Just a reminder.  If you currently watch CNBC, you apparently have not spent much time on our website. Watching CNBC is the absolute worst thing you can do unless you want to lose money. 

Littered with brainless, slutty truck-stop whores, with clown makeup caked all over their faces, open cleavage and other mechanisms to lure in sex-starved idiots, CNBC positions the analysts, fund managers, pundits and other clowns as experts. Folks, if you watch CNBC, please stay away from this website because you are truly a lost cause. 

One has to be quite naive not to see that CNBC and the rest of the financial media serves only to pump up securities of the analysts they interview, to confuse sheep so they make frequent blind trades (to please CNBC's online brokerage clients), and to dupe them into greed and fear, all while Wall Street takes their money.

In fact, if you are paying attention to the financial media, print, Internet or broadcast thinking you will get some value for your investment decisions, I would advise you to take all of your money out of the stock market, stay out forever, and head for Vegas.  Your odds of success will be much higher and you'll have a blast losing your money, unlike the case with the media.  

Do you really think you can trust any websites other than ours?  Are you really sure about that?  There are a few ways to determine whether you should pay attention to any venue that markets itself as a provider of valuable insight.

First, does the venue sell ads? If so, your interests won't be served.

Second, do the individuals who have positioned as experts have any bias? 

For instance, are they gold dealers?

Do they own gold? 

Do they sell securities? 

Anytime you identify bias, you had better take whatever the biased individual says with a grain of salt.

Better yet, simply stay away from such individuals.  Now ask yourself what percentage of individuals fall into this category. 99.999%?  

Third, examine the track record of the individual you decide to listen to...the FULL track record, not cherry-picked forecasts. 

The sad reality is that the vast majority of investors are either too stupid or too naive to figure out these common sense rules. Furthermore, they have no idea how to accurately access a track record. Many others are simply too lazy. 

The fact is that the vast majority of investors should never invest.  They are being taken.

I would advise you to get with the program and spend some time reading the truth about the media. Otherwise, you can kiss your retirement savings good bye.

You can start here.