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The Real Reason Why Unemployment Will Remain High Dec 3, 2011
It took quite a long time for Washington to finally concede something that was apparent; the nation’s excessively high unemployment rate would remain elevated for several years. But their admission has come with a twist.
Peter Schiff Exposes Porter Stansberry's False Claims Dec 1, 2011
In the past, I have discussed that Porter Stansberry made numerous false claims in his snake oil video, The End of America. The video is so full of crap that I cannot watch it to remind myself of the details. I do recall that Stansberry claims that his "research" firm is one of the largest in the world and other BS to make himself seem credible.
Another Excellent Educational Video from David Duke Dec 1, 2011
I won't cloud this video with my own words. Watch this video and you will be reminded of the reality that seems to be forgotten.
Debunking the Myth that China is Selling U.S. Treasury Securities Nov 27, 2011
For a couple of years now, the extremists, gold bugs, perpetual doomers and others who know more about marketing than economics and investments have used numerous scare tactics as a manner by which to manipulate gold. These individuals like to mention gold manipulation by banks to explain the selloff, but never mention that the manipulation of gold by banks is a normal situation.
Telcom Analysis Video Presentation Nov 25, 2011
In this 23 minute video, Mike discusses ways to play the AT&T/T Mobile deal, and summarizes the business fundamentals of Sprint, Clearwire, MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, offering actionable investment and trading recommendations for each.
Investment Strategy Video Tutorial Nov 17, 2011
We have just released an investment strategy video tutorial for subscribers to Dividend Gems. In this video, Mike discusses some unique perspectives that can be implemented into one's investment strategy, using examples of two securities from the Dividend Gems Recommended Securities List.
Italy, France and Japan Economic Analysis Nov 9, 2011
As a reminder, we released an economic analysis of Italy, France, Japan and the US in the October Global Economic Analysis research report.
Global Economic Analysis: Italy Oct 21, 2011
While we have certainly seen commonalities such as high unemployment, reduced output, and fiscal stress, the economic collapse has also forced the leaders of each nation to take a good look at their nationas strengths and weaknesses. The case of Italy has revealed a great deal.
Global Economic Analysis: France Oct 21, 2011
As the sovereign debt crisis continues to worsen due in large part to incompetent leadership, more attention is being given to France.
Global Economic Analysis: Japan Oct 21, 2011
After being surpassed by China in recent years, Japan commands the third largest economy in the world. Similar to the case with China (although its rise largely occurred in the last two decades) Japanese emergence as an export powerhouse occurred during in the second half of the 20th century.
The State of Poverty in the US Oct 21, 2011
According to the U.S. Census, in the first quarter of 2010, nearly half of the population (48.5%) lived in a household that had at least one member who received some kind of government benefit.
October 2011 Global Economic Summary Oct 8, 2011
The incompetency of Washington was most recently demonstrated by the debt ceiling drama. Now the dog and pony show staged by the ECB, EU and IMF has added to waning consumer and investor sentiment across the globe to create a crisis in confidence.
Did You Get Fleeced by Max Keiser, Alex Jones and the Rest of the Stooges? Oct 4, 2011
Max Keiser, Alex Jones and their stooges are laughing all the way to the bank with your money.
Is the EPI Racist Against Whites? Sep 30, 2011
...virtually every so called think tank in the U.S. is run and/or funded by Jews and Jewish money. This remains a well guarded secret hidden from the naive and unsuspicious public eye in the U.S.
Mike Stathis' Near-Perfect Market Forecasting Record Sep 27, 2011
Surely by now many of you recall that Mike Stathis, our Chief Investment Strategist had warned of a Dow 6500 in the 2006 release of America’s Financial Apocalypse.
Mike's Top 3 Stocks for Long-term Growth
Website with Book Excerpts for the Wall Street Investment Bible.. Sep 22, 2011
We have completed the website for the Wall Street Investment Bible. This site contains a good deal of introductory chapter excerpts from this very comprehensive, unique and informative text.
Bob Chapman: Complete Clown, No Credibility
I wanted to briefly address this hack, Bob Chapman.
Ignorance of Main Street Best Seen in WaMu Shareholders Sep 16, 2011
For nearly two years now, Mike has wanted to write a follow up article on Washington Mutual, pointing to the gross missteps by very naive shareholders.
Porter Stansberry the Clown, Preying on Sheep
I have not yet had the time to address the latest clown out there, Porter Stansberry with his BS video being pumped on conspiracy radio shows and even being advertised on TV.
Dividend Gems Destroys the S&P 500 Index AGAIN
Last week, we showed how the Dividend Gems Recommended Securities List was holding up through the current market correction, from the time the May issue was released, through June 2. The performance of our Dividend Gems was quite good, as it has been since the newsletter was released in February 2011. Letas have a look.
Another Huge Winner in a Few Weeks
