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Max Keiser, Alex Jones And Their Lackeys Scamming People AGAIN
Monday, December 13, 2010, by Stathis

(Updated on December 14, 2010)

I hate to waste time on useless scumbag liars and profiteers. However, if you want to be a great investor, you have to be able to recognize trash in order to avoid it.
I want to alert you to the latest scam being led by the biggest opportunities, liars and censoring scumbags in the world today. As a manner by which to boost their own swollen bank accounts, disinfo agents Alex Jones and Max Keiser have been promoting a campaign get sheep across the globe to buy silver with the (ridiculous) intent to crush JP Morgan.
Their reasoning is as follows. Since the bank has a large short position in silver, if people buy it in hoards it will drive up the price causing them to sell at a big loss. Furthermore, since JP Morgan's short position is (allegedly) so huge, it would be impossible for the bank to liquidate without massive losses, causing the stock to, as Keiser states "go to 0."
Note how the Guardian has contributed to this scam.
Let me be clear. Keiser's arguments are baseless. This is nothing more than a scam to profit by exploiting widespread distaste for the bank. Any real investment professional who understands how the markets work would laugh at this assertion.
Keiser is telling people that silver is headed to $500. He is practically guaranteeing it. And he is claiming that "hedge funds are going to make it (silver) go there themselves" because they are buying it in mass.
As Jones discusses how the dollar will be virtually worthless, the caller mentions a great point; that he can't use silver to pay his bills.
Notice the colorful response used by Jones and Keiser to address this excellent point. They talk about historical events and through buy silver, "you are part of the revolution, you are part of the movement." 
Keiser talks about the supply of silver "drying up" and the "short supply of American Silver Eagles." Well of course American Eagles are in short supply. Silver dealers have loaded up. If you were a dealer, wouldn't you buy as many Silver Eagles as you could with all of this propaganda being spewed?  It's easy money. Keiser continues to make idiotic statements.
I suppose the guy pictured below isn't aware that silver is headed to $500 per ounce. If you look closely, you can see that he works at a huge operation. Why are all of these precious metals dealers DESPERATE to sell you gold and silver if they're headed to the moon?
Keiser has no idea what he is talking about. It's a clear example of manipulation. Ask yourself who you are going to trust; a radio host who makes money from gold and silver ads (as well as possibly being paid under the table by dealers to pump these metals) or me.
To those of you who are not familiar with my track record on the economic collapse, I invite you to have a look. Furthermore, note that I have issued a $100,000 reward for the first person who can demonstrate that there is someone who can match my track record. 
In the past I have discussed that Alex Jones is only concerned with lining his pockets while he portrays himself as a "patriot." Using scare tactics and exaggerations of the facts, Jones and Co. pump gold and silver, guns and food rations in order to cash in from their Zionist sponsors.
Note, this is the same guy who created panic amongst his sheep listeners on eve of Y2K when he claimed that Soviet missiles were headed to the U.S.
Among thousands of lies, myths and misguided conclusions from Jones' mouth, one of the most ridiculous claims he made was that Arabs control the media and the stock market. That should tell you who Jones really works for.
This is also the same guy who interviewed the infamous Kevin Trudeau and praised him, all while Trudeau played up to the New World Order and Bilderberg rhetoric Jones obsesses on because Trudeau knew what Alex wanted to hear.
Listen to the following interview. Notice how Trudeau lies continuously. And notice how Jones sucks up to him. If you know anything about Trudeau you should be able to see how this removes any credibility from Jones.
Perhaps Jones admires Trudeau's ability to make a great living defrauding people, because as far as I'm concerned what Jones is doing isn't much different.
This is just one example of what people have to say about Trudeau's books that he claims sold more copies than Harry Potter (another lie). Here is another. If you search online, you will find countless sites like these discussing Trudeau.
Now have a look at what the FTC thinks of Trudeau.
This is how Trudeau and other infomercial scam artists work. They buy loads of air time and flood people with their books or "wealth" programs so that eventually even the biggest skeptics buy the product. It's the old flooding tactic used by the media since inception.
The common ingredient of these infomercials is to make it look like the product offers you some amazing way to do something you haven't been able to do all of your life, like become wealthy, lose weight, or cure a chronic illness. And you can have this "spectacular" product for only $29.95!  Thereafter, your life will change forever!  This is called sheep herding.
