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Wall Street, the Media, the CIA and Facebook: Confluence of Fraud, Deceit and Espionage in the Decay of Society (Part 3)

Previously I discussed how Facebook has reaped tremendous benefits from mass promotion by the (Jewish-run) media. I also discussed the real agenda of social media pointing to the dangers to society. Finally, I detailed how Facebook has received the full support of Jewish finance capital. Thus, Facebook represents one of many cases of promotion of a Jewish-run business by the Jewish mafia.
Part 1
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Here, I discuss how Wall Street and the media have engineered a pump-and-dump scheme in order to steal billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. I will also discuss how the media promotes Jews as a way to enrich them while neglecting its perceived role as a provider of unbiased and credible insight.
Understanding the Full Spectrum of Pump-and-Dump Schemes
A year ago, I wrote an article detailing the Facebook pump-and-dump by Goldman Sachs. While searching for this article, I came across the following link from a post on Facebook discussing pump-and-dump schemes. This is quite ironic since Facebook itself is the subject of a pump-and-dump scheme. Let’s take a look at the very limited but official definition of a pump-and-dump scheme.
"Pump and dump is a form of microcap stock fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. Once the operators of the scheme ‘dump’ their overvalued shares, the price falls and investors lose their money. Stocks that are the subject of pump-and-dump schemes are sometimes called ‘chop stocks’. While fraudsters in the past relied on cold calls, the Internet now offers a cheaper and easier way of reaching large numbers of potential investors.”
Pump and dump scenarios
Pump and dump schemes tend to take place either on the Internet including e-mail spam campaigns or through telemarketing from ‘boiler room’ brokerage houses (for example, see Boiler Room). Often the stock promoter will claim to have ‘inside’ information about impending news. Newsletters that purport to offer unbiased recommendations then tout the company as a "hot" stock. Messages in chat rooms and email spam urge readers to buy the stock quickly.
Unwitting investors then purchase the stock, creating high demand and raising the price. This seemingly ‘real’ rise in prices can entice more people to believe the hype and to buy shares as well. When the people behind the scheme sell their shares and stop promoting the stock, the price plummets, and other investors are left holding stock that is worth significantly less than what they paid for it.”
First, I want you to notice that the individual who posted this definition referenced one of the most inaccurate sources of information online, Wikipedia. In my opinion, when someone posts Wikipedia as a source of verification they have no idea what they are talking about other than what they have read on Wikipedia which often contain inaccurate or incomplete content.  
As many are aware, Wikipedia is another Internet powerhouse hosting propaganda and slanted views of certain historical and political events. Moreover, the site selects certain subjects that it will not allow anyone to edit. This is done of course in order to send the message that what is listed about the topic on Wikipedia is the truth and nothing but the truth. For instance, if you look up the Holocaust on Wikipedia, you will notice that all edits are locked. That means no one can edit the content. Without coincidence, this submission fails to include key evidence supporting the fact that the Holocaust is a big lie.  
Wikipedia serves as the “Information Age” brainwashing tool for the millennial generation because they grew up relying on this deceptive and highly inaccurate portal as a source of information. As a result, most youths reference Wikipedia as if it is a representation of fact. This is by no means true. However, even older generations are being brainwashed by the slanted content found in Wikipedia because they too have been led to believe that the content is accurate.
While Wikipedia is largely accurate when it comes to objective content, it is often very inaccurate whenever the content is more subjective. Often, the authors cite media sources to support their depiction of the subjective portion of the entry with the assumption that the media should never be scrutinized. 
I argue that Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales should be trusted as much as Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s take a closer look at Wales. First, Wales is Jewish, which should come as no surprise since the Jewish mafia controls all media, print, broadcast and Internet. I feel it is also important to consider that Wales has a degree in finance, which points to the mentality he is likely to embrace when it comes to business endeavors. In other words, individuals with finance degrees typically look to monetize all business endeavors to maximum benefit. Still, this information alone is not necessarily damning.
We must also keep in mind that Wales worked on Wall Street which further supports the premise that he has a vulture mentality (I do not mean to imply that every Wall Street professional is a vulture. I am merely referring to general tendencies).
