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The Associated Press And The GM Pump-and-Dump
Friday, February 25, 2011, by Stathis

I wanted to point out another example of the need to be critical when you come across "news."   

In the vast majority of cases, news stories are centered on hidden agendas that come from the top of the organization. Often, when the hidden message or twist on facts is meant to assist the agendas of America's fascist government, the orders are sent from a PR official at the White House. When the deceit is meant to help the agendas of the corporate side of America’s fascist government, the orders come from corporate executives themselves.

In order to understand this mechanism, you must realize that government and corporate offices maintain very close ties with media producers, editors and top media executives. In some cases, they have direct links with some of the more experienced and tenured journalists, like David Brooks. Brooks represents an obvious example of a journalist who consistently and explicitly serves the agendas of America’s fascist regime. But there are many others like Brooks.

Usually, there are no phone calls made to the media to ensure the propaganda hits the American sheeple. Media executives already know how the game is played. This is why they hold high positions. The same can be said of high-ranking government officials and corporate executives.

Much like the rest of the world, in America individuals rise to positions of power and money because they do the right things for the wrong people. Early on they become sell-outs to the crime syndicate that runs America’s fascist government. After they have established a reliable track record of their loyalty, they actually become members of this fascist regime.

As it stands today, the real terrorists of the American people are not hiding in caves in Afghanistan or in the mountains of Pakistan. The real terrorists of the American people reside in Washington, the Federal Reserve and the CIA. They are top executives of the Fortune 50. They also work in the media. It is quite unfortunate that most Americans are unaware of this horrific reality.

America’s tightly-controlled media industry also receives a good deal of assistance from numerous CIA agents and corporate hacks that pose as journalists, editors, producers and executives. 




The U.S. media machine continues to converge into an even more tightly-controlled monopoly owned and operated by a handful of individuals. This relationship is obvious whether we are talking about the print, broadcast or Internet media.

Tight control by a few allows the media to enact complete and rapid control over the American sheeple. Due to the ties media owners have with Israel, the U.S. media has worked with its Washington power brokers, who also share bonds with Israel to create wars that benefit Israel, at the expense of millions of lives and trillions of wasted tax dollars.

America’s propaganda machine has become so slanted and filled with lies, hidden forms of censorship and deception that today it represents the most controlled media in the developed world, not far off from what is seen in China and Iran.  In fact, I argue that the U.S. media industry is much more dangerous than that of China and Iran because over time, the Chinese and Iranian people realize they are not getting the full picture.

In contrast, most Americans do not understand the extent to which they are being fooled. Many Americans are unaware of the extent of media deception, censorship and lies because they have been fooled by relatively unsophisticated methods (many of which I have pointed out in previous articles). These methods enable the media to disguise itself as a platform free from agendas and filled with free speech and accuracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Regardless what you come across from the media, regardless the source (mainstream or alternative), it is critical to keep these points in mind. Doing so will keep your mind alert, thereby helping you to determine motives, methods of deception and outright lies.

I wanted to point to an example of a typical and seemingly harmless story recently published by the media. Yesterday, I ran across an article written by a typical puppet at the Associated Press highlighting the “remarkable financial U-turn” made by General Motors, after recording “its first profitable year since 2004 and is tantalizingly close to reclaiming its title as the world's No. 1 automaker.”

Rather than present a more balanced assessment of GM, the “reporter” from the AP has been instructed by his superiors to write a marketing piece for GM.

Rather than some miraculous turnaround, GM has resembled a fish in the ocean trying to survive with shrinking fins for many, many years. Due to decades of mismanagement, unfair trade, excessive labor union demands, and poor oversight by shareholders, GM along with Ford and Chrysler have opened the door for competitors to seize a larger chunk of the global auto market.

Some of you might recall that I discussed the story of GM’s demise in the Wall Street Investment Bible, as an example why the U.S. automotive industry is one of the very worst industries to invest in, along with the airline industry.

As a desperate attempt to survive, several years ago GM began to transform itself from an auto maker into a bank. I recognized the dangers of this transformation given my expectations for a complete collapse of the financial system and U.S. economy when I advised readers to short GM (and GE, along with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, several other mortgage companies, banks and homebuilders) in the 2007 book, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble.

Today, I have not found a single book that comes close to having made these bold calls. Yet, I continue to be banned by the media because they view real experts with excellent track records as well as integrity as a threat to their campaign of mass deception. This explains why the vast majority of investors get slaughtered in the stock market.

Thus, those who continue to pay attention to the media are the cause of their own demise because they are unable to see how they are being fooled by the media’s so-called experts, none of which has a respectable track record and most lacking any credibility whatsoever. Understand that this dog-and-pony show is not by accident. It has been designed in this manner.

Furthermore, those who make the decision to furnish the media with an audience are empowering their enemy by increasing the number of website views and Neilson rankings. And this leads to larger ad revenues.

America’s dangerously criminal media monopoly has been talking up the “successful turnaround” by GM for over a year now. Yet, the company received $55 billion in interest-free loans with no set expiration. In addition, management slashed pensions and other employee benefits. And this is supposed to represent a great turnaround? 

There is no business I know of that when provided with a blank check, will be unable to make a profit. As pathetic as management has been at Blockbuster (whose bankruptcy I also predicted in the Wall Street Investment Bible, in addition to several years prior to that time) it would have made a similar “turnaround” if provided with a blank check from Washington.

But once this temporary illusion ends and GM is on its own, the underlying incompetence of management combined with America’s unfair trade policies will re-emerge sending GM back into the doghouse.

Instead of discussing the other side of the picture so as to provide readers with a balanced view, the AP opted to write a marketing piece hoping to lure naïve investors. Through this deception, in my opinion the AP and other media outlets are engaging in a scaled down version of the classic pump-and-dump scheme.

Instead of presenting a more realistic and balanced assessment of the road ahead, the reporter focuses on delusions of grandeur related to its alleged turnaround. As such, the AP is encouraging naïve investors (of which there are many) to buy shares in anticipation of great times ahead, all while failing to discuss the full picture. [Remember, the Associated Press is a newswire service whose articles are syndicated out to thousands of newspapers around the world.] This goes beyond incompetence. I view this as a criminal act of securities manipulation.

Once the pump is complete, the dump will begin as the U.S. government sells its shares to the sheep who line up thinking they will be getting easy money, much like Glenn Beck and the other media clowns have positioned gold as their lifeline when the world ends. As much as Beck follows the lead of other clowns who claim the dollar is finished, you need to ask Beck why his investments are primarily in U.S. dollars and U.S. Treasuries.

It’s the same song-and-dance of deceit that has occurred for ages. Make no mistake. The media’s propaganda directive for GM is quite clear to those who bother to open their eyes. Not only does the article satisfy the tit-for-tat relationship between GM and the media, it also serves as a means to help Obama reduce some of the political damage he has suffered as a result of his countless policy failures, lies and other acts of treason one would expect from a nation that uses puppets as leaders. 


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