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Europeans Standing Up To Oligarchs And Criminal Bankers
Wednesday, September 29, 2010, by Stathis

In the past, I've discussed how Americans should be taking notes as they watch Europeans resist the various austerity measures and other forms of control enacted by the oligarchs.

Despite the fact that America suffered a much large banking bailout than Europeans, Americans have sat on their lazy asses and done nothing to organize meaningful protests which address the real problems and criminals responsible for the global recession (most likely soon to be a global depression). Meanwhile, Europeans are showing that they won't take the abuse. 

This is what you do when you have your mind and soul intact. You fight let these SOBs know they serve you, not vice versa.

This is what you do when your mind and soul has been hijacked by the media machine.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, they won. They beat you. They raped you. America's fascist Establishment comprised of banking, corporate, political and media elites have screwed you so hard and deep, you've lost all touch with reality.  

Americans need to get off of their asses and TAKE ACTION NOW, before it's too late.

You can start by ending all business with the banks like I'm in the process of doing.

Next, you need to take your TV and toss it in the trash like I have.

Next, you can spread the word about all of these controlled opposition movements like the tea party and these think tanks, all of which are aligned with the Washington mafia.

Finally, once millions of Americans head to Washington and demand the end of unfair trade, the end of the healthcare mafia, the end of the Federal Reserve, the end of all lobbyist activities, the end of useless wars fought for the benefit of Israel, insist on fair rules that will allow more than two political parties, the indictment of thousands of criminals responsible for the economic collapse, then you will be on your way to taking back America. 

So how can you do this when millions have already been fooled by the tea party scam?  It will take the effort and financial resources of several individuals who organize for the fight of their lives. And that's precisely what it will be because if nothing is done, America will effectively be finished. Your children will have a much worse fate, that I can guarantee.

I cannot fully express to you how it is to live in a nation and see the masses of ignorant people do nothing as the nation's future continues to be wiped out. 

I suppose the only alternative for me is to plan on a permanant relocation to another nation because I really can't stand to be in a nation filled with brainless, spineless manipulated drones who sit by while their own future is squandered.



Ask yourself why no one else in the financial industry is saying these things. The reason should be clear. They only care to line their pockets, while fooling you with half-cocked rhetoric complaining about how mad they are as a way to gain your support. Don't be fooled. They are all con men.

I'm not going to sit here and state my case for why I don't fit into that group. Anyone who has been reading my articles for some time now should see the reality. I'm not going to discuss the sacrifices I've made. But I can tell you that in terms of money, it's been in the millions of dollars. As far as my quality of life, it has been completely compromised as a result of my efforts in trying to make people see what the hell is going on.

I've lost a tremendous amount of business for speaking the truth.  I could give a shit about losing business. I can't be bought off. I value my nation's future much more than my ability to buy things I don't need. Think about that the next time you run across one of these hacks who try to front as someone whose on your side. They're all the same. And they disgust the hell out of me.  They are as much your enemy as the criminals who have robbed you.

Never forget this FACT. Anyone who gets major media exposure is ALWAYS your enemy. They wouldn't get media exposure if they were intent on helping you.

Sadly, I must say that my efforts have largely been wasted due to the poor assistance from readers in helping me to overcome being banned by the media and Internet by spreading the word about me. If you aren't spending a good deal of time spreading the word about me, I consider you as the enemy. Take it or leave. I could give a damn.

And I know for a fact that I'm being watched by federal agents, despite the fact that I pose no threat to anyone. I've been under surveillance ever since I exposed the Washington Mutual heist and criticized the banking cartel for committing the largest fraud in world history.

You see, in a fascist regime, you are seen as a threat if you know what's going on and you are not afraid to speak the truth. You are seen as an even bigger threat to the regime if you are passionate about informing people about the truth. To those agents out there who see me as a threat to America's Zionist mafia crime syndicate rather than as your ally, I suggest you think about how your children's life will be in the future. I am a loyal American. It's time for federal agents to become loyal to America instead of the criminal Establishment.

Don't be fooled, the FBI, SEC and other government enforcement agencies work for Wall Street and the banks, corporations and the government, not YOU. They are going after fraud ONLY committed BY individuals AGAINST  the banks, not the other way around. This is a statement of fact as I have verified on numerous occassions.  

For those of you who still don't know what's going on, keep in mind that the CIA killed JFK because he tried to eliminate the power of the Federal Reserve to print currency after passing an executive order that authorized the U.S. Treasury to print currency notes. In fact, all U.S. presidents who have been assasinated and attempted assasinations have been as a result of presidents who opposed the formation of a central bank. Anyone who dares label this as conspiracy is simply showing how ignorant they are of the facts.  Perhaps you've been spending too much time paying attention to America's fascist media machine.

This message will have 0 effect unless YOU spread it around.







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