Krueger Will Not End the Nightmare on Main Street Aug 30, 2011
Yesterday, President Obama announced his nomination of Alan Krueger to serve as Chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers. Thus far, this council has been nothing short of an abject failure. Thus, you should already know what to expect from Krueger, another Jewish academic from the Clinton administration.
Another Security from the Intelligent Investor Soars
On April 5 before the U.S. market opened, we released the monthly issue of the Intelligent Investor; about 70 pages discussing everything from domestic and global economics, to currency, gold, silver, oil, natural gas, emerging markets and U.S. market forecasts.
We Pin-Pointed the Past Two Market Tops and Bottoms Aug 26, 2011
What is you knew when to sell the stock market in May and when to buy it back? If you knew this information, you wouldn't even need to know a thing about securities. All you would need to do is sell when you were told and buy when you were told, right? Even a dummy could have made easy money in a short period.
LB "part 2" Aug 25, 2011
I write today to tell you how much I have learned from reading so many of your current and past articles and book excerpts on the website that you have so generously made available at no cost. As an example, your writings have opened my eyes to much of what I had suspected, but never really knew, of the mainstream media. L.B. Bloomington, IN
Testimonial by O.A. Aug 24, 2011
I have learned more from this website and the 2012 Mid Year Global Economics Report I purchased than I have learned all together so far at (well known U.S. business and economics school), for a fraction of the cost.O.A.
Testimonial by Christine F. Aug 24, 2011
Mike is simply brilliant! I have worked in financial industry for years and have not seen this level of talent. Christine F.
Testimonial By S. Aug 24, 2011
Hi guysI really love your newsletter, not just the money it makes me, but also the economical and financial information that is really an eye opener for many of us. I'd like to lock in my subscription to the Intelligent Investor at the current rate. How do I do that?Best wishesS.
Testimonial By William Aug 24, 2011
Hey Mike, Great call with ***!! It has paid for my subscription! Your recent market timing announcement has been spot on as well. Excellent value. The mix of details and big picture is just what I'm looking for. Also great the financials were covered; that was my number one question a month ago! Mr. Stathis, thank you! William
Testimonial By A. W. Aug 24, 2011
Mr. Stathis,I have read AFA and you seem to have a monopoly on accurate information. That said, thank you so much for everything you have written. My undergrad business classes are a strikingly poor substitute. Thank you for your time,A. W.
Testimonial By Marc Aug 24, 2011
Mr. Stathis,After following your articles and reading your books, noting your predictions and insights, I believe you are the top mind in the investment world. Marc
Testimonial By S. A. Aug 24, 2011
I am enjoying your newsletter tremendously and am finding myself more knowledgeable thanks to your efforts. I have found your 2006 book "America's Financial Apocalypse" extremely valuable and would like to know when you will be coming out with your next book addressing the same topic. S. A.
Testimonial By James Aug 24, 2011
Mr. StathisI just finished reading some info on your website. All I can say is I'm so glad I found you. Thanks for being there,James
Testimonial By H. B. Lansing, NY Aug 24, 2011
Mike,Your website and advice that I've read in your newsletters are impressive. Additionally, you are clearly a patriot, and care about America. H. B.Lansing, NY
Testimonial By Joe Aug 24, 2011
Mike, Just a note of thanks for your passion, honesty, and dedication to what you're doing you're educating the heck out of me and I appreciate it immensely! Best,Joe
Testimonial By John Aug 24, 2011
When is the investment bible being re released?? I just want to learn investing from the best, and Stathis knows damn well his book is the best out there.Thanks,John
Testimonial By Don Aug 24, 2011
I subscribe to several investment newsletters, but the information you make available for free is much more in depth and practical, so naturally I'm going to subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you,Don
Testimonial By S.C. Aug 24, 2011
I've been reading Mike's articles and the Apocalypse book starting in July last year. And I lost a large part of my life savings by NOT listening to what Mike has been saying. I heard Mike in an interview in August 2007, saying to get into cash, but I was still stuck on the idea of "buy and hold" for the long run etc. I also bought the logic that it is important to pick a strategy and stick with it, so down I went with the averages...S.C.
Testimonial By V. P. Aug 24, 2011
Thank you so much for opening my eyes again to seek the truth. As always, "Satyamey Jayatey" The truth always prevails. May God give you strength to show the truth to everyone as this is the only way to end misery, hunger, hate and destruction on oneself. Thanks again.V. P.
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We have just released an investment strategy video tutorial for subscribers to Dividend Gems. In...

Italy, France and Japan Economic Analysis

As a reminder, we released an economic analysis of Italy, France, Japan and the US in the October...


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