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Another Warning About The Media
Friday, December 24, 2010, by Stathis

As those who have been following me for some time know, I place a big focus on reminding readers about the media. So for those of you who are new to this site, I want to warn you about the media because many people have been brainwashed to believe the trash that’s been plastered on TV, the radio and print media. And I will tell you right now that 99% of what you have heard from the media (TV, radio, print and Internet) is complete BS.

The simple fact is that the media could care less about supplying its audience with credible and unbiased experts. This is why you see so many extremists claiming hyperinflation is a 100% certainty in the U.S. and other false prophecies. Others claim that the U.S. is already in a deflationary spiral. [1] [2]
On the other end of the spectrum, you see Washington and Wall Street hacks making claims of a strong recovery and so on. The only thing the media cares about is making money, and it does this by selling ads. If you listen to extremists, whether they are perma-bears or perma-bulls, you stand to lose even more money.
Think about it. While the Wall Street hacks have been wrong about a recovery, the fact is that the stock market is up by a huge amount since they spread the word of a recovery.
In contrast, while the perma-bear crowd has a better grasp of the economic reality, the fact is that this crew kept their audience out of the great stock market rally since the Great Depression.
So what can we conclude?
First, you need to understand that both camps are filled with extremists. And you will never make money over the long run if you listen to extremists.
Second, you need to understand the economic reality. But you also need to understand where the stock market is headed. Knowing the risks to the economy won’t necessarily tell you where the stock market is headed. It will only help you with downside risk. But if you focus on doom and gloom all the time you will miss out of huge gains.
In short, you must be able to know when and what to take from the perma-bulls and perma-bears, but you should never side with either camp indefinitely. 
The constant barrage of perma-bulls and bears represents just one side of the picture. Others claim to be on your side, as they center in on your emotions and anger at the fraud committed by banks, all while making millions of dollars endorsing gold. Glenn Beck is a prime example. Beck only interviews gold hacks and extremists, none of which has any real credibility as far as I’m concerned.
You see, Beck has no interest interviewing unbiased experts with excellent track records. Like many others, Beck’s purpose is not to provide you with accurate insight and analysis, but to pump gold.
Beck also adds drama to the mix so as to lure the audience that normally watches the “Jerry Springer Show,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and countless other manure. By the time he’s finished his scare tactics, if you haven’t had a panic attack, you’re likely to head to the phone and buy gold, as he recommends, before the world ends.
Of course, if things were really going to get as bad as these clowns of doom suggest, gold isn’t going to do you one bit of good. If things were to play out like these profiteers suggest, you’d be wise to have a stockpile of food, water, guns and bullets. Gold won’t do you one bit of good.
Unless you live in a destabilized second world nation or a third world nation, all Hell isn’t going to break loose as Beck and his clowns suggest. At the same time, things aren’t going to be as rosy as the Wall Street and Washington hacks claim.
By now you should realize why everyone with media exposure is playing games with you. Take a guess who buys most of the ad space on financial networks. That’s right Wall Street, mutual funds, gold dealers, and insurance companies. This all explains why the content from the media is almost always wrong. The media only serves the interests of their financial sponsors. This is why its audience is positioned on the losing side of the trade. [3] [4] [5]
The same may be said of alternative mainstream media, exemplified by gold hacks like Max Keiser, Alex Jones and others. While their angle is a bit different, the end result is the same. They seek to lure you into buying gold and silver, or otherwise instill fear into your mind with all kinds of doomsday scenarios. And they make sure to pitch gold and silver coins instead of precious metals ETFs or stocks because they can’t make money if you by the ETFs.
While they position gold as the solution to the end of the world, they rake in huge sums of money through gold advertisements and other business arrangements. This is why they interview so many gold hacks and others who stand to benefit from gold’s rising price. The bottom line is that people are not getting the full, unbiased truth. When you are not getting the full truth, you are being lied to.
In some cases these doctors of propaganda and panic even get a cut of the profits generated as the result of their sales pitch disguised as “economic analysis.” They also prey on your frustration and distaste for banks by making wild claims that you can cause JP Morgan to go bankrupt if you buy silver. Sadly, their sheep audience falls for these tactics without understanding how they are being taken to the cleaners. [6]
Before you waste your time (and even money) listening to these hacks, you might want to ask yourself why they all run in the same circles. Notice that they all recommend most of the same websites and blogs on their websites. A very large number of individuals are a part of a huge interconnected network, all of which stand to make money by pumping gold and hyperinflation delusions to their audience.
Whether it’s the financial hacks on TV, or those on the Internet and radio, they all belong to the same club. It’s the “Greed and Deception for Profits” club. Their goal is to make money off of you, leveraging your fear, anger and desperation, all while providing you with not an ounce of real value or insight. This is the sad reality.
In my opinion, these individuals (there are thousands when you add the Internet bloggers and others who have disguised themselves as experts) are just as bad as the worst Wall Street criminals, for each has allowed greed and dishonesty to rule their motives, all while presenting a different picture to their audience. [7] [8]
All of this deceit, censorship and confusion from the media add value to Washington, because allows this fascist regime to more easily create distractions from the issues that matter most to Americans. [9] [10]
Thus, instead of swallowing everything you are fed by the media, you had better question everything. Doing so will encourage you to research agendas and the track records of individuals who have been positioned as experts.
As someone who does not receive any funds from advertising and who conducts professional research and investment analysis full-time for a living, I am positioned to deliver unbiased insight. My positioning, unwillingness to sell out and my leading track record explain why I have been banned by the media. The media does not want to help Main Street. They only care to help those who pay for ads. That would be Wall Street.
But of course, lack of agendas and a commitment to research as a career do not make one credible. These are merely the necessary requirements needed to ensure the chance of credibility. In order to complete the task, a thorough examination of one’s track record is by far the most important duty. Thus, I would advise you to examine my track record and compare it to everyone else. Upon completion of this task, you will be able to see what’s going on and how you have been misled. [11]
Of all the difficult tasks in the investment process, sniffing out deceit and agendas, and making sure your source is truly credible are among the simplest tasks. But they are also the most important. If you are not able to spot deceit and research track records, you have no chance of making money in the investment markets.
For those of you who are new to this site and have not read my previous articles on the media, here is a partial list of articles that explains the deceit, lies, agendas and tricks used by the media to deceive you.

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