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Obama: Worse Than Bush? (Part 2)
Thursday, April 30, 2009, by Stathis

Here I continue from Part 1.

Let me give you a brief example how the media has brainwashed the American public. In early April, the results of Obama’s approval poll were released. The results were as follows:

  • Obama’s approval rating: 66% (a new high and higher than Clinton and Bush)
  • Americans who think America is headed in the right direction: 36%
  • Americans who approve of Obama’s proposals for the banking industry: 33%
  • Americans who approve of Obama’s proposals for the auto industry: 47%
The fact is that most Americans do not approve of Obama’s job as president. They’re certainly against the bailouts and lack of accountability for the banking crooks. So then, ask yourself how his approval rating is so high while Americans are clearly dissatisfied with the policies he has taken. Is this not a direct reflection of his leadership? Perhaps the media has redefined how Americans think about “likeability” and leadership.
So how could this be? Most people have been subconsciously influenced by Obama’s recent public appearances on talk shows and other slots he has absolutely no business wasting time with; that is, unless he wants to add to his appeal in order to mask his performance as a leader.
His advisers have orchestrated a complete media blitz to make YOU feel like he is just like you; that he cares about you; that he’s truly on your side. But his actions paint a much different picture. Instead of grilling Obama as to why no banking executives have been indicted, journalists go along with the well-orchestrated Hollywood PR campaign. They obsess about the First Lady’s attire and obsess over what kind of dog the Obama family will choose.
That’s not the end. They delve into every aspect of his life, from his favorite TV shows to his favorite electronic gadgets.  Even in this short period, it should be clear that Obama is the biggest puppet president in decades; perhaps ever. Only time will tell.
But even now, Obama has already proven to be worse than Bush. Why? Because Bush’s disastrous performance was due to incompetence and negligence. Rather than claim to help you, Bush made it clear who he was working for all along. Unlike Bush, Obama inherited a disaster so he knew what he was up against. He promised change, but has delivered the same bull that every other president has.
Obama came into this mess promising accountability. How many banking executives have been indicted for creating a massive multi-trillion dollar Ponzi scheme? The evidence is clear. Hundreds from Wall Street and the real estate industry committed securities and taxpayer fraud.
Obama’s response is that banking executive bonuses are “shameful.” President Obama, YOU are shameful. You are a disgrace to your nation. I challenge you to take a cold hard look at yourself in the mirror. If you do, you’ll see a puppet enamored with self-envy, whose strings are being held by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. President Obama, so many have relied on you to set an example of real change. But all you’ve managed to change are your promises to the people. 
The White House has used this collapse as a reason to twist the arm of nations around the world to accept a world “New Deal” as a way to enslave the people, while continuing to enrich the criminals responsible for this mess – the banking system and the corporate elite. There is but one of two possible outcomes to this tragedy.
Sometime by or before 2020, I am confident there will either be a civil war in America or else a very large global war. I do not state this with any level of celebration, but with regret. Most likely, once Washington senses the possibility of civil war, they will create a war using propaganda similar to the tactics used to get us into Iraq.
Either way, things are worse than I first predicted. I regret to say that in my opinion, America is finished. This nation will never be the same again. I certainly don’t want you to leave with the thought that America will instantly turn into a second-world nation because it will not; at least not in our lifetime. But America’s permanent decline should now be obvious for those who cast doubt prior to 2008.
When I wrote America’s Financial Apocalypse in 2006, I actually thought the crisis would force our leaders to do the right thing.  But they have found an escape. They have used the media to create the realities for those who listen, watch and read. They have found a new way to deceive the people.
And they’re doing a damn good job of it.
The use of scare tactics remains their primary weapon, while censoring the few who really understand what is going on and who tried to warn the public in advance.  
But many Americans are calling their bluff because they are starting to see the light.
It’s quite clear that Washington intends to continue to destroy the future of the nation for the chance to bail out Wall Street. They will win regardless. And you will lose.  Puppet Obama has installed the most Wall Street-connected cabinet in U.S. history with good reason. It’s clear he plans to bail out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.
Even more disturbing, Obama has handed control of the economy over to Larry Summers; a man who was largely responsible for this economic mess due to his involvement in preventing the regulation of credit default swaps during the late 1990s.
But we cannot leave out Tim Geithner, the former President of the New York Federal Reserve. The last thing America needs is insiders from the Fed handling out taxpayer money because you can be sure where it’s headed. And of course, Geithner, Treasury Secretary, also officially oversees the IRS.
How can Washington expect Americans to pay taxes after so much fraud has gone on? How can Obama claim to be the agent of change when he has allowed banking bonuses to be paid with taxpayer dollars? Where are the criminal prosecutions? How can Washington expect Americans to pay taxes when the head of the IRS engaged in blatant tax fraud? This resembles a plot of some crazy nightmare.
How can Americans be so stupid? If not stupid, how can they be so compliant while their nation gets raped? For those of you who think there will be change, you need to wake up. For those of you who think you can stop these criminals, you need to realize you cannot. They are now too powerful. The American people have been tested, and they passed with flying colors. They have been transformed into compliant zombies.
Your best form of retaliation might be to leave America for good as I intend. In a few years I plan to leave this once great nation to the elitest vultures. I will no longer be preyed upon by these domestic terrorists. I don’t plan to be enslaved. 
But don’t think the UK or Europe will represent a safe haven. They will fare worse. The only places you might have a chance to escape this global tyranny (for at least a while) will be South America, Australia or some remote islands. 
The only real escape you have is to leave. If you have the means, I suggest you do so. Start now. Plan a vacation to Brazil or Australia so you can see what life will be like there. Consider your choices carefully. 
If you stay in America, you will be faced with continued exploitation and deception. You will have no freedoms and no rights. Those of you familiar with the Patriot Act already understand how your freedoms have been stripped away. If you stay in America and chose to fight these criminals, you are likely to be arrested for protesting; for disagreeing with Washington. They will arrest you as a terrorist.
Alternatively, they might use the powers vested from the Patriot Act to enter your home (without your knowledge and without a warrant) and plant criminal evidence to frame you. This is no longer conspiracy theory. This is a reality. This is the new America.
For those of you who continue to cling onto this fantasy of change propagated by Obama and the media, it’s time to wake up. And if you think the solution is to vote Obama out of office in 2012, you simply have no idea what’s going on. There is one political party in America. The president merely serves as the puppet for the shadow government. No president is elected unless they agree to serve as puppet to the real dictators of America.
No matter who serves as president, the end result will always be the same. It is precisely for that reason that Clinton was equally responsible for this mess as Bush. It is also why it’s impossible for a third party to mount a successful political campaign on equal terms.  The elitest mafia sets the rules of the game.
NOTE: I continue to face widespread censorship for the cold hard truth I speak, as I see it. My intention is to wake the people up so they will realize just how useless and deceitful the mainstream media is.  I ask that you do your part to help with this mission by emailing my articles to your friends and adding them to the various online syndication options provided at the top right-hand side of each article. Together, we can make a difference.
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