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America's Most Dangerous Enemy Lies From Within
Sunday, November 22, 2009, by Stathis

Everyday, as I think about what has happened to this nation, I feel like I’m living through a nightmare.
The problem is I’m fully awake. 
Washington keeps brainwashing Americans with this so-called threat of terrorism as a way to strip the rights and liberties promised by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. However, foreign terrorist involvement on the attack of the World Trade Center, exclusive of U.S. Government involvement remains dubious at best.
Since these attacks, despite raising levels of national security, Washington has done very little to secure the Mexican Border, while continuing to celebrate the “good relations” with Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that the many of the alleged 9-11 terrorists were Saudis.
What most Americans fail to realize is that these “good relations” are only the result of the critical dollar-oil link that enables America to export inflation created by the criminal Federal Reserve mafia.
There is perhaps no better illustration of Muslims and Zionist Jews cooperating together for their own self-interests. Arabs ensure the dollar remains the universal currency by demanding dollar payments for oil so that the Federal Reserve Zionist mafia can destroy the dollar, while exporting inflation compliments of the Arabs’ dollar-oil link.
Additional Zionist control over America can see seen by its complete dominance of the most powerful and influential sectors of the economy and government, from Wall Street and the media, to the Federal Reserve and Washington. 
Note that some of these videos were created by Jewish people. If non-Jews were to address these issues they would be labeled anti-semites (although this even happens to Jews who expose the truth).
Other videos have been posted by individuals who appear to have certain affiliations or ideas that might be perceived as hateful, elitist or other undesirable categories. I do not support such ideas, thoughts or groups. I find it unfortunate that we have to rely on such individuals as sources of the truth. The reason for this is because everyone else has been brainwashed and scared into mentioning the facts. If you fall into this category, it is evidence that you have been fooled by the tactics of the media and sociopolitical environment that has been carefully designed to control your ideas and opinions. I too, fell into that trap in the past; but never again.
As extensive as the above video was, it only scratched the surface of the control Zionists have over the media industry. We cannot forget Reuter's, the Associated Press, Bloomberg and Zionist journalists of the print media which, based upon my own extensive dealings with them, I have estimated 80-90% to be Zionists, from USA Today to Fortune, the WSJ, etc., etc. etc. 
I certainly don't want to leave out the Internet - Google, You Tube, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo!, AOL, Wikipedia and many others.
They also control the publishing world as you can imagine due to the overlap. And of course, Hollywood, from Sarah Jessica Parker, to Jerry Springer and Maury Povich.
Virtually everyone who is anyone in the media and Wall Street is either a Zionist, the spouse of a Zionist or very close associate of Zionists. The list is virtually endless.  Note also that Zionists have a similar level of control of the Canadian, British, and European media.
Astonishing as it may seem, if you dare mention the domination of the media, Hollywood, the financial industry or corporate America by Zionists, you will be labeled an anti-semite.
Can someone tell me how stating a valid observation implies that you have some sort of hatred for Zionist Jews?  That is about as logical as sending a person to prison for denying or merely questioning the existence of the Holocaust (which occurs in Europe) or fining someone for stating that Jews killed Jesus (which occurs in Canada).
And remember, as much as the Zionist media controls the political landscape of America, the Zionist-controlled financial media controls your perception of the stock market and economy - all to protect the interests of their financial sponsors (the financial industry).
The bond is even stronger because the financial industry is controlled by Zionists. That is why you still have not heard anyone on TV raise the issue of why the banking executives are not in prison for securities fraud.  
Have a look below at the Zionist White House.  Note that those featured in this video represent only a small portion of the Zionists in Washington. Start paying attention to names and you will become more aware who runs America.
Prominent Zionist Jews in America have helped their Washington elitist allies mastermind America’s fake war on terror as a way to move forward with their seizure of Iraq, and inevitably Iran.
Watch below as Sean Hannity, Washington's inside media man, carries on with his worn out tactics of labeling facts as conspiracies. Watch how FOX posts headlines under Traficant regarding his conviction as a way to discredit him when he speaks the truth about how Israel controls America. 
It's past time for Americans to WAKE UP.
Meanwhile, Zionist America, through its control over Washington foreign policy, continues to support Israel’s violation of international law in aiding and abetting the military occupation of Palestine. 