It has been estimated that Trudeau spends $20 million each year buying air time. In the process he probably clears a few million dollars after paying expenses.
How does he have that kind of money to buy that much air time? 
Trudeau has been in the infomercial business for close to 30 years, so he has amassed a good deal of money from his various scams.
Although he has been banned by the FTC from selling products, Trudeau decided to utilize his First Amendment rights to evade the law. This was when he began releasing various (ghost-written) books, offering everything from curing cancer without medications to becoming wealthy simply by asking to be rich.
Again, this is a man that Jones praised. Jones even validated Trudeau's ridiculous Mega Memory product.
Make no mistake. Trudeau is even worse than Robert Kiyosaki. And Kiyosaki is worse than Donald Trump (also see here and here).
Shortly after Jones interviewed Trudeau, he launched another scam, whereby he claimed you could get the "secrets of wealth" from his "insiders" which he implied were a part of "the elite." Of course this follows the long list of scam products and useless books he has written.
Have a look at his new website and notice how closely the style and types of ads resembles those on Jones’ site. He too is pumping gold. And he has a daily radio show across America! Excuse me while I piss my pants laughing.
If you are judged by the company you keep, then Jones isn't looking so good. But Trudeau certainly isn’t the only BS artist that’s appeared on his show. He has also featured the "Kevin Trudeau of mass hysteria," Gerald Celente.
Make no mistake, Celente is similar to Trudeau and Kiyosaki in that he has no credibility whatsoever. Yet, he’s plastered throughout the media these days because he creates drama.
Notice in the following video how Max Keiser introduces this fortune teller as a guy who predicted this and that "ACCORDING TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES," which is facing bankruptcy. Perhaps if the Times conducted responsible journalism it wouldn't need to shut its doors.
Somehow, a few years ago Celente got some irresponsible journalist to believe that he predicted several events (despite no evidence of any real research based on any data; perhaps he checked his crystal ball) and ever since then, every media outlet has taken these claims as valid WITHOUT independently verifying them.
I know this because i ran across the irresponsible piece of journalism a while back and sent the reporter an email expressing my opinions about him and Celente. In the future, I will post the article and email when I find them.
Based on my research, Celente DID NOT PREDICT JACK. His open-ended wording is about as similar to qualifying as a prediction as that used by Martin Weiss, but at least Weiss does some research (although nothing seems to help this guy's miserable performance).  
Even Celente admits that all he does is reads the newspaper and hypes up things. I'll do a full piece on Celente too in the future. For now, have a look at this piece on Celente by Ed Champion. By the way, I challenge you to see if you can find Celente's educational background. It seems odd that it is nowhere to be found.
When millions of dollars are not enough to feed Jones’ appetite for money, he holds one of his "money bombs," begging his listeners for money to "help save the world." This comes from a man who has been linked as an agent of Zionism. If this is the case, it would certainly explain why he continues to ignore the Zionist Jewish mafia's involvement in things. 
He basically preaches how much he has sacrificed to spread the truth, and how he needs money for his studio. And he's always talking about how he doesn't have much money. And if you don't send him money, well then the New World Order won't be stopped.
To give you an idea of just how brainwashed his audience is, these money bombs often bring in $500,000 in a 24-hour period. This is really sad considering that it would appear that much of his audience isn’t exactly well off.
What Jones fails to mention is the fact that he is quite wealthy and owns a house worth over $1 million.
Newsflash to all of Jones' Kool-Aid drinkers. Real Patriots don't live in million-dollar homes!
I have a recommendation for Jones' fans. The next time he asks you for money, demand to see his IRS statements from the past three years. If he were to show you how much money he is making, I doubt many of you would give him a dime.
Everything on his show revolves around hype, panic and fear as a way to get his sheeple to buy food, water and gold from his sponsors. Sound familiar?  Do the names Glenn Beck or Max Keiser ring any bells? 
In fact, the sole gold and silver sponsor on his propaganda websites (info wars and prison planet) is Midas Resources, headed by Ted Anderson. Interestingly, Anderson is also the head of Jones’ radio network, GCN. Along with Ted's hyped up economic data and "end-of-the-world" scenarios, he charges huge premiums above spot price for gold and silver coins, knowing that Jones' audience is anything but investment savvy.
