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Rules Of The Game
Friday, November 19, 2010, by Stathis

A few months ago, I ran across a typical propaganda piece from America’s corporate media discussing why U.S. corporations aren’t hiring.  

Frank Ingarra, co-portfolio manager of Hennessy Funds said companies are hesitant to hire because of uncertainty surrounding costs associated with financial regulation and healthcare reform.
"Companies are not hiring because they don't know the rules of the game," said. "When you don't know the rules, you pack up and go home." Reference
Mr. Ingarra simply doesn’t have a clue what is going on. By now you should understand that the media interviews those who are either naive or else will represent the agenda of their Wall Street and Washington partners.
Companies do know the rules of the game and they are playing by the rules as they continue to hire more workers. The problem for the 34 million Americans who are either without work or else working in part-time jobs but wanting full time employment is that U.S. corporations are directing their employment opportunities overseas. An even larger number of Americans are faced with lower wages than their skills and experience warrants. This is a trend that has accelerated since the dotcom recession in 2001.
The rules of the game were officially implemented in 1992, after passage of NAFTA. Ever since that time, it has been disadvantageous for U.S. companies to hire American workers. I have discussed this critical point on numerous occasions beginning with a detailed analysis in America’s Financial Apocalypse.
Free trade has been expanded by Bush and Obama, and I don’t expect this trend to end anytime soon because America has been transformed into a fascist nation over the past couple of decades. What this means is that rather than answering to the people, Washington answers to corporate America on matters of trade, the Federal Reserve on matters of economics, and Israel and the very powerful Zionist Jewish mafia when it comes to foreign and much of domestic policy. Once you connect the dots, you will really understand what is going on. It’s as shocking as it is scary.
You need to understand and accept these facts because they account for the lack of any progress made in the employment picture, the record bonuses achieved by Wall Street, the lack of criminal prosecution for securities fraud leading to the multi-trillion dollar real estate securities Ponzi scheme, America’s costly and wasteful wars in the Middle East, and destructive social policies that continue to tear the nation apart such as affirmative action, political correctness, open immigration, revisionist history, multiculturalism, gay rights, disintegration of marriage and the family unit and anti-Christian sentiment.
Using the economic crisis as an opportunity to enrich the banks, the Federal Reserve under the leadership of Ben Shalom Bernanke has forged a disastrous banking bailout for the cartel, near 0% interest rates and two phases of quantitative easing as remedies for the worrisome employment picture. In reality, these responses have done noting to help Americans. They have only served the banks.
The price paid thus far for these destructive actions has been colossal, with a public and private pension system that is now more than $3 trillion in deficit and a swelling of the national debt to $13 trillion. 
I want to remind you that among the perma-bears who have been calling for a market downturn for several years; too many years of warnings to provide sound investment guidance, not a single one of these clowns discussed the entitlements tsunami. I was the only one to address this at length in America’s Financial Apocalypse. Ever since TARP was passed, the shift has been on the long-term problems faced by America. That should reaffirm once again who is ahead of the curve and who is behind it. It all boils down to insight and the lack of agendas.
For those of you who may feel that I am “too radical” in my views, that should serve as evidence that you have been brainwashed by America’s Nazi-like media propaganda.
It’s time to wake up. Open your eyes and absorb what you see instead of what you are told you see. It’s time to stop texting and twittering and start using your brain.
Do not depend on others to form your opinions and perceptions of reality, including me; that is until you are convinced that I know precisely what I am talking about and I have no agendas other than to save my nation from the criminals. 
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