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The Media Macarena
Thursday, July 29, 2010, by Stathis

I've been telling you that all of the alternatives to Wall Street, whether it's the online brokers like Charles Schwab or E-Trade, the financial pundits in the media, or the traditional investment newsletter guys - are all sleeping in the same bed together. 

Why might this be? because the best way to make the most money is to unite!

Later on, you might want to refresh your memory how the media acts to screw you, by checking this list of media articles.

Today, I provide another eye-opening look at the deep relations that all of the guys in the media club have with each other. 

First, let's go back a year when I wrote about Martin Weiss

[March 24, 2013 Update: A couple of years after the referenced article was published, Martin Weiss saw that I published his amazingly horrendous track record and he wanted to hide it from people, so in 2012 he claimed that his track record was copyright protected and threatened me with a DMCA takedown, knowing that web hosts do NOT determine the legitimacy of such bogus claims; they simply take your website down. This article on Weiss will be reposted with links to his track record in the future. Despite the fact that as a part of Weiss' $5 million settlement with the SEC, he is supposed to show his performance on his website, he continues to hide this data and change the links. Weiss is a complete con artist, compulsive liar, crook and scum bag. Stay as far away from this crook and everyone he associates with as possible.]

As it turns out, Weiss missed the collapse despite the fact that he has been forecasting rain the in the desert for over 20 years. 

After suffering a huge backlash from subscribers who had lost huge sums of money from his "alert service," Weiss came up with more tricks.

First, he brought on board what appears to be some cheese ball to manage an account that his investors can mirror the trades (I'd love to see the performance of this account if anyone knows it). But of course, Weiss made this guy sound like some wizard. I show how you can tell the guy is a clown from the wording Weiss uses in the previous article I wrote.

Second, he slapped together some "depression" book released just when the stock market had reached its lows in March 2009. I've seen the book and in my opinion, it's not even worth the paper it's printed on. It's one of the most unfocused, generic, useless investment books I've ever seen.

As one who is familiar with Weiss would expect, in his book, he instructs investors to use inverse ETFs, warning for more downside to the market. Since the book was released, the stock market soared by some 50% in just a few months.

But you shouldn't go by what Amazon reviewers have to say about the book. They represent the sheep. 

Instead, look at the facts: the book is useless, provides no analysis, had a one-way extremist bearish tone, and was released after Joe Main Street realized the US was headed for a disaster.

What's funny is that one reviewer, a financial planner, praised the book. That gives you an idea about the knowledge these individuals generally have.

What's frustrating is that many more people read his hindsight book - once again, a book that was released AFTER the stock market collapse - than read my predictive book that warned of the collapse well in advance.  That should make you raging mad because the media was responsible for hiding my book from your vision. 

Do you recall the point I made last year about the irresponsible financial journalists, who were nowhere to be found during the financial crisis, but came out of the woodwork to write their useless drama-filled books after the collapse?  

I previous discussed why no one won a Pulitzer for coverage of the financial crisis.

These books did nothing to warn investors or help them recover their losses. Yet, the American sheeple lined up for them.  It's enough to make a person like me call it quits for good.

A fool can write a book stating (but by no means proving how or why) a depression is imminent AFTER the clear signs have surfaced, as Weiss did. 

But it takes a complete goofball to release a book that tells people to short the market after it has already hit its lows.  One might even argue such an individual to be highly dishonest.

I feel sorry for anyone who actually read his book. They are likely to have missed out on the largest stock market rally in decades.   

Despite how terrible his hindsight "analysis" has been, Weiss finally made a new mark in his 40-plus year career in the investment marketing business. For the first time ever, he was late to the party. In all of the other years he has been early; way too early to be considered credible.

Recently, while out of town, I happened to turn on the TV.  Every once in a while, when away from home I'll turn the TV on so I can see what kind of dog-and-pony show I'm missing since I don't watch TV at home. 

And guess who I saw on CNBC; none other than Martin Weiss, along with Donald Luskin.



You may recall my mention of Luskin in the past

That tells you how low CNBC has sunk, after having blown through 100s of idiots who have made such horrendous calls over the past couple of years that they've been forced to air Weiss as one of their extremist hacks. 

And apparently, regardless how much of a hack and idiot Luskin continues to be, CNBC will keep airing him just as they will the others, because the viewers keep watching. 

Mind you, Weiss' recent rise to "prominence" as an inductee into the media club occurred after he settled with the SEC for millions of dollars for acting in an illegal manner and making ridiculously false claims about his performance.

Now do you think the sheep who watch CNBC were aware of Weiss' brush with the SEC?  

Of course not!   They're sheep for a very good reason. 

Well as it turns out, Weiss' relations with CNBC and Jim Cramer's (useless) go deeper than even I imagined.

I previously discussed just one episode confirming that Jim Cramer and are not to be trusted or relied upon.  Of course there are many other examples I could point to. 