Jones also has other hacks positioned as investment experts, like Anderson's long-time business associate Bob Chapman, who also serves to pump gold. If you want a dose of the biggest BS ever, search for his interviews on You Tube. You'll find all kinds of phrases like "my inside sources have told me there's going to be a huge shakeup by the end of the year," which give listeners the impression that he has insider information.  
Jones claims to be “alternative media,” but the network that airs his show, GCN is connected to ABC. Furthermore, Jones seems to get interviewed by mainstream media, which is not what you would see if he was truly alternative media.          
While I have not written about Max Keiser in the past, I can tell you that he too cannot be trusted and should be avoided at all cost.
Similar to Jones, Keiser is merely an opportunist looking to exploit his sheeple by playing Superman, all while pumping precious metals because he receives a huge amount of ad revenues from gold and silver dealers. 
The one thing you'll find these guys have in common, besides always creating doom and encouraging you to buy gold and silver, is that they will always talk about the need to own the physical metals. They will have guys talk about how EFTs are not safe and so on, while failing to discuss the risks of owning physical metals. The reason is of course because they can't make any money if you invest in the precious metals ETFs.
Have a look at who Keiser associates with; other opportunists and idiots like the pseudo-heroes at Zero Hedge (I will be exposing these clowns as well), Peter Schiff (I’ve written volumes about him), Marc Faber (I’ll get to this nut job in the future), Business Insider (complete trash and another Jewish financial media club), Mike Shedlock and others. 
Are they experts? Of course not. They are marketers. Interestingly, they are also JEWISH (surprise!).
Watch here, as Keiser admits that he's the "puppet master" of the silver scam. While is the puppet master to his sheep audience, Keiser is actually a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the money being sent to him by gold and silver dealers.

Zero Hedge and Mike Shedlock have zero credibility as far as I'm concerned. Let's take a brief look at Zero Hedge first. As the facts show, they were nowhere to be found prior to the collapse. And for strange reason, these clowns remain anonymous which is suspect enough.
My suspicion is that the main bozo hiding his identity was kicked out of the securities industry. Eventually the truth will come out. But I could care less because I know a con job when I see one. Zero hedge also tries to make its sheep audience think they have some inside information. They are basically molding themselves as something they are not. That means they are dishonest and they cannot be trusted.
Meanwhile, Shedlock apparently spends all day reading mainstream news and violating copyright laws by posting stories and adding a few lines of commentary, all while getting paid for ads. Yet, he is supposed to be a registered rep. That tells you he isn’t doing much business at his official job. I will guarantee you he makes more money from ad revenues on his blog than his bubble gum operation as a registered rep. As far as I'm concerned, Mish is a professional blogger trying to get clients by reading news all day; nothing more, and he should be viewed as such. He is merely a follower of others.
Oh and by the way, if you happen to be a client of this clown and you lose money in the market based on anything he has written, you can sue him and get your money back. For instance, he keeps pumping out all of this deflation propaganda because it fits the investment strategy designed by the guys he outsources the money management duties to. This is why he is unable to wake up to reality and see that deflation isn't the problem; it's inflation. In my opinion, Shedlock is creating a huge amount of potential legal problems; that is if he even has any clients.
When you are a licensed securities rep, you really have to watch what you write because you can be held liable for anything you write. In fact, you'll notice that you rarely if ever see any financial advisers who work for the big firms write anything online or elsewhere. The reason is because they aren't allowed to. The compliance department would have a shit fit if they did because it creates a huge amount of liability for the firm.  
You need to ask this guy why he spends all day blogging if he is a financial rep. Doesn't that seem odd to you?
Meanwhile, Schiff and Faber have been pitching doom for well over a decade, so they are not credible. Thorough examination of their full track records will confirm this; that is if you can even find any specific forecasts by them at all. The fact is that these guys rarely make specific forecasts. It’s always one direction; gold up, the dollar and stock market down. You can’t make money over the long-term with this monkey advice. But you see, the trick isn’t to make YOU money, it’s to make THEM money.  
So why has Keiser aligned himself with these clowns?
Because Keiser is a clown himself. The fact is that Keiser is not concerned with the truth or real investment analysis. Like every other media whore, he is only concerned with aligning himself with others in the media club so as to add to more sheep to his audience.
