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More On The Media's War Against The Truth
Friday, September 10, 2010, by Stathis

By now, you are probably familiar with the financial media's ban on me despite my world-leading track record in numerous areas of economics, real estate, market forecasting and so on. 

The reason for my ban is quite simple. The financial media is paid by the financial industry in the form of ads to deceive you. They accomplish this by positioning hacks and others as experts. Those who are incapable of providing valuable insight or others who but choose not understand that playing by the media's rules can result in millions of dollars.

Once the hacks have been inducted into the media club, they become media celebrities. As a result, the sheep buy into their books, investment services and other products. Of course, the sheep rarely benefit from these individuals or their products. And because they have short memories, they never realize how they are being played over and over.

The media rewards those with terrible track records because it enables their financial sponsor (Wall Street) to more easily take your money in a variety of ways, whether it's by convincing you that you can "do it yourself," as the online brokers preach, getting you to invest in the companies that advertise with the media, or creating so much confusion and bad advice that you will eventually revert back towards Wall Street for advice after the ridiculous forecasts of their extremist doomers fail to materialize. 

As you know, I am not a part of the deceit the media desires. I have a very good track record. And I don't have agendas. I do not sell securities or gold. Most important, I have integrity and I am concerned for the individual investor. As a result, I cannot be bought off by the media's offer of marketing exposure in exchange for adhering to their mission to deceive investors.  

Much to my surprise, I have also been banned by virtually every Internet site that focuses on economics and investments because they too only care to take your money. They do this by censoring what they publish so as to ensure that their ad sponsors do not become upset. In essence, they are all sell-outs and they should not be trusted. I never knew how this worked before because I was never directly involved. Now I know and the reality is beyond frightening. And I’m sharing this with you because I want you to realize what’s going on.

Now I want to tell you more about how the media is working to shut me out of the public eye. As many of you know, Google Adsense banned me from using its advertising service after I exposed the truth about Martin Weiss and others who make false claims, have terrible track records and have caused many investors to lose their life savings.

Google informed me that I represented a threat to their customers' business. In this sense, their customers are anyone who spends a significant amount of money on ads with Google.

I want you to think about the implications of this. Google is a criminal corporation that is engaging in unfair business practices and allowing individuals and corporations to purchase protection against criticisms. This is a huge problem since millions of websites utilize Google's Adsense. I want you to understand that the entire media monopoly behaves in this manner. It is more obvious in the case of Google. 

If I ever post ads on this site, you can be assured it will never influence what I write. I cannot be bought off.  As in the case of Google, if any other ad service bans me from use as a manner by which to censor the truth, I plan to initiate a class-action lawsuit.

Let me be clear. Google is serving as a paid accomplice to crime and deceit because it will not allow anyone to use Adsense who exposes those who advertise with them. This means tens of millions of websites, virtually every website with ads is in same way, shape or form LYING to you, either by not discussing the truth, lying or sugar-coating things. 

I am currently in contact with the Texas State Attorney General regarding these activities by Google.  Google has not heard the last from me. In fact, I have made an excellent case for investors to short the stock and I intend on sharing this with many hedge funds.

This is a company that is being funded by the CIA, infects your computer with cookies that never expire so as to monitor you, has violated copyright rights of millions of authors, and continues to steal content from print media to use on its website. Google's slogan is "Don't Be Evil." Clearly, Google is very evil.

Finally, I want to tell you about another manner by which the media establishment is trying to keep me out of the public eye. If you have a website providing original content of some nature, you need to use email service providers so you can send notifications when new articles have been released. These email providers allow you to send out large volumes of email that is prohibited by web hosting companies. As well, these providers help you comply with CANN SPAM laws. As you can imagine, email providers are also used to announce promotions and many other things.

Anyone who has a business website knows that it's extremely difficult if not impossible to run a successful Internet-based business that relies on a regular audience or customer base without use of an email service provider.  

It turns out that two of the largest email service providers, Constant Contact and iContact have banned me from using their service (as a paid customer). If you read the terms and conditions of these providers you will see that they essentially have the right to deny you service for any reason. If you examine the executive management and board of directors, you will see that they are tied into the U.S. media monopoly.

I want you to stop for a minute and understand what is going on. Many people see the Internet as the ultimate portal for news and information because there is no censorship. However, my case proves this is not true.

If you are not permitted use of advertising services you will have a diminished ability to expand your audience. And if you are not permitted to use email servers, you will have a diminished ability to service your clients and expand your business. These companies are not within their right to reject service to anyone because they are essentially monopolies and people have no other viable alternatives.  

Anyone who has an Internet business or works in Internet marketing understands this. Hopefully you understand the dangers of what is happening in the Internet, as well as the constant challenges I face to help people avoid being exploited. It’s a war I stand no chance of winning without your assistance.



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