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Did You Get Fleeced by Max Keiser, Alex Jones and the Rest of the Stooges?


Several months ago I warned about the silver pump-and-dump being orchestrated by Max Keiser and Alex Jones. I recommend you refresh your memory here.
First, let me say this. If you are naive enough to listen to radio and TV personalities for investment advice, then you deserve to lose everything. 
Why anyone would listen to bozos like Max Keiser and Alex Jones is beyond me, especially considering the fact they directly benefit financially by pumping gold and silver.
I have documented the manipulation of gold and silver on numerous occasions, and quite frankly, I'm becoming fatigued going over the obvious. 
So instead of wasting my time detailing how these clowns took millions, all while cashing in on the ignorance of their listeners, I will post a chart that shows you how Max Keiser, Alex Jones and several others designed a pump-and-dump scheme for silver. 
Look who’s laughing all the way to the bank; Keiser, Jones, Krieger. 
Wall Street and the various central banks around the globe also cashed in big; I'll guarantee it.  





If you listened to these jug heads, please wake the hell up.  The same goes for all of the clowns interviewed by the media. 
And if you are not yet convinced that Zero Hedge is filled with a bunch of phonies, who seek to exploit their sheep audience, do me a favor and stop coming to this site. Those clowns run a blog.  If you want to spend time on a blog seeking investment information, then you don't belong on our site. Some people can never be helped regardless of the persistent efforts by others.
I'd like to remind you that many of the stooges at Zero Hedge happen to be Jewish, which explains why they get so much media attention despite the fact that they have no track record, no credibility, and have been involved in securities fraud. 





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