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Swine Flu Panic: Trading the Hype

I wanted to discuss this whole swine flu hype that’s been blown out of proportion to illustrate how the media creates illusions from what would seem to be valid information. This also relates to the investment world because today, virtually everything that hits newswires is spun further by the financial media. This of course is done intentionally.

In the end, most who jump aboard the hype - whether it’s the stem cell hype, the ethanol hype or the swine flu hype – end up losing while the ones who understand what’s going on take your money.
As you might know, I do not watch CNBC or FBN. I don’t even have cable because I don’t have time for trash (although I realize there are a few good channels). But I’m willing to bet the bubble networks have been all over the swine flu panic as a way to create trading blurbs.
Understand this. You should always stay away from this trash unless you are a dedicated day trader. Then again, I don’t recommend anyone try to become a day trader because they eventually all get blown out.

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