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WikiLeaks Targets Mike Stathis To Uncover His Forecasting Methods
Wednesday, December 8, 2010, by Stathis

Famous investment expert, Mike Stathis of AVA Investment Analytics is thought to be WikiLeaks next target.

Mike has been targeted by WikiLeaks because of his highly successful proprietary trading methodologies which have successfully predicted and timed the stock market collapse down to a few hundred points, the collapse and bailout of Fannie and Freddie even before the real estate bubble popped, and many other forecasts that have made his readers a boat load of money.
A partial list of these investment calls can be found here.
In a move designed to thwart WikiLeaks, Mike has revealed his secret system for free on his new website.
Mike claims his strategy is so simple his “14 year old son used it to make $13,000.”
Of course none of the above is true, except for my track record of predictions. There is no secret system possessed by anyone. With I do have a proprietary methodology, it’s not something that can be duplicated, much less revealed.
The reason I wrote this is to point to a recent scam advertisement seen on Yahoo! 
Yahoo continues to run these scam advertisements without any regard for the legitimacy. It’s a perfect example of how websites sell out for money and it’s destroying people’s lives. You are likely to see this same scam ad as well as similar ones on many other websites.
Below is the original ad.
The ad should enrage you because it’s targeting you, your friends and family. It’s targeting the desperation of those who lost so much in the stock market. And Yahoo! is an accomplice to this ad scam.
You should contact Yahoo! and let them know you will ban their site until they stop running ads for scams like this and others like Robert Kiyosaki, who continues to claim that he predicted the stock market collapse; another lie. I have discussed Kiyosaki in the past, and I will discuss more of this snake oil salesman and others like him in the future.
Yahoo! content has really become a complete garbage bin. And the advertisements are consistent with the content. It should be no nystery why the company is in the gutter.
What About WikiLeaks?
In my opinion, WikiLeaks is a front operation being used and backed by government insiders to fool people. 
WikiLeaks is trying to establish credibility by supplying the public with basically useless information positioned as closely guarded secrets. However, nothing released by WikiLeaks has been valuable or insightful.
This is a pretty standard tactic used to lure sheep. Here is how it works. First, you establish credibility by revealing something that has been positioned as “insider information” or by making a case for something by presenting verifiable facts. Thereafter, the individual expands upon previously verified information and either twists the truth to fit his agendas, or else makes up things. This usually works because the followers have drunk so much of the Kool-Aid, they have become sheep willing to believe anything from their highly trusted source.
It’s apparent to me that WikiLeaks is using the same strategy. Later when the government or some central figure like George Soros wants to sway the people, they will have WikiLeaks release propaganda positioning it as classified material. This is likely to be used to incite support for invading Iran or North Korea. Most likely, WikiLeaks will release false documents stating that Iran or North Korea intend to attack the U.S. 
It’s quite funny to see that WikiLeaks has already fooled many hackers who actually think WikiLeaks is on their side. This is how you get people to do your dirty work. The Republican party also did the same thing to the Tea Party.
How do I know WikiLeaks is a scam operation?
First, consider that if WikiLeaks truly released important information that threatened anything, the media would stay away from it. Instead, the media has been all over it. Don’t you find that odd? Don’t forget that the media first and foremost would never do anything to jeopardize Washington secrets. This is why 9-11 was covered up and this is why CIA agents are working as journalists and executives in various media firms throughout the U.S. and perhaps much of the developed world. I’d like to remind you of Operation Mockingbird.
Second, just look at what WikiLeaks has released. It’s been noise; nothing insightful. However, with the help of the media, the material released has been positioned as critical. Washington has played its role as well, stating how damaging the material could be.
Third, in its most recent release, WikiLeaks claimed that it would be releasing documents about Bank of America. Okay so what? We already know about the scam operations involved with BAC, MER and CountryWide. These documents will most likely dramatize what we already know. Ask yourself why WikiLeaks isn’t going after the big fraud by banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. I’ll tell you why. Because the idea is to create the perception that WikiLeaks is uncovering valuable information. The idea is NOT to actually uncover valuable information. 
Forth, I contacted WikiLeaks a year ago with information about the Washington Mutual heist and heard no response. A reporter told me he was contacted by a WaMu executive in the early afternoon prior to its seizure by the OTS. That alone is an ice breaker. Please have a look at my SEC complaint regarding WaMu
Now I don’t know for certain who is behind WikiLeaks, but I will guarantee you it’s not Julian Assange. If it’s not individuals connected to Washington, then my guess is that it’s Zionists or individuals like Soros. Finding out who is behind WikiLeaks shouldn’t matter. The only thing that should matter is to realize it is not what it seems.
So to everyone out there who thinks WikiLeaks is legit, I advise you to reconsider the real intent. If you did not realize this before, you most likely fell for other scams, such as the lies and BS from CNBC and the print media.
If you want to make money in the stock market, you need to use your head and stay away from trash. And you need to recognize when you are being fooled. Otherwise, you should simply stay away from the stock market forever.

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