Porter Stansberry the Clown, Preying on Sheep  
Author : Stathis

Published on July 16, 2011.
Updated on July 18, 2011.

I have not yet had the time to address the latest clown out there, Porter Stansberry with his BS video being pumped on conspiracy radio shows and even being advertised on TV. 

Here I will make some brief comments regarding this slimy moron, formerly from Bill Bonner's sleazy marketing organization. To be honest, I feel it beneath me to even discuss these clowns. I only do it to warn people who might be lured to their hypnotic marketing ads and ridiculous claims.

First, Stansberry is a complete clown. He is no different than all of the other marketing clowns. In fact, I place him amongst the worst of these clowns, in the same ranks with Martin Weiss, Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin's Agora Financial, and many other guys who try to get you to hand over $5000 for a membership into their secret "alliance" or "society" of BS. 
See here to refresh your memory about Martin Weiss.
That's right. Stansberry has offered these scam promotions in the past and I'm willing to bet he still does. Let's have a brief look. Stansberry has taken these insane membership fees to a whole new level. From Stansberry's site, we have the following...
"The S&A Alliance is our most exclusive lifetime membership service.
Alliance members are our most elite subscribers who pay a one-time fee (currently $12,500), and a small yearly maintenance fee (currently $299) to receive all of our best research for as long as we publish it, including any new services we launch.
Subscribers also receive a slew of benefits and privileges that are not available to regular subscribers, such as an annual invitation to an exclusive S&A Alliance members-only meeting. Previously, these meetings have taken place in locations such as Scottsdale, Arizona and Aspen, Colorado."
What a joke!  Now you know why my subscription prices are headed straight up.  You've got guys with no professional investment management training charging ridiculous rates for trash. In contrast, I provide institutional-level research for investors on a shoestring budget. But without any exposure (much less the exposure I am due based on my world-leading track record) the subscription rates for our newsletters are guaranteed to be many times higher in the future.  Those who have locked in the giveaway rates will be smiling all the way to the bank no doubt. 
It would appear that Stansberry is giving Martin Weiss & Co. a run for their money for the title of biggest BS artists with the worst results and highest subscription fees.
After seeing this trash from this clown, I promise you all newsletter subscriptions will be raised by two-fold once the new site goes active. And I will continue to raise the price until I command the highest price anywhere because I know my research is worth it.  That's not something these guys can say. I can’t even imagine what they would charge if they had my track record. 
Second, Stansberry’s claims that he predicted the collapse of Fannie Mae, etc. are completely untrue.  As documented evidence shows, I am the only individual who predicted the demise of Fannie, Freddie, other mortgage lenders and so on.  In fact, I specifically advised those who read Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble (2007) to short these securities. And I provided guidance as to when to do so.  
Third, Stansberry has previous ties to the clowns at Agora Financial.  This in itself tells you he is a complete clown.  
Forth, Stansberry is desperately pumping out his scare tactic video (which basically implies you should buy gold, so why do you need him?) in order to pay legal fees due to his battle with the SEC for violations of securities laws. Have a look here.
Finally, Alex Jones has been paid to promote his ads. 
In the past, I have covered how Jones is a BS artist.  He has also violated intellectual property laws numerous times. If Jones wants me to prove this, all I have to do is sue him for infringing on my copyright protected material.  Jones knows he did this because we exchanged words regarding the matter.
The thing that Jones does not realize is that, by reading his pitch for Stansberry, Jones is placing himself in a position of liability.  According to my inside sources, Jones and Stansberry are currently being investigated by the Texas State Securities Regulator as well as the Texas State Attorney General. 
Here's the real kicker.  Since Stansberry is spending a huge amount of money making sure every sucker listens to his pitch, he offers his newsletter for only $49 because he wants volume.  Only $49?  Yes.
