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Social Media: The Most Overhyped Trash Of My Lifetime
Friday, October 22, 2010, by Stathis


Just a few thoughts on social media because I don't want to waste much time on such a useless topic. 


I laugh when I hear these ridiculous estimates of Facebook being worth $10 to $15 billion. It's ridiculous.  It's not a real business. It has no competitive advantage. It has no original content. It's merely a fade, and a useless one at that. It's a website.  It's complete garbage. The only reason it's been successful is due to the lack of real competitors, as well as a herding effect. You might recall the hype behind Myspace a couple of years ago when it had no real competitors. Twitter is an even bigger joke, as is Linked In.


Have you noticed the tactics used by these companies to grow subscribers so as to make it look like growth is exploding (for the purposes of valuation)?  For instance, if you want to post a comment on some media sites, you must log in to your Facebook or Twitter account, or else create one. This is a bit extortionist in my view. Of course the sites that require this have whored themselves to these networking sites in exchange for cash payments. But of course, whoring is the best skill of the media and these are media companies.


Assuming you have an understanding of valuation, you'd have to be an idiot to value Facebook at more than 5 times net income, whatever that may be.


Notice I said net income instead of revenues or subscribers. The reason? Because you had better value something like this on a multiple of profits rather than revenues because it could easily sink very quickly. I have no idea what the company's net income is. Let's assume $200 million.  Assuming that large number, a valuation of $1 billion still seems overly generous.  Can tell you this. I wouldn't buy it for more than 4 times net income. The weakness of the business model and various risks as well as dependencies on outside vendors is enormous. Remember, it's just a f******g website! 


Of course part of the reason for these insanely ridiculous valuations are due to idiots in the venture capital industry, who are all herding into this space in desperation because they haven't been able to find any better deals. 


Social media is not a prudent investment space for responsible venture capitalists to get involved with unless they are really getting some low valuations or have other suckers to sell out to. Yet, you will see some of the biggest, best-known firms investing billions in this area. They are making a huge mistake.  Hopefully they will know when to get out of this trash. 


Every week there seems to be a privacy issue with Facebook. And rather than people closing their accounts, they bitch and moan to get these things changed.


Hey Facebook users, figure it out. Zuckerberg plans to screw you one way or another. How can you not see that? He keeps trying over and over. Your information.....everything - your likes and dislikes, your private messages, your habits - will be sold to advertisers. 


So instead of getting ripped off buying credits for outrageously priced and completely useless online games found on Facebook and other activities meant to run up your credit card debt, why don't you do something more productive with your life. Sadly, I know there are many parents who spend several hours a day on these sites when they should be spending time with their kids.


The whole topic of social media makes me puke. I have no problem saying this. If you are on any social media site, you are a moron. And you are inviting media companies into your lives. Time to get a life.


You should also keep this in mind. Eventually, people will be convicted by circumstantial evidence based on what you disclosed on social networking sites. I'll guarantee it. In fact, it's already happened in at least one case for a Myspace user.


Already, government agents are lurking around Facebook and other social "networking" sites undercover, looking to get dirt on their targets. They are also joining online groups deemed by Washington's fascist leaders as a "potential threat" to national security. Meanwhile, the real threats to national security, like the ADL and other Zionist organizations continue to shape U.S. social policy and law.  The ADL has already been caught spying on the U.S.





Note how it's known as social networking to you. But in the investment world it's known as social media, which really tells you it's purpose.  They are sucking you into a cyberworld of useless trivial meant for people who have no lives. And they're attaching the invisible fangs of advertisers around your neck. What do you think? These websites are there for you for free? Wake up. They're going to take even more control over your mind than they did with the television.


It's pathetic how people allow themselves to be hooked into this trash. 


As traditional media continues to implode, the media crooks are looking for new ways to dupe their audience. We already see staged giveaways on TV by companies. Thisis the future of media mind control; subtly placed ads that are integrated as a part of the show. 


The situation is similar with social media. However, there is a very important twist. In the case of social media, you will be targeted based upon your personal information, your likes and dislikes; whatever they can gather on your will be used to brainwash you. In the future, computational models will be used to target you as a consumer based on data inputs from your account. Advertisers will get you hook, line and sinker.




That includes social media.


Once the masses of sheeple truly realize how they are compromising their privacy and once they realize the full ramifications of this, social media will collapse. 


Of course, this realies on sheeple getting some brains.  

Why are people generally getting dumber and more naive each day?  

I'd love to go back into time when people were more intelligent.







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