Rather than an audience that criticizes him for airing hacks with lousy track records (or in the case of some like Zero Hedge and Shedlock, NO TRACK RECORDS), Keiser's sheeple swallow everything they are fed all while being fooled to think he is on their side. It’s a sickening display of stupidity by his listeners, all of which deserve to be taken for their ignorance.
This opportunist has even exploited the hate people have for Goldman Sachs as a manner by which to make money for himself, by selling a Max Keiser action figure.
"Okay guys, buy my action figure to show your hate for Goldman Sachs."  
It's ironic that Keiser is selling a doll, given that he's a puppet himself.
It's also funny how in the video above, they speak of the figure as a clown when it's a likeness of Keiser. It's funny because Keiser is a clown.
Why would anyone want to hear such an annoying voice or see this guy’s repulsive face? 
To be honest, I never heard of Keiser up until a few months ago when I began receiving quite a few emails by readers who told me that they asked Keiser to interview me after sending him my track record. I never bothered to mention it before because he is no different that the other media scum. Thus, I knew he had no interest in hearing from me because I'm not a manipulator of gold and silver. 
Similar to Jones, Beck and others in the media, Keiser and his whining voice would never interview a real expert who lacks bias. He is only concerned with surrounding himself with people who can add to his hype and exaggerations so as to fill his bank account with the proceeds of ad revenues from gold and silver dealers.
You see, all of these clowns travel in the same circle. They are all on the same shows and they link to each other’s websites because they all have the same agenda; to scare you and make you think that gold and silver will save your life while they cash in.
It’s time to wake up and start analyzing what’s going on instead of buying into hype and fear. Glenn Beck, Max Keiser, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Jim Cramer, Kevin Trudeau, Robert Kiyosaki; they are all basically the same in my view.
Finally, I can guarantee you that the silver short position reported by Keiser is a misrepresentation of reality. It’s impossible for outsiders to fully know the net exposure of any large bank to silver or anything else for that matter. So please do not listen to this trash. These guys are attempting to get rich off of your money. They are trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy using you as their pigeon.
You need to ask these guys why so many dealers are spending so much money on ads and commercials trying to sell you gold and silver if it's such a great investment.
Now I'm not saying gold and silver won't go higher. You need to subscribe to the AVA Investment Analytics newsletter if you want to know where these metals are headed.
But I'll tell you this. The precious metals are in a bull market as they have been for many years. And when this bull market turns into a bear, many people are going to be stuck holding gold and silver for the rest of their lives waiting for the price to rebound.
If everyone in the world bought a few ounces of silver, it might well cause issues for JP Morgan and other banks. However, it could also generate big profits for them. No one really knows. But if Keiser was really concerned about going after JP Morgan, he would have been excited to hear the details of the Washington Mutual heist I discussed in my SEC complaint.
“Let’s destroy JP Morgan by buying silver! I won’t remind you sheep that most of my ads are from gold and silver dealers, so it really makes me money.”
Let it be known that I am prepared to go up against Keiser any day of the week (Jones has already banned me) as well as any of his hacks, Schiff, Faber or whoever else to ensure people are getting the unbiased truth. But of course, like the others, Keiser will retreat because he knows the truth always prevails. 
You need to realize that the individuals I have discussed in this article are NOT on your side. They are parasites looking to exploit your anger, fear, confusion and frustration for their own benefit.
Always remember, birds of the same feather always flock together. It's a club. And it's meant to screw you. It's the media club.
I was the guy preaching about fraud and warning about the collapse in America's Financial Apocalypse. And now all of the "heroes" have come in after the collapse; all of these bozos in the media. And they are using this crisis as an opportunity to line their pockets, all while keeping me out of the picture because the last thing they want their audience to hear from is a credible expert who has no agendas. That should enrage you, as it is a direct assault on your financial well-being.
I want to encourage you all to send this article to Keiser, Jones and any of the other clowns you that are members of this media club, so they will know that I plan continue to expose these opportunists, media-whore liars and idiots, none of which predicted anything or helped you make money, but now are positioning themselves as patriots while they cash in on the stupidity of their sheep audience. It’s truly disgusting.
Most important, I want you to forward this to as many sources as possible. Use the email and social networking links. Otherwise, people will continue to be fooled by the scumbags. 

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