AVAIA Boot Camp Session #11

AVAIA Boot Camp Session #11

Credit Risk: The Big Picture

Monday, November 28, 2016

4pm – 7pm EST



The live presentation is scheduled for Monday, November 28, and is expected to run from 4pm to 7pm EST.


  • Attendees should review Chapters on Credit Risk (16-21) from the Wall Street Investment Bible prior to the presentation (if possible).



Topics of discussion include:

  1. Finish Diversification & Asset Allocation from Session 10
  2. Basics of Credit Risk
  3. How to Measure Credit Risk
  4. Sovereign Credit Risk Case Study: Brazil
  5. Credit Risk and Your Investments (stocks and bonds)


This should be one of the best and most valuation presentations from the entire series so you should try to attend if possible.

Of course we will record the presentation for those unable to attend and for those who wish to review the material.

If you have enrolled in the AVAIA Boot Camp you should receive an email notification with registration instructions within 48 hours prior to the webinar. If you have not received registration instructions by 7pm EST, Sunday, November 27, please email us ASAP.

Those who wish to enroll in the Boot Camp still can.

All previous sessions have been saved and can be viewed at your convenience.

There is already nearly 30 hours of unique educational material presented by Mr. Stathis.

You aren't going to get this kind of education and insight anywhere else in the world. Those of you who are familiar with his track record realize this.


More information about the topics in the Boot Camp can be found here.

The current rates can be found here.

All previous sessions have been recorded and are available to enrollees.

We plan to make these sessions available to enrollees for at least one year after the program ends.


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