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The Truth about Hedge Funds

Just a quick post about the so-called hedge fund probe, which is really nothing more than a PR campaign to make it seem as if Washington and the SEC are going after the crooks.

In the past I have mentioned that 99% of all hedge funds engage in insider trading.  I happen to know this for a fact. I don't expect this confession to win me any new business from hedge funds. It might even cost me some business, but oh well. I have no interest in providing my services to anyone who does not like to hear or admit to the truth.

Another fact is that the majority of hedge fund managers are clueless when it comes to investing and trading.  This is why they rely on insider information.  What they are good at is using their connections and lack of ethics in order to chase down a buck even if it comes through illegal means. 

If you have been paying attention for some time, it should be obvious that Jewish individuals dominate the insider trading racket. This should come as no surprise to those who have studied history. 

Moreover, once you note how the Jewish mafia works as well as the gross overrepresentation of Jews in high positions in the public and private sector, it is not difficult to imagine that insider trading is a routine activity with most hedge funds.

Of course, the guys targeted by the Feds and the SEC are always the small-time players.

If hedge fund managers were somehow prevented from receiving and acting upon insider information, I would have many more clients. In fact, I would probably be advising the entire hedge fund industry. But as it stands today, hedge fund managers like SAC's Steve Cohen don't need my research. They have insider information and strong connections in Washington. 

For those of you who believe Cohen was not involved with, approved, encouraged or knew about insider trading at his firm, I suggest you wake up. 


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