Despite the SEC's knowledge of Cramer's (alleged) front running activities, his status as a part of the Wall Street mafia allowed him to escape a legal battle by the agency. As you might recall, a few years ago, after initiating legal actions against Cramer, the SEC mysteriously dropped the case.

If you are wasting your time watching CNBC, you're wasting my efforts. Furthermore, you are empowering the enemy by giving them ratings. If this is the case, please do not visit my website because I consider you an accomplice to your own financial suicide.

According to the following report, Weiss has engaged in business dealings with in the past.  Specifically, he licensed out his doom and gloom rating service to the fools who are gullible enough to throw their money away on thestreet's newsletters.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this "rating service," it's probably even less credible than others out there like VectorVest and a host of others.  In fact, in my opinion, I would say this service is completely bogus.

Why do I say Weiss' rating service is bogus?  Because I know for a fact that he has been saying the same things for many years. I obtained hardcopies of these reports.  

It's the same doom and gloom as he has been publishing for decades. Yet, most people who come across this trash have no idea that it's largely recycled material because they don't bother to research his track record. Once you have done adequate research, you will realize that he really has no track record to speak of. 

In addition, it was just recently announced that a former employee of has been hired by Weiss as the CEO of his company.

Folks, this is just more evidence that all of these guys are sleeping in the same bed, whether we are talking about Peter Schiff, Martin Weiss, Bernie Schaeffer, or Jim Cramer and thousands of financial blogs and websites out there.

This is why they have all stayed far away from me.

Not one of them, not even the clowns who write blogs, the amateurs and so forth has ever mentioned my WaMu SEC complaint, or countless of forecasts I have made which have come true.

And they are doing this because they do not want their party to be spoiled by raising attention to credible experts. They want to keep the dog-and-pony show alive.

I refuse to partake in this manipulation and deceit. The fact is these guys are afraid of me because they know I threaten to expose their deceit. They also know I'm way out of their league, which isn't saying much.  This is why I have been banned in the media, extending throughout the Internet. As a result, the fraud will continue. You will continue to get taken. This is how it works.

This financial media syndicate consists of two main groups: masters of deceit-idiots and follower-idiots.

Some are focused on selling your extreme scenarios so as to pump up the price of gold, get you to invest in mutual funds or sell you other things that lines their pockets. Others claim to be experts in EFTs, which is about as valid as someone claiming to be an expert in mutual funds.

Some claim to be hedge fund managers, like media whore Doug Kass, a frequent guest of CNBC. Yet, he offers daily articles and a newsletter through Jim Cramer's CNBC. 

In case you didn't realize it, real hedge fund managers don't have time to make daily appearances on TV and write newsletters.

Anyone can say they have a hedge fund. That does not mean they are legit. Show me the performance and the assets under management Mr. Kass. Why have I not seen your performance listed on

Others are small-time players seeking to be inducted into the media club so they can make millions of dollars selling you their services or products. There's nothing wrong with sales, as long as customers are getting what has been advertised, with no hidden agendas.

Regardless where they lay along the vulture food chain, the common characteristic they all have is that they serve the agenda of the media, which is to help Wall Street take more of your money, sending you into the poor house. And they unite because it enables them to reach a larger audience.

Rather than provide value, they follow the dictates of one of the most basic laws of economics; volume sales.  Uniting together, these chumps are able to make a lot of money because they reach a huge audience base.

Unfortunately, their audience often looses large sums of money, if not by following their advice, then by subscribing to their services and so forth.  The game is same, only the names have changed whether we are talking about Martin Weiss or Robert Kiyosaki.

A month ago, just when the stock market was showing signs of a breakdown, master marketer, disguised as investment expert, Robert Kiyosaki stuck again with another one of his seminar announcements (which he does not even attend, but gets paid by scam artists who us his name).

Similar to the other clowns in the media club, Kiyosaki forms his opinions based on what he reads from others. It's likely that he had been following the gold bugs and wanted to exploit the market weakness to lure in more sheep.

As you can see, Kiyosaki now claims that he predicted the market crash. This is a complete lie.  And I challenge Kiyosaki to prove otherwise. Yet, people naturally think that if someone makes a claim and they are being showcased in the media, then they must be credible. This is a myth. The fact that the media continues to air this snake oil salesman and sell his ads points to their value and reliability.

Do yourself a favor. The next time you see one of these ads, click where it reads "Ad Feedback" at the bottom of the ad and tell the website that you do not appreciate acting as a paid whore for liars.

Tell them that you will no longer view their website if they continue to post his ads and other ads by scam artists. If you do not do this, you will continue t be flooded with lies and liars.

Even if they had a clue, they would never tell you the truth because they would go against the mission of their herd of deceivers and the agendas of the media. And, remember, the easiest way to make the most money is to go with the media club pack because it enables them to reach a huge audience.

They have united because the best way to make the most money is to work with the system of criminals, not against them. The follow-the-leader mentality is part of human instinct. The media whores, Wall Street analysts, online brokerage firms, small time financial hacks and bloggers have formed implicit partnerships, kind of like a mafia.  Guess who their victims are.

