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Bob Chapman: Complete Clown, No Credibility
By Stathis

I wanted to briefly address this hack, Bob Chapman. I will go into more detail when I get more time. For now, note the following:

1) He spends much of his time giving interviews on small-time conspiracy sites, take-offs from Alex Jones' BS.

2) He is a complete hack for Ted Anderson and his gold dealer company, Midas Resources. Anderson is also the president of GCN, the network that hosts Jones' show; talk about conflict of interest! Midas is also the ONLY gold company that is allowed to advertise on Jones' show (Anderson wants to lure the sheep in after Jones scares the hell out of them). 

3) Chapman claims to be a former commodities broker. These guys are amongst the biggest clowns. They are also infamous for being the biggest crooks. Any idiot can be a commodities broker. Guys that can't land a position at a Wall Street firm often head to the commodities industry. And let's face it, Wall Street isn't exactly filled with geniuses. 

4) If Chapman is so successful as he claims, why is he working his ass off making media apperences on small-time shows (some shows have an audience of 20; no exaggeration, as he often appears on Internet radio shows where you can see the number of listeners).  At over 80 years of age, why is he still pumping up gold?  

5) Chapman makes numerous claims like "I know exactly when the banks move gold up and down" and "by the end of 2010, my sources tell me gold will be confescated."  If he knows so much as to when gold is going to be manipulated, why isn't he a billionaire?  

6) Professional investors who have a clue would laugh at Chapman, that is if his propaganda reached their ears. However, Chapman markets exclusiviely to the least sophisticated investors available - full-time conspiracy theorists, most of which have no clue about investments.  These are the easiest sheep to manipulate. And they aren't likely to know when they are being charged huge spreads on the spot price of gold, as Midas Resources has been known to charge.

Chapman is one of the biggest clowns in existence.  I put him on the same level as Gerald Celente and Porter Stansberry. 

Unfortunately, the BS claims of these clowns ar protected under free speech. So they continue to pretend they have "insider knowledge."

Updated Material: July 29, 2011.

After uncovering previous research we did on Chapman (our research archives are massive so we often miss things when we write about these clowns) we have learned that the SEC went after Chapman for securities manipulation regarding penny stocks.  See here

Now watch this video and notice how Chapman tries to paint himself as a noble and honest guy, while trashing others.  "Come to me, I'll give you stock advice." 

Notice how Chapman discusses Porter Stansberry and National Inflation Association as scamsters. How ironic! This "disturbs" him, "as a professional."  What disturbs Chapman is that other guys are hussling his own game. Also notice how he claims that he has SEC attorneys checking on these guys! The only thing SEC attorneys are doing with Chapman are investigating him.  

Finally, note how Chapman asks how these guys are qualified to give stock advice when Chapman himself has experience only as a commodities broker!  This man is amazing.



While I have written about Stansberry, I have not had time to discuss the NIA. However, I have researched these guys and they are clearly involved in pump-and dump schemes, led by none other than John Lebed, the only minor to have ever been fined by the SEC for securities manipulation.  You should spend some time investigating these guys, including Gerard Adams, who also runs several stock promotion sites for penny stocks. 

Folks, I just don't know what to tell you anymore. After having read all of the articles on these chumps. by now if you haven't learned how to spot these clowns you never will. That means you will be taken.  There are three rules of thumb to live by.

#1 -  If someone has a good deal of media exposure, it's for a good reason. It's not because they are credible and unbiased experts. It is because they are helping the agenda of the media, which serves the interests of its financial sponsors.

#2  - Assume everyone in the financial industry is an idiot, crook or hack until you have proven otherwise.

#3 - Always research track records. If they do not have a legitimate track record, they are as knowledgable as any Joe. Make sure you research their complete track record.  If they have been saying essentially the same thing for years, they are not credible. 

#4 Always judge people by the company they keep. This is especially true of individuals who write articles online.  If you examine all of these guys you will see they hang in the same circles.









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