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Peter Schiff Exposes Porter Stansberry's False Claims To Make You Think He Is Different
Thursday, December 1, 2011, by Stathis

In the past, I have discussed that Porter Stansberry made numerous false claims in his snake oil video, The End of America. The video is so full of crap that I cannot watch it to remind myself of the details. I do recall that Stansberry claims that his "research" firm is one of the largest in the world and other BS to make himself seem credible. 
Make no mistake. Stansberry runs a boiler room newsletter service in the same manner as everyone else in that industry.
There are no exceptions.
I know this because I have had the gutter bucket investment newsletter industry on my radar for more than a decade. These guys are the biggest scum bags you can imagine.
I'm still trying to figure out how in the hell these newsletter clowns can claim to know what the hell is going on when they have not ever worked on Wall Street. Not that having worked on Wall Street assures you will have a clue, because as we know, the majority of Wall Street professionals are clueless. However, if you have never worked on Wall Street, you will always lack a critical perspective. That means, as clueless as many on Wall Street are, those who have never spent any time in the industry are likely to be infinitely more clueless.
In late 2010, I contacted Stansberry Research and asked for evidence of his claims. I informed them who I was and that I was prepared to show that I was the only person in the world that predicted the things he claimed to have predicted. They did not seem concerned whether Stansberry could prove his claims. I wasn't surprised. I was 100% certain that he did not make the predictions he claimed because I know how these snakes work.  
I asked the associate why Stansberry's "famous" forecasts were not on his website. That seemed odd to me. I was told that they were in previous newsletters which could only be accessed with a subscription.
Some of you may have already seen this video since it's been out for several months. In the video below, Peter discusses how he verified what I already knew; the fact that Stansberry is full of shit. Peter can't say he's "full of shit" because he needs to worry about his image since he is likely to run for Senate again. But I'm sure you will agree that is exactly what he is thinking as he practically laughs at Stansberry's false claims. It's okay Peter, I'll say it for you. Stansberry is full of shit.




Unlike Peter Schiff, I was not provided with access to these newsletters. I suppose Stansberry thought that he and Schiff were on the same team since they both hold similar views.  This turned out to be a mistake for Stansberry.

While Schiff  has not (as far as I am aware) engaged in the tactics used by Stansberry, Weiss and a huge host of other clowns, I think he now realizes that he has indirectly and unwillingly assisted scum bags who have leveraged his views for their own purposes.  For this reason, it would appear that is trying to distance himself from Stansberry. For instance, I noticed that he also pointed to the pump-and-dump schemes by the National Inflation Association, which I too recall exposing in the past. These kids are a complete joke.

If Peter is concerned about being taken seriously by truly sophisticated investors, I would like to suggest that he distance himself from several other clowns, including some of his buddies, like Marc Faber. 

It's a simple strategy. Once a view point has reached a large audience through the traditional media, you run commercials or infomercials to leverage this buzz. In this manner, you can control the speed and scope of the distribution of the message, as opposed to going through the traditional media outlets. 

Controlling the distribution of the message in this way enables one to more easily grab the attention of the audience that has been previously been made aware of similar views from the media. And once you have the attention of your audience, you can spin things in any direction you wish, largely without notice by the audience.  Remember this strategy because I can guarantee you it won't be the last time you see it used. In fact, Alex Jones and several others use this basic manipulation strategy to brainwash their listeners.

Either way, the media is ultimately to blame because they are paid off one way or another and could care less about the truth. You can either sell out to the agendas of the media's financial sponsors, or you can purchase your own air time.

If you don't learn anything else from this episode, you should make sure and never forget the most important lesson. Extremes are dangerous, but they are also effective when pitching to the masses because most people can grasp extremes easier than the reality, which more often than not lies in between both extremes.

The easiest solution to shield yourself from this manipulation is to ban the media completely. If you think you can decipher what is fact and what is fiction on every occasion, you are fooling yourself.

The man in this next video clearly understands how these scam artists operate.



As you can see, he does not appear to be particularly educated or articulate. But all that really matters is that his mind works well enough to spot con artists. Can you make the same claim?

Now for some comedic relief, compliments of Stansberry “Research.”  I got sick of the BS after the first minute of laughing my ass off.







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