Finally, if this was not enough, you should note that prior to forming Wikipedia, Wales ran a pornography website.  Still, some might not be convinced of what I claim are devious motives behind Wales’ influences in running Wikipedia. But I feel that it is fair to conclude that after one considers his background and take note how Wikipedia is run, what is permitted on the site, what is removed, and who has the final word on changes to content, there is a good reason to be suspicious of Wales. 
Perhaps the most discouraging aspect of Wikipedia is that Wales has convinced a large number of people that the site provides accurate information and supports open access for anyone to enter and edit content. This is by no means true. In fact, many of Wikipedia’s most dedicated authors have left the site after realizing that the content is controlled by a few people.
Wales is by no means the only Jewish individual behind Wikipedia. If you check the employees you will notice a large majority of Jewish employees. But it gets much worse. Several groups in Israel are training Israeli Jews to manipulate Wikipedia entries. I would be surprised if the same activities were not going on in the U.S.
Finally, it is a fact that the CIA uses the site as a way to influence public discourse on crucial issues. 
In all fairness Jewish individuals are by no means the sole party responsible for the inaccuracy of Wikipedia. Regardless, it does appear that individuals with the highest authority or clout at Wikipedia are slanting and omitting critical facts pertaining to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, control over the U.S. by Jews and other issues that one would expect to be published from a site that claims to value openness. 
Let me be clear. Wikipedia represents a danger to society because it is being viewed as an accurate source on all matters. There are even plans to publish Wikipedia content in books. Will Wikipedia be used as an official source of information by schools? This is a scary thought, but it is certainly possible.
Perhaps the most inconspicuous damage caused by Wikipedia is its use to validate traditional or commonly accepted forms of information, data and definitions. In other words, Wikipedia entries often reference media sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, etc. as credible sources while rejecting other sources outside of mainstream media. Everyone knows that the media does not hold a monopoly in the credibility department. I would argue that Wikipedia should minimize or at least encourage debate when media sources are used if the site truly intends to publish accurate information.
For instance, while the definition of a pump-and-dump scheme posted on Facebook (taken from Wikipedia) was representative of the official definition you are likely to see elsewhere, the fact is that the definition is inadequate because it does not reflect more contemporary forms of the pump-and-dump. But very few individuals are even aware of a more comprehensive more contemporary definition because the individuals who write these definitions are not industry experts.
Yet, even Wikipedia’s most powerful editors decide whether or not to allow someone to enter additional information. And the person making the entry could be the world authority on the topic, but Wikipedia editors ultimately decide whether to allow the edit. That’s like allowing a monkey to determine whether a physics professor’s explanation of string theory should be permitted based on whether it has been acknowledged by the mass media. As a result, Wikipedia editors rely on text book definitions which often lack more accurate content.
As an example, I am going to offer my own more advanced definition that reflects the more modern elements of the pump-and-dump scheme.
Although the majority of “traditional” pump-and-dump schemes are focused on microcap securities, there are some very significant elements of the pump-and-dump that you will never read or hear about. Before I discuss these less-commonly known renditions, I will add to the definition of the more traditional form of the pump-and-dump involving microcap securities.
The vast majority of pump-and-dump schemes involving microcap securities are executed by shady stock promoters (many of which reside in south Florida), scum bag investment newsletter publishers (again, residing largely in south Florida), boiler room securities firms and small-time hedge funds. Moreover, the firms themselves are almost always involved in these types of pump-and-dump scams. Interestingly, based on my careful examination of these scams for well over a decade, they almost always involve Jewish individuals.
While many investors are somewhat aware of traditional microcap pump-and-dump schemes, most investors are unaware of the fact that a good deal of pump-and-dump schemes occur with larger cap securities. In fact, they often involve some of the largest, best-known companies in the world.
In addition, in terms of the quantity of dollars, pump-and-dump schemes involving larger cap securities result in the theft of the greatest pool of funds from investors. Furthermore, the most substantial pump-and-dump schemes today are orchestrated by Wall Street and the financial media. 
For instance, shortly after I first published “The Goldman Sachs Facebook Pump and Dump,” I published a similar article discussing how the media was pumping up GM so the government could dump overvalued shares onto the public when the IPO debuted. This was being done of course so Washington could claim that they didn’t lose any taxpayer money on the bailout.
