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Scratching The Surface Of The Zionist Multiculturalism Agenda
Sunday, July 17, 2011, by Stathis

I have no need to write about what has been stated by the lady in this video.  If you can't figure it out after listening to her, I suggest you start using your brain.



It's time for people to wake up and see what is happening before it is too late.  It is time for people to demand answers to questions.

Why is Israel the ONLY nation permitted to have one race?  

Why have the Jews who run the western world insisted that these nations must open their borders to third world people, most of which who are provided taxpayer stipends and who bilk the welfare programs, all while causing societial issues and crimes?  

The answer should be clear.  They want to destroy all traces of white existence all while weakening these nations. 

Next, have a look at these videos by Duke.

Keep in mind that the tea party has been completely hijacked by the republican party, as I began discussing two years ago.




You can say what you want about David Duke. In fact, if you have been brainwashed by the Zionist-controlled media, you will insist that he is a racist. 

Ironically, I have reason to believe that Duke is now controlled by Zionist handlers, although the verdict is still out on this. If that doesn't make sense to you, understand that those who run the show have many ways to fool people. Things are often not so obvious.  For instance, I have previously discussed how Ron Paul is not what he appears to be.

Now, a final reminder of the true face of Israel, the role of Jewish organizations, and the sad state of the United States.




All of these devices are interconnected; multiculturalism, revisionist history, political correctness, affirmative action, false flag operations, Wikileaks, and much more. 

These tools of suppression are being held together by the Zionist Jewish mafia. This is a mafia that controls the western world. They use their control over the media to brainwash the people. They use their control over U.S. monetary policy via the Jewish Federal Reserve Banking System and Wall Street to enrich themselves. They use their control over multinational corporations to exploit and impoverish people. And they use their massive amount of money, most of which is obtained through fraud, to buy off all politicians.

Remember, not one single Wall Street executive has been indicted for securities fraud leading to the destruction of the global economy. Meanwhile, your tax dollars went to these criminal institutions. Helping out Wall Street was the only concern of America's fascist government. They could care less about creating real jobs. All they care about is creating slave-wage jobs in those nations that offer the cheapest labor. 

They are destroying America. They are destroying Canada. They are destroying Europe. Eventually, they will also destroy Asia.

They are stealing from you. Soon they will have complete control once they have completely taken over the U.S. This is not conspiracy. It is fact. 

Finally, I leave you with Bobby Fischer's views. As many know, Fischer was 100% Jewish. He was the greatest chess player in history. Fischer single-handedly inspired millions to learn the game of chess after crushing the Soviet domination that had persisted for decades.  

Fischer's landmark victory was viewed as a very critical component of the psychological battle between the U.S. and USSR during the Cold War.  But once Fischer spoke out against the control of the U.S. by Jewish power, his days were numbered. 

Sadly, Fischer died at the young age of 64, after being tortured and beaten in a Japanese detention center where he was held for 8 months on orders from Washington.  Of course, after having exposed the truth about Zionist control in the U.S., the media painted him as a nut case.

After Iceland granted him citizenship, Fischer was released and spent his last days there. Ironically, today, Iceland is fighting back at the banking criminals that toppled this once great nation.  The Icelandic government has issued warrants for bankers who were responsible for the fraud that sent the nation into an economic tailspin.







You decide. Was Fischer crazy? Or maybe he was just so damned brilliant that he saw things very clearly and wasn't afraid to tell it like it was. 

One thing is for certain. In his later years, Fischer became extremely pissed off at the U.S. and its domination by Jewish forces.  Was this anger justified? 

Why is it that everyone who criticizes the Zionist Jewish mafia, whether it be through their control over the media, banking or government is always labeled a racist or insane?  

Is there not one sane and compassionate person who has been critical of the Zionist Jewish mafia? 

Let's see what an Israeli Jewish lady has to say.



What does Dr. Michael Scheuer, former CIA official have to say about the control of the U.S. by the Zionist Jewish mafia?




Now watch how Scheuer puts Zionist Jew scumbag Bill Maher in his place.



 The Greeks aren't going down without a fight. Americans could learn much from them.







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