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August 5, 2013 Natural Gas Analysis and Forecast Jan 24, 2014
This report contains the Henry Hub Natural Gas forecasting section of the August 2013 Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals research report originally released to subscribers on August 5, 2013.
August 5, 2013 WTI & Brent Crude Analysis and Forecast Jan 24, 2014
This report contains the WTI and Brent Crude forecasting sections of the August 2013 Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals research report originally released to subscribers on August 5, 2013.
August 5, 2013 Gold & Silver Forecast Jan 24, 2014
This report contains the gold and silver forecasting sections of the August 2013 Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals research report originally released to subscribers on August 5, 2013.
Gold Analysis & Forecast from March 25, 2013 Jan 24, 2014
This report contains a special video presentation on gold provided to subscribers of the Intelligent Investor. The release of this report is part of a new series we have recently launched for the purpose of helping the public become more familiar with the track record and insights of Mike Stathis.
Lessons on Short-Term Trading Dec 5, 2013
We have released an instructional video where Mike Stathis shows traders some insider tips on short term trading. In the presentation, Mike uses as an example a security that is on our recommended list. He has pointed to the trading opportunities available in this security some two months ago. He shows how those investors who had followed his lead were able to:1. Substantially lower their cost basis2. Reduce risk3. Increase portfolio liquidity Ever since the raw footage of the video was...
How to Set Limit Orders and Determine Stop Loss Pricing Oct 13, 2013
We have just released a 30 minute video presentation where Mike goes through and shows you how to set limit orders and determine pricing for stop loss orders. The unique insight shared in this highly valuable tutorial is guaranteed to not be found anywhere else because it comes directly from Mike Stathis himself, and is therefore based on the asset management approaches he developed while working on Wall Street. During this presentation, Mike goes through a real example of one of the...
Mike's Top Healthcare Stocks Blow Away the Outstanding Performance of the S&P 500 Oct 5, 2013
As our clients and subscribers to our newsletters will attest, we have advised remaining in the market at full speed ahead thus far in 2013. And we have kept our clients and subscribers in the stock market at all times since March 9, 2009, the date of the exact bottom in the US stock market, other than the small handful of periods when the market sold off hard. In every case we predicted these sell offs and advised our clients accordingly.
AVA Investment Analytics Clients Cash in on MAKO Oct 3, 2013
Recently, Stryker (SYK) announced its intent to purchase MAKO Surgical (MAKO) for $1.65 billion, sending shares to nearly $30 after holding the mid to low teens for nearly a year.
Stathis Nails the Gold & Silver Trade AGAIN Sep 14, 2013
Mike is perhaps best known as one of the top two or three stock market forecasters in the world and with good reason. Anyone who has followed Mikes forecasting knows it just doesn’t get any better. But his commodities, precious metals and foreign currency forecasts have also risen to legendary status.
Morning Comments Sep 3, 2013
Just a few comments prior to the market open.
Earnings Revisions and Guidance Aug 30, 2013
Although we have seen some noteworthy earnings disappointments for Q2, this has been overshadowed by overall impressive results as well as upbeat estimates for Q3 and even Q4. In short, the US stock market remains strong, confirmed by impressive earnings and reasonable valuation.
What Are Earnings Telling Us About the Future Direction of the Stock Market? Jul 16, 2013
Since we first published The we have added more charts and content, so check it out! Click . We have been warning about what we felt would be a greater than expected weakness in earnings. This trend is now beginning to materialize. Thus far, this greater than expected earnings weakness appears to have been overshadowed by speculation as to when the Federal Reserve will begin to reduce its bond buying program. Ironically, this speculative behavior by investors has led to soaring Treasury...
Yahoo Finance Hypocrites Criticize Doomsday Clowns Jun 3, 2013
We here at AVA Investment Analytics do NOT watch the media. However, we do monitor the content ONLY as a way to keep tally as to what is said and by whom in order to expose the clowns and con men. Accordingly, we know for a fact that over the past several years, all of the broadcasts created by Yahoo Finance (Breakout, Daily Ticker and its predecessor Tech Ticker) have promoted dozens if not hundreds of gold bugs and doomsday charlatans from Robert Prechter and Peter Schiff, to Marc Faber and...
May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 3 Opening Statement May 31, 2013
As expected, the U.S. stock market continues to soar. Last month we stated that Dow 15,000 would soon be reached. This is precisely what happened. We have also been emphasizing the fact that the rise in the stock market has been a reflection of strong earnings growth. With so many doomsday charlatans focusing on the issues within the economy, many investors who are foolish enough to pay attention to these marketing clowns may have forgotten that a weak economy does not necessarily translate...
May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 2 Opening Statement May 29, 2013
While a considerable amount of global economic risk remains, the U.S. stock market continues its spectacular run. The unwavering trend of robust earnings growth from the S&P 500 has kept the bull market very strong and resilient for several years now. This strong earnings performance continues to push the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index to new all time highs. U.S. dollar denominated assets remain as the safe haven choice for institutions and sophisticated investors...
