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Israeli Immigrant Attacked By Ignorant American
Tuesday, November 16, 2010, by Stathis

Before you read my commentary, I’d like you to watch the following video because I want you to form your own impressions without my influence. There are many things about the following video that caught my attention. If you are like me, you will be compelled to watch it several times.

The Israel-American man in the video appears to be a nice gentleman. But as you can see, he’s also quite informed.
The man was attending a town hall meeting or anti-Obama rally in Las Vegas. When asked by the interviewer about healthcare, he expressed his frustration over an $8000 bill for a two-hour visit to the emergency room.
Keep in mind that during after hours, most hospitals in the U.S. only see patients through the emergency room, regardless of the severity of their medical condition. But they are charged the same rates as if it were a medical emergency.
While I certainly don’t agree with the man’s statement about Israel being “the greatest friend America has,” he does what every American should do; express outrage over their insanely-priced healthcare system.  Let’s have a closer look at the details of the video.
As you might have noticed, the man brings up several excellent points. First, he discusses how U.S. soldiers are not provided with adequate healthcare. Second, he discusses the generally poor treatment of U.S. soldiers, while alluding to the fact that Memorial Day has become a mockery. He also discusses how the U.S. has been “hijacked by corporations.” Finally, he discusses how private healthcare is a system of profiteering by the medical-industrial complex (in my own words).
Perhaps what stuck out most from this video was when the idiotic woman blurts out “Heil Hitler” to the man as he was being interviewed. He responds in shock and anger, and rightly so. Later on in the video, this despicable woman tells the man that Obama “hates Israel.” Boy is she deluded. 
Like all Americans who express an opinion for or against Obamacare, the woman assumes the Israeli man is supportive of Obama just because he expresses anger over the cost of healthcare. But he states that he could care less about Obama. He cares about having an affordable healthcare system.
Ladies and gentlemen, this man gets it. He understands that with or without Obamacare, the ridiculous costs of U.S. healthcare aren’t being addressed by Washington. He understands that it matters not who is in office; the results will be the same because corporations run the show in America.
The annoying, rude and immature lady who interrupts him with her anti-Semitic remark and ignorance points to the fact that there are some immigrants who I’d prefer in the U.S. over natural born citizens such as this woman.
Discussing facts such as the control of the media, banks, Washington and other things is not an expression of anti-Semitism. Exposing the Zionist Jewish mafia is also not an expression of anti-Semitism. It is merely a statement of verifiable facts. Yelling “Heil Hitler” to a Jewish person is an expression of anti-Semitism. 
You need to understand the difference because hate groups such as the ADL and other Zionist groups aligned with Israeli intelligence have redefined the term anti-Semitism to include anyone who discusses Israel or Jewish people in a manner that is not complimentary. When this is done, it diminishes the relevance of the label, while slandering innocent people.
Watch the video again. Note how the men along side of this idiotic woman are looking at the Israeli-American. Notice how they raise their voice to him; “You’re done.” Look at their body language and facial expressions; their attempts to intimidate him. It looks like they’re ready to lynch the poor man. What did the man do to deserve this kind of treatment? To me this video was pretty shocking.
Listen to the ignorance coming from the woman’s mouth. She has been brainwashed by neo-cons or else their sister organization, the tea party movement. Let’s see how she feels about healthcare when her or her husband develops a chronic disease. 
She doesn’t want the government involved with healthcare? 
She’s obviously too ignorant to understand that Medicare (which she will be reliant on when she retires) is government healthcare. Obviously, she is unaware of the fact that tax dollars already account for most of the total annual healthcare expenditures in the U.S.
Americans have no idea about the problems within their healthcare system because they rely on the media for their source of information, all while being fooled by the “I believe in the Constitution” bologna. It’s same tactic used by neo-con talking heads like Sean Hannity, Mark Levine and others to justify the costly, criminal and completely useless war in the Middle East. They drape the American flag around the war while advocating a fight for “liberty, democracy and the Constitution.” And if you don’t support the war, you are not a patriotic American. Please don’t be fooled by these primitive tactics.
If these tea party people really believed in the Constitution, they would focus on things that have destroyed it such as the Patriot Act, the Homegrown Terrorist Act, and other neo-con laws.
Now I don’t want to paint with a broad stroke, but I have just seen evidence that at least some of these tea party people are truly idiotic nuts. I knew they were clueless, but I didn’t know they were so cold, rude and hostile. And we now have evidence that at least some of them are indeed racist and anti-Semitic.
If other Americans understood the problems in the U.S. as well as the Israeli-American man in the video there might actually be a force demanding real change. If other Americans rose up in protest, armed with the truth like this man, things might actually change for the better.  But don’t hold your breath.
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