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More Hot Air From The SEC
Saturday, November 20, 2010, by Stathis

Today, an article appeared discussing how the SEC has been investigating an "insider trading network."  Although the details have not been released, several prominent hedge funds were mentioned as potential alleged violators.

I want to be clear that this is merely a smoke screen. Even if charges are brought against these funds, this would represent a drop in a vast ocean of insider trading that has come to characterize all of Wall Street.
The SEC remains desperate to try and restore investor confidence after the biggest stock market scam in world history. I'm not talking about Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. You will recall that his scam had nothing to do with the global collapse. In fact, Madoff was a victim of the larger fraud perpetrated by Wall Street. The SEC and the media have used Madoff as the sacrificial lamb in order to shield the much bigger criminals, whose fraudulent actions have affected every person on earth.
Finally, as you will recall, for several years the SEC turned its head away from compelling evidence of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.  As you might imagine, I can relate to Mr. Markopolous after the SEC swept my complaint regarding insider trading and the illegal seizure of Washington Mutual under the table. 
In my opinion, up to 95% of large and/or successful hedge funds rely on insider trading. John Paulson is a perfect example of this reality. You should be asking yourself why Paulson was not charged with insider trading. You should also ask why the SEC refuses to go after the criminals involved with the illegal seizure, naked short selling and insider trading pertaining to Washington Mutual.  
More important, you should ask why not one single Wall Street executive has been indicted on securities fraud. After all, Wall Street engaged in blatant securities fraud which caused the global financial system to collapse. It was so blatant that I discussed it in detail in the 2006 publication of America’s Financial Apocalypse
Alas, even the criminal Alan Greenspan has recently admitted the collapse was caused by widespread fraud.  But of course, he continued to admit his role in the destruction of the global economy.
Regardless of the outcome of the results of this insider trading investigation, do not be fooled by the SEC. They are a partner of Wall Street.
Furthermore, this agency serves as a PR arm of the White House. As you will recall, the recent settlement with Goldman Sachs served to silence critics of the fact that Goldman was the largest contributor to the Obama campaign. In reality, Goldman should have been fined billions of dollars and the Justice Department should have sought criminal indictments for Goldman executives. 
Most people seem to have short memories these days. I suppose when you are plugging your brain into trivia and distractions like texting, twittering and trash TV, it’s easy to forget what really matters.
If you allow yourself to be fooled by these smoke screens, you will most likely fall for the same smoke screens issued by the financial media, causing you to suffer tremendous losses.
At the end of the day, successful investing comes to good judgment and the ability to think for yourself. If you allow others to think for you, you may as well hand them all of you money.
The next time you see or read of the media’s hand-selected financial experts, you should ask yourself why they refuse to bring up these issues.
The answer should be clear by now. 
They do not care about the truth and they do not care about your well-being. All they care about is lining their pockets. This is why they have been selected by the media. In the end, they support the agendas of the media which is beholden to the interests of Wall Street.
Remember, if you are not getting the full truth, you are being lied to.
In the near future, I’m going to tell you about my interview with the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) to further confirm that this is just another organization set up to make Americans believe that they actually give a damn about Wall Street fraud. When you learn the outcome of my discussions, you will know how things work.



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