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The End of Free Speech on the Internet Jun 9, 2011
Intraday Market Update Jun 9, 2011
Japan Entering Recession Jun 8, 2011
Over the past few months I have been discussing my view that Wall Street analysts and economists, and global economic consortiums such as the IMF have been underestimating the impact of the earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, as well the spillover effect.
Dividend Gems Outperforms Again
As the market has sold off over the past month, the Dividend Gems Recommended List has once again outperformed. Below are charts representing EVERY security in the Dividend Gems Recommended List so you can see the entire performance, not cherry picked data.
LinkedIn Special Report Jun 2, 2011
The Media's Role in the War on Terror May 31, 2011
The media continues to utilize countless tactics designed to heighten public perception regarding the critical need to advance Americaas war on terror. We see this on a daily basis.
Code of Conduct for the Police State Known as the USA May 30, 2011
Over the weekend, a group of individuals decided to demonstrate just how bad the Police State has progressed in the U.S. So, they paid a visit to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC, and began dancing.
The Hidden Danger of Vermont's Healthcare Plan May 29, 2011
Vermont recently announced it will move forward with its own universal healthcare system.
The Solution to Greece's Sovereign Debt Crisis May 27, 2011
In the very first issue of the Intelligent Investor (June 2009), I discussed problems in Europe that became a reality several months later.
Who is the Mad Hedge Fund Trader? May 25, 2011
Proof that Zero Hedge Cannot Be Trusted May 25, 2011
While checking our web hosting admin panel, a staff member spotted some hits to our site from Zero Hedge linking to one of the articles I had written about Harry Dent. Of course, the link was posted by one of the commenters, as opposed to Zero Hedge. The last thing the deceptive hacks at Zero Hedge would want to do is make any mention of me or anyone else with credibility they fear would expose their deceit and trickery.
Ryan's Healthcare Scam May 24, 2011
According to estimates from the CEPR, Ryan's proposal to essentially gut Medicare will save the government $4.9 trillion from 2022 to 2084. However, costs of private coverage shifted to beneficiaries would add an additional $34 trillion more than what would be paid under traditional Medicare.
Equities Research Briefing: MSFT-Skype Deal May 24, 2011
Follow Up on LDK May 20, 2011
A week ago, I alerted readers to what I felt was as close to a sure thing as possible when discussing the downside to LDK. Those who decided to call in for trading guidance landed a huge score with gains of about 25%.
IMF Sex Scandal Points to the Bigger Picture May 17, 2011
To give you an idea of the type of scum aligned with the globalist push to enslave people through further corporatization and policies which empower banks, all while robbing citizens of promised benefits which they have already funded, one need look no further than the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The Media's Latest Distraction: bin Laden's Porn Collection May 16, 2011
The Jewish run media monopoly continues to leverage the recent bin Laden murder as a victory for America and President Obama. But bin Laden had nothing to do with 9 11. Most likely, he died several years ago.
LDK Set for a Big Move May 11, 2011
I wanted to mention a stock that has a good chance of a large move over the next few weeks, if not sooner.
Harry Dent the Fund Manager May 6, 2011
Seizing upon his media “celebrity,” (which essentially means you have sheep lining up for your perceived expertise, created solely by being seen on television) Dent formed an ETF in 2009 called the Dent Tactical ETF (DENT). This is one of those actively managed ETFs you may have heard about.
Be Careful About Buying into the Silver Selloff May 5, 2011
As many have noticed, silver has collapsed from a recent multi year high of more than $48/ounce. In just a few days of trading, silver has dropped by nearly 30%. What has triggered this massive selloff?
Does the US Mint Know Where Gold Prices Are Headed? May 5, 2011
Two years ago, the US Mint announced that it would discontinue production Gold Eagle coins. Perhaps this was due to waning demand, as gold was approaching $1000/ounce.
A Look at Harry Dent's Track Record Apr 26, 2011
Here, I continue with a review of Dent's track record. As you will see, similar to the other so called experts promoted by the media, Dent's expertise lies more in marketing than in market forecasting.
Market Pulse and Earnings Apr 21, 2011
The Impressive Performance of Dividend Gems
We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about our newest investment newsletter, Dividend Gems.
Harry Dent. Economist, Futurist & Contrarian Indicator Apr 19, 2011
In the past, I have discussed the many ways the media deceives, spins and even lies about financial information as a way to please its financial sponsors, all while creating drama so as to captivate its sheep audience.
Market Pulse Apr 19, 2011
ATT Technical Analysis Apr 18, 2011
Information on the Dividend Gems April Issue Apr 11, 2011
What is the Employment Picture in the U.S. Really Saying? Apr 6, 2011
As in previous months, the private sector accounted for all the job gains in February, with an addition of 222,000 positions, up from a mere 68,000 job additions in January. This represented the largest gain since April 2010. Does this represent a sign of recovery?
The Embarrassing Track Record of Robert Prechter (Part 1) Mar 26, 2011
This article represents the first in a series that will discuss the realities about Robert Prechter and his track record. In this article I am going to show you a recent interview given by Prechter on Tech Ticker.
Who Subscribes to Our Investment Newsletters? Mar 22, 2011
We have subscribers all across the United States and Canada. We also have a large number of subscribers in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, and the Russian Federation. The list is growing daily, as more investors...
Deconstructing Meredith Whitney's Default Predictions Mar 17, 2011
If I hired a full time staff of 100 financial professionals specifically dedicated to the task of calling out all of the media’s so called financial experts (largely comprised of lifelong snake oil salesmen and Wall Street hacks), pointing to their miserable track records, while setting the record straight on their exaggerations, drama filled statements, bias, agendas, cheerleading and apocalyptic predictions, we would be unable to address even one tenth of the propaganda that continues...
Important Economic Data Mar 17, 2011
The PPI rose 1.6% in February, well above the consensus of 0.7%. The bulk of the upside surprise was due to a 3.9% jump in food prices. Notably, the increase in food prices was partly reflected a 48.7% surge in vegetables, which accounts for about 4% of the food index. It should be with little doubt that food prices will continue to increase globally over the next several months.
Important Notes Released for this Week - Intelligent Investor Subscribers Mar 13, 2011
The WSJ Pump of AOL Mar 10, 2011
What Sector Has Been the Place to be as the Market Has Dropped? Mar 10, 2011
Exposing the Realities Behind Family Limited Partnerships Mar 8, 2011
The Two Most Important Economic Events I am Watching Right Now Mar 2, 2011
Right now I'm focusing on two central bank decisions remaining for this week. The first and most important in my view is that from Brazil. Last week, discussions centered around a 75bp hike. Recall that Brazil raised rates by 50bp just a few weeks ago.
Does AVA Investment Analytics Have Insider Information? Mar 1, 2011
Trader's Notes and Forward Catalysts Mar 1, 2011
Trader's Notes and Forward Catalysts Feb 28, 2011
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