Warning: AVOID ALL Real Estate Investment Groups and Stock Market Investment Clubs

Mike has contacted these groups/clubs (in every state) both before the collapse and since, offering to speak as a public service to wake members of these organizations up. 
He received almost no interest because the organizers do not want their naive members to hear the truth and receive top-tier insight. Instead, they want to invite con artists pitching "ways to become an overnight real estate or stock market millionaire" because this trash keeps the lazy and uninformed members coming back.

Based on our experience, such organizations are similar to the cheerleader/perma-bull market liars and idiots seen on CNBC and elsewhere. 

These groups are always run by irresponsible and/or unethical individuals who seek to generate business for themselves and/or their colleagues which they invite as speakers. If you want to be led into the toilet by idiots with agendas, feel free to join your local real estate investment group or stock market investment/trading club. 

You should especially avoid the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII). This organization is no different that others that are in the business of making money. The problem is that they provide no value whatsoever. In fact, they are actually detrimental to your investments. 

For instance, according to the official mentality of the AAII, they preach a buy-and-hold strategy. Mr. Stathis made numerous attempts to warn the sheep at the AAII across the U.S. prior to the collapse, offering FREE speaking engagements, but the local chapter organizers had no interest. Instead they claimed they wanted “speakers who have media celebrity.” 

They also regularly promote mutual fund and other buy and hold money managers. Most of the local chapters are run by financial advisers. That should tell you the real deal. The AAII is not at all what it portrays itself to be. Unfortunately, the members of the local chapters of the AAII are complete sheep. They actually watch CNBC.