Research their track records. They stink. If you don't agree, you simply haven't examined their track records.  



They have been selected as members of the media club for a very good reason; they cannot or will not provide you with timely, accurate and actionable insight that will benefit you. This is a statement of fact, so you had better wake up and see the writing on the wall.


Just like the guys looking to increase their media exposure have become followers of the guys in the media club (the so-called experts), their audience follows and swallows what they are told without question. To follow or belong to a group is a natural instinct. But to do so without scrutiny can be dangerous.




Do you recall the worst song of the 1990s, the Macarena? 

Do you remember how the follower mentality created fools of people who tried to mimic this ridiculous dance?  

Perhaps you recall yourself doing it too. If so, don't feel bad. Being a follower can't ruin your life if we are talking about doing some silly dance. But if you are a follower of the media, the consequences can be very severe.

Have a look at the video below. Does it bring back memories or nightmares?

You can think of the instructor in the video as the financial media or one of their media whore "experts."  Let's say for instance, the instructor is Martin Weiss or Peter Schiff.

The kids in the background are the guys who write blogs and publish content on all of these websites. 

The kids in this case might be Mike Shedlock or countless others who spend their days reposting media stories rather than doing real research or having formed a credible track record (the instructors also fit into this group, but because they have the media distribution they are seen by the sheep as experts).

Together, they are broadcasting to their victims; the sheep.





Remember, the kids are all of the media club wannabes who write blogs and articles on the stock market, economy and politics. And they follow what the message of the main media whores, or in this case the dance instructor.

If you laughed at this video the way I did (after thinking about the analogy) then you should laugh at the members of the media club and other followers scattered throughout the Internet. Let them know you're onto their game.

If you want a chance to combat the criminals and liars, you cannot be a follower. You either have to be a leader or you have to align yourself with a real leader; one without agendas.

Hopefully, by now you realize the fact that you will rarely come across a real expert in the media. Instead, you'll come across guys with financial and political agendas. And they won't provide you with specific unbiased analysis. They are usually extremists and snake oil salesmen looking to take your money.

Once the media discusses ridiculous buzz words like double-dip recessions or green shoots, all of the followers use the terms as well, without bothering to question if they even have validity to begin with. This is a sure sign they are robots.

When you see or hear a person use such buzz words, you should run like Hell because you know they are followers.

On the rare occasion the media airs a real expert like Warren Buffett, he isn't going to tell you anything that will help you. He is there to help himself, just like he did when he bought large stakes in GE and GS and then went on TV and insisted that we needed a banking bailout. We saw the same thing with Bill Gross, after he purchased huge amounts of Fannie and Freddie debt. 

Yet, no one in the media discussed the fact that Buffett and Gross were key benefactors of the bailout, much in the same manner as the media never discussed the fact that Wall Street committed securities fraud and hundreds if not thousands of financial professionals should be in prison.

Before, Bernie Madoff was used by the media to distract from scrutiny of the real criminals.

Now, the media is using BP as a diversion from the criminal activities on Wall Street that continues to this day. And Obama has seized the momentum of the oil spill as a manner by which to distract from his failures.

No matter where you turn within the media - broadcast, print or Internet - the vast majority of these individuals are incapable of thinking for themselves.  

Instead, they focus on what their hand-picked "experts" say, despite the fact that these "experts" have poor track records and/or never provide specific forecasts that materialize.

And if the media claims they are experts, the American sheeple believe it without bothering to research things for themselves.

They all follow the leader, whether it’s the clowns on CNBC and FBN or the bozos in the print media, because they want maximum hits to their website so they can generate ad sales, invest with them (despite the fact that most of them don't even manage assets) or get you to buy into other things.  This is the way it works folks.

If the media aired real experts whose motive was to truly help you, why did you get blasted in the collapse?

The so-called experts would not dare raise attention to anything I've said about the economy or stock market, despite that fact that I hold the leading track record in the world on this collapse because that would open the door for me to gain media exposure. And they realize I would expose them for the frauds they are.

Ultimately, the American people are to blame for their losses because they allow themselves to be fooled by these simple gimmicks. In fact, America is largely comprised of fools.

So what does all of this mean to you?  

You have very few alternatives to escape the lies, incompetence, agendas and trash.

As far as I know, the AVA Investment Analytics newsletter is the only chance you have. 

Perhaps that's why the financial media and all of these so-called experts and financial bloggers out there are hell bent on destroying me through censoring and ignoring me as if I don't exist. 

Remember, if you lose money, you'll only have yourself to blame. I've done all I can to wake you up and show you the path. It's up to you to help yourself.  The AVA Investment Analytics is the best way to align yourself with the top investment insights available today.  My track record speaks for itself.

Finally, remember that this information will have no real impact unless YOU spread it around. The more people who come to realize the truth about the media liars and snake oil salesmen, the better chance things will come to an end.



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