May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 1 Opening Statement May 26, 2013
Commodities continue to correct as we expected. As readers will recall, we were on the leading edge in predicting the correction in commodities more than two years ago. At that time, with the CRB approaching 700, we discussed three possible correction destinations that we felt would be determined by the economic progress; one at 400, 450 and 500. In contrast, many sources were insisting that commodities would soar due to continued quantitative easing. What is remarkable about this is that...
April 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 3 Opening Statement May 23, 2013
Get ready for Dow Jones 15,000 because it’s coming, and soon. Earnings continue to shine while the U.S. economy remains stagnant. But earnings are also pretty good in many regions of the world where the economy is much more stagnant, such as in Europe and Asia. The consensus for Q1 earnings growth currently comes in at about 0.05% decline, which leaves a great deal of upside for the stock market if earnings come in at a modest 2% growth rate for the quarter. We feel earnings will in...
April 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 2 Opening Statement May 22, 2013
Investors continue to interpret a more favorable economic environment in United States in comparison with the rest of the advanced and developing world. The long string of impressive earnings from the S&P 500 has kept the bull market persistently strong. This strong earnings performance continues to push the Dow Jones Industrial Average to new all time highs. And on April 10, 2013, the S&P 500 Index finally blew past its previous all time high from 2007. Again, we view U.S. sovereign...
An Alternative Way to Play Gold Apr 2, 2013
Mike discusses an alternative way to play gold that he feels has less risk and more upside.
VIDEO: Survey Says Gold Bugs Are Uneducated, Low-Income Sheep Mar 29, 2013
A recent survey has confirmed what I have been pointing out for a long time; gold bugs are naive, easily fooled, unsophisticated investors with low educational attainment.
Opening Statement from the December 2012 Intelligent Investor (Part 2) Jan 22, 2013
Those who followed our recommendations to sell shares prior to the market correction and repurchase on the way down through 12,500 have no doubt done very nicely. Remember that we do not need to be perfect in timing tops and bottoms. If we can sell towards the tops and buy towards the bottoms, over time we will significantly outperform every index you can imagine.The problem some investors have is that they want to wait for the exact bottom before they buy. Unfortunately, this often causes...
Did You Own the BEST PERFORMING Stock in 2011? WE DID
What was the best performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2011? We did. We called the top and told investors to sell before shares collapsed.
How to Manage a Market Correction: Points You Won't Read Elsewhere Jul 28, 2012
When trying to figure out how best to manage a market correction, one of the first things you need to consider is how each of your holdings has performed prior to or in the early stages of the correction period. In order to arrive at this assessment, we examine relative strength. Relative strength measures the performance of a security versus an appropriate index over a given time frame. While relative strength is often very useful for trading purposes, its utility diminishes during a stock...
Video Presentation "20 Stocks Over $100" Lands HUGE Profits: CMG Jul 21, 2012
Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) has been one of the hottest stocks over the past few years, having soared by more than 1000% since late 2008. Throughout this time, the chart looked great.
July 2012 U.S. & Emerging Market, Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals Forecasts Jul 19, 2012
We have just released our July 2012 U.S. & Emerging Market, Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals Forecasts.
The Quote of the Year Goes to Charles Munger When Speaking about Gold Jul 15, 2012
aoegold is a great thing to sew onto your garments if youare a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939 but civilized people donat buy gold a they invest in productive businesses.a
June 2012 Dividend Gems Opening Statement Jul 14, 2012
As we progress through the aoemeata of the global macroeconomic risk cycle, the U.S. stock market continues to correct in accord with our forecasts (as published in the Intelligent Investor).Despite the recent lows made in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 12,003 on June 4, the market rallied in lue of continued negative developments in Europe. However, we feel this rally is not likely to reverse the bearish intermediate term trend.
What's Behind the Natural Gas Price Disparity? (PART1) Jun 24, 2012
A few weeks ago, as natural gas prices in the U.S. continued to set multi year lows, there appeared to be no end in sight for just how low prices would go. But alas, some temporary relief has come for natural gas pricing. Now that the global recession is spreading (as we warned of several months ago), crude pricing has corrected, while natural gas has bumped up in price. However, the longer term trend for natural gas remains bearish, while that of crude oil remains bullish.The severe and...
Market Guidance from March 2012 Dividend Gems Apr 10, 2012
In late January the Federal Reserve Bank announced that it intended to keep short term interest rates at current levels until at least late 2014. This announcement has several ramifications.
Do You Have a Financial Advisor/Money Manager/Financial Planner? You Better Read This Jan 20, 2012
Without drawing this out into a long piece, we wanted to remind everyone of a few realities which we will summarize below. If you have someone handling your investments, you had better damn well make sure they are following someone who knows what's going on.
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