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A Blast From The Past
Tuesday, June 29, 2010, by Stathis

I hate repeating myself over and over. Who doesn't right?  

Well, it's especially cumbersome to repeat oneself when the only form of communication you have is writing (albeit with extremely limited distribution due to being banned by the media and Internet).

So I wanted to post a few articles from a couple of years ago so that you can see I was right about things. As you read these articles, I want you to think how the media, Washington and Wall Street have continued to lie. 

That should tell you who to trust and who to trash. 

A New Precedent for America: Financial Irresponsibility Pays

If You Listen to Economists You Will Go Broke

Risks of the Proposed Bailout: Part 1

Risks of the Proposed Bailout: Part 2

Risks of the Proposed Bailout: Part 3

America's Financial Apocalypse: It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Bailouts Disguised as Buyouts

Payback is a Bitch

The Plain Truth

Get Ready for the Earnings Meltdown

Fannie and Freddie: Truth or Consequences? (Part 1) 

Fannie and Freddie: Truth or Consequences? (Part 2)

Bernie Madoff in Perspective

There are many more articles I could point to, but locating these took plenty of time. Check the website archives. And of course, there is much more in America's Financial Apocalypse. This book will have a shelf life for years to come. 

The facts are clear. If you are spending your time listening to anyone else, your time is being wasted.

Roubini, Krugman, Shiller, Schiff, Faber .... clueless, clueless, clueless, clueless, clueless; agendas, agendas, agendas, agendas, agendas.

Do you really think financial institutional pay attention to these guys?  Wake up.  They are meant for the sheep, which is why they are in the media!

Yea okay, funds running billions of dollars are paying attention to hacks in the media, and best of all it's free!  Think again. Certainly, by no means am I here to state that all financial institutions and funds know what they're doing because the vast majority are lost as well. However, they sure as hell don't waste time with the sheep herders in the media club.   

The list of clueless hacks and clowns propped up by the media is virtually endless.

The mix of propaganda is large, from extremists to idiots and hacks.

And of course the followers, mainly who can be found online; guys that read articles of hacks they worship, then come up with "their own" forecasts.  These are usually the investment/financial advisers who are only engaged in sales and marketing. 



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