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Is the EPI Racist Against Whites?

I'm going to say much about this other than to point to the obvious. First, as I have discussed in the past, virtually every so-called think tank in the U.S. is run and/or funded by Jews and Jewish money. This remains a well-guarded secret hidden from the naive and unsuspicious public eye in the U.S. 
The relevance of Jewish dominance of think tanks is tremendous because these organizations help determine social and economic policy through their very close ties to Washington, academia and in some cases, corporate America. 
Here, I show you a chart created by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a think tank headquartered in Washington D.C. This chart points to a racial agenda in my view. 
Let's have a look at the staff and board of directors. Pay careful attention to the names and the links to academia and other groups.
Like most other think tanks, the EPI claims to be non-partisan. However, ever since Obama has entered the White House, I have noticed the organization has at times backed away from the same issues it had hard-balled on when Bush was in office. Perhaps part of this reason has been due to the "selection" of the former head of the EPI to serve as Biden's economic adviser. Rather than utilize the research of the EPI, I view this move as a means by which to extinguish criticism of key issues such as unfair trade; an issue which the EPI had previously hit hard when Bush was in office. 
The chart below shows historical poverty rates of several races. The chart was taken from the EPI website and was created by the EPI, not the U.S. Census. Notice that the chart does not show rates for Asian Americans. 
If you search the U.S. Census website, you will find that they do report this data for Asian Americans. In fact, the poverty rate is close to that seen in Whites. 
So why would the EPI leave Asians out of the mix?  Are they not important enough?  
The reason for the omission is clear.  Due to the agendas of the Jewish establishment, it would be counterproductive to show that Whites and Asians exhibit similar poverty rates because the goal is to point the blame at Whites for the impoverishment of Blacks and Hispanics. Doing so will add to the White-bashing that has become an accepted part of U.S. society under Jewish rule.  
I made a few calls to the EPI to inquire why poverty data for Asians had been omitted and I was told by one of the economists that the data prior to 2002 was not reliable for Asians. I remarked that I felt a notation should be included that stated the poverty rate for Asians from 2002 to current was very similar to that of Whites and that the EPI did not feel data prior to that period was reliable.  I basically received a diplomatic response which indicated to me that nothing of the sort would be added to the data. 
I went on to express my frustration to the EPI economist that the organization has all but abandoned its previously relentless stance on trade issues due to its support for a democratic White House, but that is another story.
This points to just one more example of manipulation at the hands of Jewish interests, which seek to diminish the importance, political power, wealth, opportunity and stature of White Americans. It also serves as a reminder that you must always question everything you read and hear.




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