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Opening Statement from September 2014 Dividend Gems Oct 20, 2014
Opening Statement from the September 2014 issue of Dividend Gems First published on September 17, 2014 for subscribers to Dividend Gems While much of the global economy continues to lose steam, the US and the UK remain atop of the advanced world with improving conditions each month. Recently, economists revised UK economic growth for 2014 and 2015 upward. The US economy recently posted strong manufacturing and service sector PMI data, each one now at multi year highs. Moreover, earnings for...
The China/Superpower Myth & The Best Investment Advice You Ever Heard Oct 18, 2014
Opening Statement September 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Oct 5, 2014
Despite an overheated property market and a large consumer and government debt burden, the UK continues to deliver strong economic growth which... Again, we feel that the ECB will eventually begin its own asset buying program (similar to that in the USA)... As Japan moves forward with the third phase of “Abenomics” the proposed structural reforms...Aside from the relatively stable economic environment in the US and UK, there is very little good news for commodities bulls. Thus, it...
MP3 Notes on Oil, USD, Euro, Pound, and Global Economy Oct 1, 2014
I plan to begin making more frequent communications to newsletter subscribers using an MP3 format. These audio presentations will augment the monthly presentations but will be less formal and provide more of a big picture and educational perspective. Obviously these MP3 recordings will not have any graphics. The presentations will not be scripted or rehearsed. Rather, they will comprise thoughts that pop up that I feel might be helpful. We also do not plan to subject these MP3 recordings to...
China Has Increased US Treasury Holdings by Over 2000% Sep 26, 2014
The following article is more than 7000 words and greater than 50 pages in length. The full article is only available to website Members and subscribers to one or more of our investment publications as well as other clients who have previously establish business relations with us. Below we have provided some excerpts. Among the endless number of myths that have been spread by gold dealers and their equally deceitful underlings over the years, there are a few myths that stand out above the...
Opening Statement from August 2014 Dividend Gems Sep 7, 2014
Opening Statement from August 2014 Dividend Gems First published on August 18, 2014 for subscribers to Dividend Gems In line with our expectations, US second quarter GDP came in at 4.0%, well ahead of the 3.1% consensus. Moreover, first quarter 2.9% GDP contraction was revised upward to 2.1%. Over the same period the US received upbeat jobs and manufacturing data, along with a continuation of positive PMI data from China, India and Taiwan. Thus, when taken together, one would expect the US...
Opening Statement from August 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Sep 3, 2014
Opening Statement from August 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) First published on August 4, 2014 for subscribers to the Intelligent Investor As expected, the “Iraq trade” has faded for now. Meanwhile, recent upbeat economic data from the US and emerging market economies (China, Brazil and India) has done little to temper the retracement in the US stock market.
Opening Statement from July 2014 Dividend Gems Jul 30, 2014
Opening Statement from July 2014 Dividend GemsFirst published on July 17, 2014 for subscribers to Dividend GemsAccording to the most recent consensus estimates at our disposal, operating earnings for the S&P 500 Index are expected to
Opening Statement from July 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Jul 23, 2014
Opening Statement from July 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) First published on July 7, 2014 for subscribers to the Intelligent Investor Without surprise, the overall commodities market remains weak. However there were two particular events in June that have had a significant although opposing impact on commodities.
Opening Statement from June 2014 Dividend Gems Jul 1, 2014
Opening Statement from June 2014 Dividend GemsFirst published on June 17, 2014 for subscribers to Dividend Gems Over the past several years we have discussed that the IMF has had a tendency to deliver overly optimistic estimates for economic growth, whether we are talking about the United States, European Union, China or Brazil. Consistent with this trend, the IMF’s recent downward revision for US economic growth in 2014 (from 2.8% to 2.0%) is more in line with our previous...
Opening Statement from June 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Jun 26, 2014
Opening Statement from June 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1)First published on June 1, 2014 for subscribers to the Intelligent Investor Last month we highlighted the downward revision in Q1 GDP. Recently, the second revision was released and was even worse. On May 29, 2014, revised data for GDP Q1 2014 showed the US economy contracted by 1%, versus the previous revision showing the economy expanded by 0.1%, which was down from the initial reading of a 1.8% expansion.
Global Economic Analysis: November 25, 2013 (Overview) Jun 21, 2014
Take a look at just one more example of the accuracy and scope of insight held by Mike Stathis in this video presentation from November 2013. Part 1 and 2 of this presentation, as well as numerous additional economic presentations are available at no charge to website members. For additional material on Mike Stathis' track record visit this . Mike Stathis remains the lone voice of reason and wisdom for Main Street.
May 2014 Opening Statement from Dividend Gems Jun 17, 2014
One of the primary variables responsible for market uncertainty is earnings growth estimates. Obviously these estimates are always being revised. Therefore, what might look like an undervalued security or stock market today could become overvalued tomorrow if earnings estimates change sufficiently, earnings are missed or the forward guidance is negative. This is a very important point to always keep in mind. At the same time, investors cannot allow the daily ebb and flow of new data, earnings...
May 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Opening Statement Jun 17, 2014
Opening Statement from May 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1)First published on May 5, 2014 for subscribers to the Intelligent Investor We have been discussing the relative progress made in the US and euro zone economies, as well as our warnings of some excessive optimism which is now being revealed. Recently, US GDP for Q1 was revised downward from 1.8% to 0.1%. The huge miss was in part a reflection of unforeseen weather conditions. But it was also the result of overly generous estimates.
