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The Jewish Mafia is Not a Religious or Racial Label

Careful observers can spot numerous examples of Jewish control, fraud and deceit everywhere they look. These deviant activities are widespread throughout Wall Street, the banking industry, the media, corporate America and the federal government. As influential as these segments of society are, the control held by the Jewish mafia certainly does not end there. Their influence can be found in virtually every aspect of U.S. society. The same applies to Canada and Europe.  
The Jewish mafia works in a unified manner in order to more easily achieve its objectives. Over the decades, this mafia has caused U.S. society has become weakened and perverted, both economically and morally, all while Jewish-controlled Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, media and government continue to defraud and deceive the people.
Perhaps the most tragic aspect of the Jewish mafia is that it has successfully duped the U.S. to fight wars for Israel. This has cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and a life time of suffering for the survivors. Without a doubt, America is headed towards complete economic and moral insolvency if something is not done to radically alter the power structure of the Jewish mafia from its reach into Washington.
As one delves into each segment of society to identify control by the Jewish mafia, we cannot forget that this vast crime syndicate rarely acts alone. Without the greed and criminality of gentiles, the Jewish mafia would be much less effective. Much of the same can be said about the victims of the Jewish mafia. As long as greedy, dishonest and naive people exist, the Jewish mafia will have plenty of victims.  
The Jewish mafia continues to gain more power each day, without any challenge whatsoever. In past decades, they were careful to rule from the sidelines so as to avoid any notice by others. With each passing day, this mafia continues to take the spotlight as if to deliver the message that they don’t care if people realize they are in control of things.

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