Notice in the interview below as the journalist continues to attempt to place blame on the Palestinians for the hostile activities and illegal occupation of Palestine. Also notice how President Carter sets the record straight.
Perhaps now you know why Carter, of all living U.S. presidents, receives the most negative PR from America's Zionist-controlled media industry.
And if you dare criticize the illegal and violent occupation of Palestine by Israel, or the mafia-type Zionist control over America’s financial system, media and foreign policy, you will be labeled as an anti-semite as a way to silence you.
Even a former Israeli minister admits this as a trick used to thwart any criticism of Israel. As you might imagine, this same trick is used in America is you so much as criticize any activities of Zionist Jews. 
But people need to understand that the traditional Jewish faith is vehemently opposed to the Zionist movement, and all that it stands for. The fact is that Zionism is a nationalistic movement.
The next video is an excellent example showing the difference between a traditional Jewish person and a Zionist Jew.
Why did this man get so upset?  
Was it not he who disrupted the rabbi's filmed discussion?  
Notice how nice the rabbi was. He was calm and collected. He was merely trying to explain how the Jewish faith has been corrupted by Zionists. And when a Zionist heard that the rabbi was educating people, he went crazy.
You see, the true voice of real Jewish people is rarely heard today due to the complete dominance by the Zionist mission.  And Zionists become very angered when anyone speaks the truth because they know that the truth threatens their exploitation and domination of America and the rest of the world. 
Can you believe that this man actually called these fine Jewish scholars and religious leaders "anti-semites"?  
Of course, that was not enough. Typical of the demonic nature of Zionists, he had to add another insult to this highly misused label. 
One last note about this highly revealing video.  Notice that Mr. Lefkowitz said. "after the so-called Holocaust."   
The more you research the Holocaust, the more questions surface. Perhaps this is why you are sent to prison in Europe if you deny the Holocaust. 
Clearly, several Jews died in prison camps during WWII, as did many non-Jews.
However, the cause of death and the number of deaths appears to be in question by many.
But why on Earth would a person be put in prison merely for questioning the details of the Holocaust?  
Are we to blindly accept everything we are told, although we did not witness the event?  
Critical minds will always question things. That process forms the basis of science.
Without critical analysis and debate, you will be transformed into a robot.
Perhaps that is the idea.
Please check the websites below for more information about traditional Jews versus Zionists, the Holocaust and much more. 

Just as many have come to realize how the financial media has screwed investors using many tactics and clowns, positioning them as experts, Americans have come to realize this deception plagues the entire media industry.  

But the facts speak louder than the propaganda disseminated from America’s politically motivated media machine
The facts indicate that the biggest threat to the financial and national security of America lies within its own borders. 
All one needs to do to confirm this premise is to examine the data.
Once you examine the highly controversial (illegal) actions of the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve and Washington, when it comes to the American people, it should be clear that the biggest threat lies from within our nation’s highly corrupt and criminal government, which today bears a striking resemblance to fascism.
The fact is that America is no different than other nations. In fact, when it comes to fraud, corruption and crony capitalism, America leads the world
This is a nation where heroes don’t last.  
Similar to corporate America, you climb the ladder in Washington only because you do the right things for the wrong people.
That is precisely why you see failures littered throughout the White House, from Geithner and Summers, to Axelrod and Emanuel. These men are evil, devious, crooked, and most of all, they are the enemies of the American people.  
But they are no different than the men America’s previous puppet presidents surrounded themselves with.
The SEC has also shown their inability and unwillingness to protect investors from catastrophic fraud. The failure of the agency to detect Madoff’s Ponzi scheme despite numerous warnings from outside investigators in only a very tiny illustration of the failures of this agency over the past decades.  
In what has become perhaps the most disgraceful and useless branch of government, the Department of Homeland Security continues to find new ways to suppress dissent from Americans who demand an end to America’s fascist leadership and a restoration of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
Moreover, FEMA has repeatedly shown their inability to address national emergencies.
But when it comes to creating fear and scare tactics, Washington delivers. The latest case comes from the highly bogus H1N1 “national emergency,” of which many of you have become familiar with.
Now I’m going to present an excerpt from my latest book,
America’s Healthcare Solution: An Investment in Your Future
as an illustration of yet another force threatening the safety of the American people.