Mike Stathis Offers to Bet Peter Schiff Money that Hyperinflation Will Not Occur Jun 6, 2014
We recently ran across this excerpt from an interview given by Mike in June 2012, discussing the Rape of Greece by the Jewish bankers. You sure aren't going to hear this from the Kosher media because it represents the truth.
Opening Statement from April 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Apr 12, 2014
Opening Statement from April 2014 Intelligent Investor (Part 1)First published on April 2, 2014 for subscribers to the Intelligent Investor Over the past couple of months we have highlighted relative improvements in the US economy. We have even seen some modest improvements from the EU, but this region continues to face numerous challenges. Although we have seen some newer data reflecting weaker than expected activity in the US economy, this has not surprised us because we had previously...
March 2014 Opening Statement Intelligent Investor Part 1 Mar 17, 2014
It is always important to remember that salesmen always have reasons why something they sell or promote will go up as a way to get their audience to buy it. But they rarely if ever discuss the reasons why it could fall in price. That is why it’s called sales. Do not allow yourself to be sold to. Successful investors don’t follow cheerleaders. They follow unbiased analysts who have established credibility and a consistently good track record.
January 2014 Intelligent Investor Opening Statement (Part 2) Feb 3, 2014
Unfortunately we did not experience a reasonable sell off that would have encouraged investors to reevaluate risk, valuation and other variables going into the New Year. On the other hand, this all but guarantees an exaggerated sell off in the stock market once disappointments materialize. However, this period is likely to represent yet another buying opportunity.
2013 Mid-Year Global Economic Analysis Dec 2, 2013
You have probably heard what the clowns in the media have said about the economy. Unfortunately, the media is littered with misguided salesmen like Peter Schiff, Mark Faber and other gold dealers, who clearly have no idea what they're talking about. What they do have are agendas. Then you have pundits who are always late to the party. Ask yourself the following question… Have you ever gotten a true sense of the reality of the U.S. or global economy by listening to the clowns in the media?
Global Economic Analysis: November 25, 2013 Overview Nov 26, 2013
We have released a nice 10 minute video presentation summarizing the economic landscape since the 2008 financial crisis. Included in this overview is a consideration as to where the US economy and stock market are headed in 2014. Mike also discusses whether the US stock market is overvalued or not and what will determine whether the market will keep rising going into 2014. This presemtation is restricted to newsletter subsribers and website members.
Global Economics: European Union Brief Comments Nov 25, 2013
Just released is an 18 minute video presentation discussing some points about the EU.
Opening Statement from November Intelligent Investor (Part 3) Nov 17, 2013
Last month we reminded readers about the earnings weakness we have been discussing since early in the year. Specifically, we felt that the second half of 2013 would be met with greater than expected weakness. In addition, we felt that the global economy would weaken in the second half of 2013. This sentiment was in complete opposition with nearly every major economic organization and Wall Street firm. In fact, every Wall Street firm, the Federal Reserve Banking System and the IMF agreed that...
Global Economic Overview (Video Presentation) Nov 14, 2013
We have just released a 2 part video presentation covering some select topics for discussion and analysis. Each video of this 2 part video series is approximately 40 minutes in length. This video series is FREE for subscribers to one or more of our newsletters, all website Members in good standing (they have paid for an annual subscription) and all Clients who have used us for consulting over the past 12 months. Some of the Topics Covered in these Videos: 1. Market Valuation Considerations2....
Opening Statement from November Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Nov 11, 2013
As previously discussed, the recent sell off in bonds has been due to the outlandish response to statements made by the Fed. Regardless of the fact that both the Federal Reserve and investors blew it, the fact is that the only thing that matters is the perception of investors. Much like everything else, in the investment world, perception and expectations are everything.
Opening Statement from November Intelligent Investor (Part 3) Nov 8, 2013
Over the past several months we have been warning about what we felt would be earnings weakness. Since June, S&P earnings growth for Q3 has now been slashed by more than xxx. While this may seem alarming, the current expected earnings growth rate of xxx for Q3 is still healthy. However, we feel that...
October Intelligent Investor Opening Statement (Part 1) Nov 4, 2013
In mid September, the Federal Reserve decided not to begin tapering as we predicted. As you will recall, we have been warning readers since May that the US economy was weakening. This was in contrast to the assessment made by the Federal Reserve, which was rather upbeat regarding the progress made in the economy.
Bond Bubble Bolonga Exposed Nov 2, 2013
Is there really a bond bubble as you have heard?
The Death of Labor Unions in America Oct 16, 2013
According to data collected from the Current Population Survey, and reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2012 the union membership rate in the U.S. was 11.3%, down from 11.8% in 2011. The number of wage and salary workers belonging to unions, at 14.4 million, also declined over the year. In 1983, the first year for which comparable union data are available, the union membership rate was 20.1 percent, and there were 17.7 million union workers.Public sector workers had a union...
America's Eroding Job Quality Oct 12, 2013
The U.S workforce is significantly older and better educated than in it was during the 1970s. Because older, more educated workers tend to earn more and receive better benefits than younger, less educated workers, we would expect to see workers with a higher share of “good jobs.” But this has not been the case. In this discussion, the bar for what constitutes a “good job” has been set quite low. A “good job” has been defined as one that pays at least...
America's Healthcare Solution Sep 27, 2013
Regardless what you may hear and read from Americas tightly controlled media monopoly, the healthcare industry will continue its string of excessive profits at the expense of consumers and taxpayers. This is how things have always been ever since the medical industrial complex took hold of healthcare after the Second World War.
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