I can cite a long list of other examples whereby the media has pumped up the stock of large companies while investment funds and Wall Street firms dump it after naïve investors have piled in. This type of activity occurs daily. Yet in not once instance has the SEC ever brought charges against anyone involved in this widespread scam. Rather, the SEC only directs its attention to large-scale fraud AFTER being alerted by outside experts.
When the SEC has been alerted to massive fraud, the agency looks the other way if the fraud is colossal. The game is to only go after small counts of fraud, while the largest, most devastating cases are ignored because these cases involve Wall Street banks.    
Instead, the SEC focuses on small-time fraud in order to fool the public into thinking that it is protecting them. As the facts show, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, I argued that the SEC was a partner in crime with Wall Street in America’s Financial Apocalypse
In addition, the SEC goes after maybe 0.01% of the more traditional pump-and-dump scams involving microcap stocks because the agency is not committed to this segment of securities fraud. Unfortunately, independent securities attorneys rarely pursue microcap pump-and-dumps because by the time they are detected, there usually isn’t enough money involved for them to salivate. It is for these reasons that microcap pump-and-dump schemes remain so prevalent. More on the SEC [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
There is an additional element to the pump-and-dump scheme unknown to most despite the fact that it represents by far the largest component of this type of securities fraud. This less conspicuous form of the pump-and-dump involves the venture capital industry and major Wall Street firms.
During the mid-1990s, the venture capital industry conspired with Wall Street and the media to forge a new kind of pump-and-dump mechanism. It became so pervasive that it created an enormous bubble in high-tech securities. 
And when the Glass-Steagal Act was repealed in 1999, it was really party time because for the first time commercial banks like Chase, J.P. Morgan and several others were able to get involved in dotcom IPOs and offer shares to their biggest clients as sweetners.
As many older individuals will recall, in the late 1990s virtually every security with a dotcom in its name, as well as information technology, business-to-business, PC, semiconductor and telecommunication sectors received grossly inflated valuations from Wall Street analysts [there are several additional elements to this mechanism which I will discuss in the final part of this series of articles].
The media added to the hype, utilizing a variety of brainwashing techniques engineered to sucker its audience into the dotcom bubble. In exchange for disseminating propaganda, pure lies and promoting the bubble mentality held by mutual fund managers and Wall Street analysts, the media was rewarded with huge sums of money in the form of advertising dollars.
Online brokerage firms contributed as well, such as E-Trade, with its infamous commercials showing soccer moms enjoying their new status as stock trading millionaires, and retired couples jumping for joy as they celebrate their newly-found wealth…
…and employees quitting their job after seeing their stocks go parabolic.
And of course, there was “dotcom Johnny,” an ad designed to inspire Main Street to take its shot at becoming a dotcom millionaire by trading stocks of these soon-to-be worthless securities. 
After the dotcom bubble burst, E-Trade came out with a commercial that warned people not to be foolish with investments. Instead of realizing that E-Trade was part of the reason why people lost money in the dotcom bubble, most people enjoyed the commercial, pointing once again to the stupidity of most people. 
Today, E-Trade still uses psychologically manipulative commercials. But these commercials no longer feature senior citizens. They have been replaced with babies. Have you ever wondered why? Because most seniors still have losses in the stock market from the dotcom collapse. So E-Trade features infants, which is quite fitting since the younger generations have no idea how much Wall Street is rigged or how online brokerage firms have been largely responsible for injecting a casino mindset into the stock market. Although E-Trade’s ads are similar to the Joe Camel ads that have been banned, E-Trade continues to get away with this psychological warfare.
Every day I think to myself how the SEC and FINRA could permit everyday investors to short a stock with just a click of their mouse. It’s truly shocking. Yet, the vast majority of investors have no idea just how risky shorting stocks is. In my opinion, one of the most disastrous events of the twentieth century was permitting everyday investors to trade stocks on their own. But Washington set this scam up because it brought much more stupid money into the market for Wall Street to take.
Ever since the dotcom bubble of the 1990s ushered in the “New Age” of the IPO pump-and-dump, it has completely transformed the market for IPOs. It has created a feeding frenzy for venture capital firms, Wall Street investment banks and the financial media. With no surprise, the SEC has remained on the sidelines as investors continue to be duped. After all, the securities regulators are appointed by Washington and most of the executives come from Wall Street.
Finally, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites such as the equally useless stocktwits are being used to promote pump-and-dump schemes on other securities.
