2017 Boot Camp Session 5: Charting, Sector Analysis & Current Trends

2017 AVA Investment Boot Camp

Session 5: Charting, Sector Analysis & Current Trends


Scheduled for Thursday July 13, 2017

1pm to 3pm EST


Boot Camp members will receive a registration email for this live webinar.  

[If you have not received a registration email by 9pm EST,  Thursday July 12, please contact us.] 

In this session Mike will discuss the following (as time permits):

1. Technical Analysis: Live Charting Tutorial

  • Case Study: Momentum Trading versus Investing
  • Case Study: How to Combine Technical & Fundamental Analysis

2. Review: How to Determine the Best Investment Strategy

3. Real Time Options Analysis and Suggestions

  • Mike analyzes your options ideas
  • Mike provides discusses some current options opportunities

4. Review: How to Determine the Risk of Dividend Cuts

5. Finish Dividend Discussion from Session 4

  • Dividend Case Study #1 (telecoms)

6. Sector Analysis: How to Evaluate Securities in the Same Sector

  • Examining metrics, business model and market position
  • Dividend Case Study #2 (REITs)

7. Current Market Trends

  • Analysis of Whole Foods and Amazon
  • Possible opportunities in retail


You aren’t going to get the kind of insight Mike provides in these webinars anywhere. 

The material in these sessions is either unique or else is presented with a unique twist based on Mike's two decades of experience as a financial professional.  

Most importantly, you are getting to interact with one of the leading investment minds in the world, with a track record unmatched by anyone backing this claim. 



If you haven’t already signed up for the 2017 AVAIA Boot Camp, we highly recommend you do so.


All sessions are recorded for those who miss sessions, as well as for later review and study.


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