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The Roberts And Celente Circus Show
Wednesday, July 13, 2011, by Stathis

I always suspected something just wasn't right about Paul Craig Roberts. 

After all, he was inducted into the political environment under Reagan, as a junior Treasury staff member. Next, he was a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal. 

[Note the key affiliations: U.S. government (establishment shill, perhaps staging controlled opposition? media hack; now he is reformed? Yea, right]

Then, he became associated with Alex Jones, the master liar, gold pumper and thief of copyright protected material. 

[The apple never falls far from the tree]

Over the years, Roberts gradually linked up with many other hacks and frauds, largely the conspiracy nut jobs. 

Finally, Roberts has never answered my emails. That could be the biggest red flag of them all, as the faux heroes seem to fear me. 

I guess they have seen how I can spot them all a mile away. I have learned from experience that anyone who stays away from me clearly represents the enemy. I cannot tell you the number of times this simple test has enabled me to sniff out some of the more difficult frauds out there.

Despite all of these issues, I didn't have any conclusive evidence to name him as a hack. I like to be 100% certain before I form such conclusions. Notiice the cheaop leather jacket from the 1980s

However, it has recently come to my attention that Roberts has joined Gerald Celente's Trends Research as of last year. Excuse me for being late to this "news" as I don't keep up with the media hacks.

I have discussed Celente in the past. Quite simply, I cannot recall seeing a less credible person in my life.  This is a man who is not a researcher.  By his own admission, he simply picks up a couple of newspapers and looks for global news, then picks out a "trend."  

Folks, this is hocus pocus. 

Where is his market research??  Answer: he has none. 

Where is his data" Answer: he has none. 

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.  I am willing to bet Celente $20,000 that when his "track record" is held up to an auditing firm, it will show that he made no predictions; NONE. ZERO. 



(the crash of 2010 that never happened)







You can't make a statement and claim it's a prediction, especially when the event is already in motion.  The guy does NO real research. The fact is he reads what others who have spent time analyzing things say. If you cannot see what a clown the man is, I suggest you take some classes on spotting goofballs.

See: Gerald Celente: Futurist Fraud

Clowns like Celente give credible experts who do real research a bad name.

Have a look at the Trends Research website.

First, notice how he posts all of his media exposure on his site, so as to prove he has credibility. This is a common red flag that you should always look for when spotting clowns.







Next, watch the video to the right. Listen to the man speak. Look at that leather jacket from the 1970s. Do you really think this man is intelligent enough to conduct real research? 

Listen to these media hacks reading from his own self-proclaimed track record, which is a figment of his own imagination.

Notice at the end of the video, he states "I'll put my track record up against any trend forecasters in the world."  That’s because there really is no such thing as a trend forecaster!  He's the only one because it's a completely bogus term and designation, and he knows it!  He also calls himself a futurist. I'm wondering where his sci-fi show is.


This is a man who claims to cover over 50 industries. That friends would require a research staff of several hundred. Celente has a staff of two or three. And you better believe that were all in sales and marketing. Prior to being enriched by the media since the economic collapse (due to his Jewish ties) you can bet his staff was smaller.

So here you have a man who says we will see a worse depression than the Great Depression. So where is the massive amount of research he conducted to come to that conclusion? Where is his book?

I'm sick and tired of all of these goof balls stealing my thunder, all while cashing in on exposure they simply do not deserve.

Maybe Celente just picked up the newspaper and extrapolated the economic news to meet a doom and gloom situation, as he has admitted to in the past. Maybe he read my book. 

Either way, I can guarantee you he does NO real research and analysis, unless you consider hand-waving and adapting the thoughts of others research. As far as I can tell, Celente does about as much research as bloggers who get their ideas by reading what others write.

You should also note that Peter Schiff has featured Celente, John Williams and other clowns on his show. 

[The apple never falls far from the tree]

Why don't some of you contact Schiff and ask him to interview me? 

I am willing to bet a good deal of money he never would because he realizes he and I are in two different leagues. One is a biased gold dealer who has been crying wolf for 20 years, as well a marketer of snake oil who relies on his highly unintelligent audience drawn in from CNBC. The other holds the leading track record on the collapse, has no bias, does not sell securities, does not sell gold or receive any compensation from gold ads, has no agendas, refuses to sell out, and actually cares more about the people than his own bank account. I think you know who is who.

I'm telling you people. All of these guys run in the same circles. They are like a mafia of deception and manipulation. The problem is that their victims are Main Street.

These lying media bastards have minimized my work through censoring me, and I don't plan to ever forget it. The same goes to all of the others who have banned me. None of you should forget it either, because their war isn't just against people like me who won't sell out. Their war is also against you.

Remember, the media works for Wall Street and the rest of the corporate establishment. Their goal is to lie to so you will buy their shit. And they aren't going to tell you their shit stinks.

The media will make sure you think it smells like roses. 

Pfizer and Merck will use the media as a whore to tell you that you need their drugs to lower your cholesterol. They won't tell you that these drugs do much more harm than good. And Wall Street will pull the same stunts.

And if anyone thinks for a minute I will ever write another book again, you need to cast that idea out the window because I'll be damned if I'm going to spend two years writing a book that gets no exposure, while clowns steal my research and call it their own. Are you fucking kidding me?

Meanwhile, incompetent and criminal reporters make millions selling their complete useless books after taking a virtual vacation during the most critical period during financial collapse.

Do people really think they deserve to be rescued from future disaster when those who stood up for the people have been ignored?  

You want books?  Get um from the idiots you support in the media.

You want to know where the stock market is headed?  Ask Robert Prechter, because as far as I'm, concerned his advice is all Main Street deserves.

Any books I might write in the future will be sold exclusively through me and will not be available elsewhere so I can document who has my work.

As well, the price tag will run into the $300 range for those who are not subscribers to our publications. And I will not assign an ISBN so the books won't be sellable on Amazon even used.

Maybe I'll just stop wasting my time on all of this hard work altogether and start a hedge fund. Life would certainly be much easier for me.   

The problem is that the media is legally permitted to lie, using First Amendment protection. The media doesn't even have a code of ethics.  That means they can lie all day, which they often do.  In my view, this is criminal and must be stopped. It goes much further than wiping out your retirement savings due to misinformation, censorship and other tactics used by the media.

The lies from the media have cost thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars in unconstitutional wars. The media has convinced most Americans that bin Laden was the center figure in Al Quada. The fact is bin Laden died long ago and Al Quada doesn't even exist.

The media also convinced most Americans than Islam was responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center. The reality is that Mossad was the primary force behind these attacks, aided by the CIA.

People need to start being much more critical about these so-called experts. They need to thoroughly research them. 

I can tell you this. If a person receives a good deal of media exposure, 99.9% of the time they have miserable track records. For the remaining 0.01% of the time when credible experts show up, I will guarantee you they will not help you one bit. They are there to manipulate securities and the market. 

These are facts, so you would be best served to treat them as such. 

In closing, I would like to say one thing to Roberts.



You Sir are a disingenuous profiteering scumbag, working as an agent of controlled opposition. And you must have been desperate for money because Celente is one of the slimiest snake oil salesmen I have ever come across. 

Oh well, it doesn't really matter too much. In a few years, Roberts is likely to kick the bucket. 

We have no use for these lying bastards and fakes. 

They are no better than the Wall Street and Washington criminals who have raped the nation and people.  





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