Facebook Valuation: A Case Study in Wall Street Fraud
In early 2011, I contacted the SEC and informed them of the Facebook pump-and-dump. Since then, the scam has continued to swell, largely without much action from the SEC.
The Jewish-run media and financial industry have certainly provided a turbo boost to the business stability and valuation of Facebook. Over the past five years, Facebook’s valuation has soared from $550 million to $100 billion, an increase of more than 18,000%. This exponential run up in valuation engineered by Jewish venture capital and Wall Street firms is nothing short of a complete bullshit; I argue it represents securities fraud.
Although I have discussed the precise mechanisms of this huge scam with SEC attorneys on numerous occasions, they have done nothing. Whenever I contact the SEC, I already know in advance SEC will take no action. But I continue to file complaints in order to generate an official record of my submissions which will serve as evidence of the criminality of the SEC.
Once you submit a complaint to the SEC, there is no way to know whether it is being investigated. You won’t even know if it was looked it ever. As its most common escape mechanism, the SEC uses the line “we cannot discuss any details of previously submitted complaints or whether we have proceeded to investigate the matter.” This enables the SEC to basically toss all complaints in the trash while those who filed them wait for years for actions that are never taken. 
Perhaps this mechanism is appropriate for Joe Main Street who is likely to lack the sophistication required to submit legitimate complaints. However, when you have a Wall Street insider who submits complaints, the must be some external party that follows the course of action to ensure that the complaints are looked at.
The overall goal of these schemes is to take as much money as possible, preferably from gentiles only, although several Jews who are not part of the Jewish mafia also get ripped off. When money is involved, Jews often look past loyalty to the tribe. As many realize, money is the Achilles tendon of most Jews.
The Jewish media continues to speak of Facebook’s swelling valuation as if it were fact, never bothering to question it. The reason of course is because they are working with their partners in crime from the financial industry in order to defraud investors. The relationship is a simple one. The media does the bidding of Wall Street, which in turn spends huge sums of money on advertising. In essence, this represents a soft dollar arrangement for the purpose of facilitating securities fraud.
Each year, Forbes publishes several lists of the wealthiest individuals. One of these publications is known as the Forbes 400. The U.S. version lists the 400 wealthiest Americans. This publication is consistent with Forbes’ overall mission to feed the appetite of money-worshipping envy and greed of many Americans who have been fooled to believe that money is the key to happiness and therefore should be pursued above everything else. Hence, Forbes and other financial media have contributed to the problem of selfless greed seen in America.
When the 2011 version of the Forbes 400 was published, Forbes used the most recent valuation estimate of Facebook, which was $66.5 billion at the time. Most of the members of the list had wealth that was more easily verified. In contrast, several Facebook employees were entered onto the list based on grossly exaggerated valuation estimates of their ownership in Facebook. Regardless, in my opinion each one of the Forbes 400 obtained their wealth largely through fraud, deception and/or exploitation.
According to the 2011 edition of the Forbes 400, Mark Zuckerberg is the 14th wealthiest person in the U.S., with an estimated net worth of $17.5 billion. However, based on the most current bogus valuation for Facebook of $100 billion, Zuckerberg’s net worth is $26.3 billion, placing him 4th on the list, just ahead of Charles and David Koch and George Soros.  
Consequently, with an estimated valuation of $100 billion Facebook is worth more than Alcoa, Dell Computers, Hewlett-Packard and Sony….COMBINED.
Let’s consider this comparison in more detail. These four publicly traded giants generate more than $300 billion combined annually. Alcoa is the largest producer of aluminum products in North America and the third-largest producer in the world.  Dell is the world’s second-largest PC manufacturer, second only to Hewlett-Packard. Meanwhile, Sony is the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer, producing hundreds of products known worldwide. Sony is also the fifth-largest media firm. Each company also own billions of dollars in intellectual property, plant and equipment. Each company has a very strong global presence and highly-respected brand name. Each has spent decades achieving global market leadership.
In contrast, Facebook is just a website that has only been around for a few years. According to various sources, Facebook’s 2011 revenues are expected to come in at more than $3 billion. As well, Facebook owns very little proprietary technology or intellectual property to speak of. Instead, the site relies on third parties to supply applications to its site, such as the useless games made by Zynga.
