idiots at CNBC did an interview with the strategist at Nomura.
UPDATE to Hack of the Day: Compliments of and Yahoo! Aug 20, 2012
A few years ago I wrote an article exposing just a few of the thousands of clowns associated with CNBC and Jim Cramer's completely worthless, snake oil investment newsletter websites. Here, we revisit one of these clowns to prove that they had no real business until recently, despite what the perception created by CNBC.
This Article Could Save You from Losing Every Dime You Have (Part 2) Aug 17, 2012
Previously we blew the lid off of one of Mike Maloney’s puppets. We also exposed the fact that Robert Kiyosaki is basically hiding while having his con men like Mike Maloney pitch the doomsday pitch to sheep. It should be noted that it was Peter Schiff and the rest of the extremist marketing clowns who opened the door for guys like Dillard. Think about that. You find it interesting to note that Schiff has interviewed (and promoted) Robert Kiyosaki and Mike Maloney. Of course, Schiff is...
Snake Oil Alert: Chris Martenson and Zero Hedge Aug 13, 2012
We recently released a detailed article (18 pages) dissecting the methods and tactics of a new scam artist. See here. But we are by no means finished. We plan to continue discussing this guy and others he is linked with in another long and detailed article to be released in the near future. We plan to release more on some other scammers, Chris Martenson and Zero Hedge.
More Proof Wall Street Research is Useless Aug 7, 2012
I wanted demonstrate to you that Wall Street research is usually behind the curve, making it more useless than beneficial.If you work in the industry, then you probably already know this.As an example, I am going to discuss Fossil (FOSL).Today, shares of Fossil (FOSL) soared by 32% after beating earnings.
Critical Lessons from the Facebook Scam: A Blast from the Past Aug 1, 2012
The Facebook pump and dump scam has played out just as I predicted. After only a couple of months, naive shareholders who feel for this scam have already lost nearly $45 billion as the result of a collapse in the share price of more than 50% from the IPO high of $45.
More Evidence the Media is Irresponsible and Reckless Jul 23, 2012
aoeWhat I am really astonished by is that a news organization like the BBC doesnat check the sources and itas willing to publish any picture sent it by anyone: activist, citizen journalist or whatever. Thatas all,a said Di Lauro.
Golden Dreams & Delusions: (PART 7) Jun 23, 2012
In this series of articles I have been discussing the myths, lies, dreams and delusions about gold, hyperinflation and other nonsense that continues to be flooded into the media by idiots, liars and snake oil salesmen. With so many lying scumbags, snake oil salesmen and profiteers out there, obviously one of the most important skills to have to avoid falling victim to these rascals is to know how to determine whether someone can be a trusted source of information and insight. So how does one...
Golden Dreams & Delusions: (PART 6) Jun 22, 2012
It seems like every day we hear about some guy making gold and silver price forecasts, and these forecasts are invariably ridiculously high. Some of these hacks insist that gold is headed to $5000; others say $10,000; some even say $20,000. I’ve even heard one clown “predict” $57,000! How about $1500 silver? Sure! Why not!? Maybe if I “forecast” $100,000 gold the media will line up to interview me. Because it is impossible to know in advance whether gold has...
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