If you read all of the links and watched all of the videos, like me, you’re probably going to find the following excerpt a bit anti-climatic. But I want you to think carefully about the vital responsibility of the FDA combined with the agency’s own analysis of its capabilities. Next, imagine the possibilities of a national disaster just waiting to happen.
The FDA was established in 1906 as a branch of the Health and Human Services Department (HHSD). Although most of its legal authority was established by the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938, it has been granted additional legal authority by Public Health Service Act, portions of the Controlled Substances Act, the Federal Anti-Tampering Act, and many other pieces of legislation.
Prior to 1970, the FDA was primarily a law enforcement Agency and relied far less on science: the issues of adulteration and misbranding could be handled by well-trained inspectors. The need for PhDs and MDs was modest, and very few were employed by the Agency.
Beginning in the 1970s however, FDA became a modern science-based regulatory Agency. The bulk of its work shifted from the courts to regulatory decisions made within the Agency with the advent of pre-market review and approval requirements for FDA-regulated products.
Science forms the basis of all regulatory decisions. FDA employees lacking adequate scientific support subject the approval process to delays, or worse, poor decisions. Therefore, effective regulation requires that the scientific competency within FDA matches or exceeds an applicant’s knowledge.
Today, the FDA is entrusted with the critical responsibility of regulating and supervising the safety of drugs, foods, vaccines, medical devices, blood products, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Thus, this agency serves a very important role in the U.S. economy by ensuring the safety of approximately $1 trillion in consumer products, or 25 cents of every consumer dollar spent annually.
The importance of the FDA in the nation’s security is similarly profound. The FDA plays a central role in protecting the nation from the potential effects of terrorist attacks, such as anthrax, smallpox, attacks on the food supply, nerve agent attacks and radioactive contamination, as well as from naturally occurring threats, such as SARS, West Nile virus and avian influenza.
Despite the awesome responsibility entrusted to the FDA, there is compelling evidence of dangerous inadequacies within its many divisions. Due to constrained resources and lack of adequate staff, FDA is engaged in reactive regulatory priority setting or a fire-fighting regulatory posture instead of pursuing a culture of proactive regulatory science.
An internal review of the FDA concluded that the agency is “structurally broken,” and as a result, has placed the health and safety of the entire U.S. population at risk.
From the November 2007 Report of the Subcommittee on Science and Technology prepared for the FDA Science Board, The FDA Science Mission and Risk identified numerous areas of concern addressing the weaknesses and critical need for a radical restructuring of the agency. Below are just a few of the findings from the report:
Finding: The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its scientific base has eroded and its scientific organizational structure is weak.
Finding: The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its scientific workforce does not have sufficient capacity and capability.
Finding: FDA does not have the capacity to ensure the safety of food for the nation. During the past 35 years, the decrease in FDA funding for inspection of our food supply has forced FDA to impose a 78 percent reduction in food inspections, at a time when the food industry has been rapidly expanding and food importation has exponentially increased. FDA estimates that, at most, it inspects food manufacturers once every 10 years, and cosmetic manufacturers even less frequently. The Agency conducts no inspections of retail food establishments or of food-producing farms.
Finding: The development of medical products based on “new science” cannot be adequately regulated by the FDA.
Finding: There is insufficient capacity in modeling, risk assessment and analysis.
Finding: The FDA science agenda lacks a coherent structure and vision, as well as effective coordination and prioritization.
Finding: The FDA IT infrastructure is obsolete, unstable, and lacks sufficient controls to ensure continuity of operations or to provide effective disaster recovery services.
Finding: The IT workforce is insufficient and suboptimally organized.
Finding: The FDA has experienced decreasing resources in the face of increasing responsibilities.
Finding: Recommendations of excellent FDA reviews are seldom followed.
These findings illustrate just a few of the many problems found within America’s healthcare system.
I thought the government was supposed to protect us. 
If this is protection, I prefer to take my chances without Big Brother.
I address all of the problems within America’s healthcare system, from HMOs and drug makers, to Washington and physicians, in America’s Healthcare Solution.
Once I have detailed the problems, I present a detailed solution; a solution that does not depend on a free-market or universal healthcare approach.

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