Let’s get real here. Viewed strictly from a business perspective, Facebook is a joke. It is NOT a legitimate business as far as I am concerned. In fact, as poorly-run as Yahoo! is, I would take it any day over Facebook (as long as I would be permitted to go in and resurrect the company).
[The primary reason for Yahoo!’s decline is due to the fact that it was infiltrated by Jews. Once in the driver’s seat, the Jews of Yahoo! formed too many partnerships with the Jewish media. As a result, most of the content displayed by Yahoo! today resembles TMZ. Moreover, Yahoo! has become a portal for Jews to generate business for themselves and their firms. I know this to be a fact because I have closely examined Yahoo! for many years and have seen precisely what has gone on. Furthermore, I have spoken with former employees who admitted that Jews had taken over and was responsible for destroying the company’s previous success. I have documented numerous examples of Jews with little to no expertise or relevant experience in areas of content they publish, but have been provided with free syndication of their content which has led to tremendous growth of their business. This is the common theme we see of Jews enriching other Jews at the expense of gentiles. Given enough time, I will eventually discuss these instances in detail in the future. ]
Remember, Facebook is less than ten years old and produces no goods. The only (arguably) valuable service Facebook provides is access to user data to advertisers, federal and local law enforcement personnel, often without prior consent from account holders.
Without its myriad of deception, lies and in some cases illegal activities, the quantity and quality of this data would have a much lower value. Thus, once Facebook users realize the full extent of the site’s real agenda, its relationships with corporate America and the Department of Defense, the popularity of Facebook could easily collapse over a short period of time, rendering the site and thus the stock essentially worthless.
I do not a favorable view of the insecure, attention-seeking, loudmouth Zionist Jew Mark Cuban, who like other Jews has obtained his wealth by utilizing ties to the Jewish mafia. If Cuban was 10% as clever as his ego insists, he would be the smartest man to ever live. However, I will give him some credit in that he realizes that Facebook is basically useless.
[Notice in the above video that every person on the show (including scum bag Bill Maher) is Jewish; this is not atypical in the U.S. Most people just don’t watch with their eyes wide open. I guess only the viewpoints of Jews are relevant]
Rather than a real business, Facebook is merely a website designed to screw naïve people by exploiting their personal information. Yet, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is already being praised by the media and others as a “visionary.” This represents a complete departure from reality.
It seems that whenever someone becomes wealthy, the media instantly positions the individual as a business or investment genius, regardless how their wealth was obtained. This appears to be the case especially when the individual is Jewish.
Excessive promotion by the Jewish-run media usually transforms these individuals into celebrities, idolized by misguided and greedy individuals. Meanwhile, the media never questions their role in illegal business practices, exploitation or fraud; Bill Gates, founder and former CEO of Microsoft is a good example, as is the late Steve Jobs, founder and former CEO of Apple.  
Apparently, Zuckerberg has convinced himself that he did not steal the idea for Facebook from his classmates. Moreover, the idea was nothing special and certainly not original. Regardless, ideas are meaningless from a business standpoint unless one is able to execute the business strategy to advance the business ahead of competitors. In order to achieve this goal, a business must have a competitive advantage, access to a large pool of investment capital and marketing power.
By now, it should be apparent that Facebook’s so-called “success” has been due to the access to Jewish finance capital and Jewish media promotion. As far as I’m concerned, Zuckerberg is just some kid with a deviant mindset, who has benefited from the assistance of the Jewish mafia. He is representative of the same greedy Wall Street criminals who lack moral substance.
In the previous article in this series, I discussed how Facebook received mass media exposure and finance capital from the Jewish mafia, while MySpace was left in the cold. This is a common practice intended to enrich Jews and their businesses at the expense of gentiles.
Based on my observations, I have concluded that most of the wealthiest Jewish individuals in the U.S. rise to success largely through the assistance of the Jewish mafia. This represents a form of theft because it withholds economic opportunity and monetary reward from others who may be more capable, better qualified or with a better product to deliver to the public.
Thus, this unequal treatment violates federal laws established to prevent discrimination. More important, it represents an indirect form of fraud for which NO ONE ever discusses for fear of being labeled a racist or anti-Semite. But the facts do not lie. And attempts to smear those who state these facts only serve to further substantiate these realities.
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