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Revisiting Meredith Whitney

With less than two weeks to go, it would take an act of God to rescue Meredith Whitney's credibility. Those who read my article on Whitney several months ago already know that her credibility was already questionable at best.  

Just over a year ago, Whitney came out with her ridiculous predictions about the municipal bond market, causing a stir among retail investors. Of course this fiasco would not be possible without the assistance of the media, which promoted her BS. 

Several months after Whitney's media blitz, I wrote a piece entitled "Deconstructing Meredith Whitney's Default Predictions."

At the time I wrote this piece, I was unaware she was Jewish, although I had my suspicions due to the amount of publicity and elevated status she has received over the years from the Jewish-run media. And we all know that Jews practice widespread discrimination, favoring their own in order to enrich their own at the expense of others.

This explains why virtually every so-called economic and investment expert promoted by the media happens to be Jewish. Never mind that their track records stink. Never mind that they are snake oil salesmen. All that matters is that they are Jewish.

Let's take a look at some developments since Whitney's grave predictions. 

Bloomberg May 19, 2011 

Bloomberg July 15, 2011

Bloomberg December 16, 2011

Note Bloomberg's use of the common tactic employed by the media.  First, they promote these idiots causing investors to go in the wrong direction (Wall Street wins, you lose). 

Next, after the idiots they promoted were wrong, the media turns the tables by writing pieces discussing how these clowns were wrong so that you will think the media is on your side.

Hey Bloomberg, instead of giving clowns like Whitney air time to "further explain" or "defend" their misguided views, why don't you spend more time airing those with unblemished track records, like me?

Let's not forget that Whitney never should have received ANY media exposure in the first place because she has a lousy track record and did not predict jack.

When is Bloomberg going to start exposing how wrong Roubini and the other clowns in the media club have been?  Don't hold your breath. After all, criticism of one Jew per year is about as much as you can expect from the media.

Meanwhile, I can't even get five minutes of air time despite the fact that I hold the leading track record in the world on the collapse. I am also the only person in the world to have backed their claims with a $100,000 reward. After more than two years, I have still not received a single challenge for this reward.

Hopefully, by now you understand why. The media does NOT interview real experts. In the very rare instance that it does, they NEVER provide you with anything useful. The media's goal is to make sure Wall Street wins, not you because Wall Street pays for the ads. 

Regardless what happens, Whitney wins from this fiasco because it provided her with mass media coverage, resulting in new business from sheep. Like the other clowns promoted by the media who are almost always shown to be wrong, I'm sure Whitney will continue to make up excuses and revise her "predictions" over and over, while hoping and waiting for doomsday to appear. And all throughout this indefinite period, Whitney will continue to receive unearned media exposure only because she is Jewish. It's as simple as that.

Perhaps if my last name were Stein, I things would be different; not only for me, but also for Main Street.







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