You see, here's how these clowns operate. They hook you with a low subscription. But these newsletters are completely useless. They are complete copyright BS with generic bologna. They use these newsletters to get you to subscribe to their "Gold" or "Platinum" or "Insider's Circle" services which they charge thousands of dollars for. And guess what you are paying for. Their huge marketing costs, and terrible results.  And you sure as hell don't stand to benefit because Stansberry is a complete clown. I would say he is about as useful as Martin Weiss.  Hopefully you know Weiss' track record. 
The most hilarious thing about Stansberry is that last year, his own firm gave him one of the lowest grades out of all of the idiots who publish newsletters, with a C. 
Don't believe me?  
Have a look at the results of all of the clowns who publish newsletters at Stansberry's firm.  I got this directly from them. 
Looks to me as if Stansberry's results sucked so bad, he pulled a "Martin Weiss" and changed his marketing strategy.  Now he has jumped onto the doom and gloom band wagon and has positioned gold as the key to your survival. After all, you don't have to understand anything at all about valuation or other aspects of securities analysis in order to pump gold. I'd say this approach suits Stansberry much better.
Folks, the rule is simple. Whenever you hear some guy making bold claims in the media, you need to treat it as a hoax.
It's like I have said over and over. The ENTIRE investment newsletter industry is filled with liars, con men, slimy scumbags, and all virtually none of them with any professional investment experience, many of them with criminal records. 
Now have a look at this misleading ad designed to make you think he has some secret you don't know about. 
Notice how tech Ticker positions Stansberry..."In a shocking video entitled “The End of America”, Stansberry paints a very grim picture of the future of the United States." 
Hold on to your hat, because Stansberry makes many false claims in this interview.  Notice how he is in the same clan as Schiff and the rest of the goofballs, all with terrible track records.
And the scumbag interviewer, Aaron Task, former Jim Cramer thestreet.com hack adds even more BS by stating that Stansberry was "one of the few people out there who was warning about the housing bubble and credit bubble before everyone else." 
Sorry, but mere mention of the problems when they were apparent to anyone with a pulse does not qualify for predicting anything. Only a detail written analysis qualifies.
I published mine. Where is Stansberry's?  
Oh wait, he doesn't need one. He has the power of the Jewish criminal media claiming he predicted things; yea, just like Peter Schiff predicted jack shit?  
Funny how Schiff NEVER mentioned depression until after the collapse. And his comic books sure as hell never mentioned it because Schiff really has no idea what's going on, similar to the rest of these media whores.  And NOW, they all proclaim a depression. Too bad they still lack the understanding as to why we are in a depression.
Perhaps the funniest thing is how Stansberry struggles to try and sound like an intellectual.  What a dope. That's it Stansberry, catch a ride on the gold bull market that began many years before the economic collapse so you can take credit for it, all while avoiding stock picking and market forecasting because you have no real skills. In the meantime, people who have been following me have done quite well. 
Here is a comment I read from one of the people who watched the video. I'm sure you will run across many others if you care to spend the time.
"I viewed Porter Shaftsbummy's "End of America" vid and it is simply an "infomercial" to buy his junk.

It's like listening to a Yellow-Pages salesman where they talk at you to death before they tell you the price of one of their outrageously overpriced ads. If you have ever wanted to punch-out a yellowpager, you will also want to blugeon this guy. He talks and talks and talks, then after he has used up way-way too much of your valuable time (it seemed like a half hour to me), then he says he wants money now and he will send you his junk.

Don't fall for this smoothy moocher, he's a con artist."
I'd say when the sheep who tune into the Tech Ticker BS even realize Stansberry's deal, it's obvious to most.
Similar to the other extremist permabears who kept their sheep followers out of the stock market since March 2009 (when I gave an all-out buy signal for the first time) while some have even told their sheep followers to short the market, Stansberry has no clue what is going on, so he's going with the only thing that's rising that doesn't require expertise; gold. You saw his own firm's grade of his stock-picking skills. 
So why does anyone need Stansberry if all he has for you is a recommendation to buy gold?   
Because most people want to read cheerleading BS, how gold is going to the moon and so forth, so they will feel better.  The fact that Stansberry likes gold might be the best reason yet to begin selling.