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Results of the Poll: Which Country Has the Largest Percentage of Outstanding Government Debt in the Form of Net Credit Default Swaps? Jun 26, 2010
Portugal, at 5%. For those of you who never voted, please don't vote now! I've only kept the poll up so you can see the results because I am unable to post the results here in am image right...
Target-Date Funds: Another Dangerous Investment Epiphany Jun 17, 2010
You may have heard of one of the newer (marketing) "innovations" developed by the mutual fund industry calledAtarget date funds.
More Signs of America's Healthcare Crisis Jun 15, 2010
Previously, I discussed the trend of massive healthcare inflation which has not been addressed by healthcare reform. I mentioned that insurance premiums would rise to account for new taxes and other provisions of the law. But rather than employers being left out to dry, I discussed that they would simply pass higher costs onto employees in the form of higher premiums and deductibles and less coverage. This is already happening.
Nurses are Right about the Problem but Wrong about the Solution Jun 14, 2010
Last week, more than as a sign of protest over excessive patient loads. The nurses are right about staffing shortages and overloaded responsibilities. However, their solution – hiring more nurses will add further costs pressures to America’s unsustainable healthcare bubble. Without radical change, this bubble promises to burst, adding yet another dimension to America's healthcare crisis.
BP: Out for Now, New Lows Likely Jun 14, 2010
Just a quick note. Although IAonly took a small position in BP recently, based on my most recently analysis, IAfeel there is a significant chance shares will make new lows soon. Therefore, I...
Which Company Faces the Highest Risk of a Slowing Growth Due to the Deep-Water Drilling Ban? Jun 10, 2010
I'll be concise here. The White House's recent 6 month ban on deep water drilling could send ripples throughout the industry, specifically for oil exploration firms that have a large amount of ul...
BP in Short-Selling Free-Fall Jun 9, 2010
A month ago, Wall Street rushed in to support BP shares. As a result, while shares had lost a good deal, the falling knife had not commenced. With the past two days' plunge in price, shares are now in...
Shift to Natural Gas Will Not Lower Energy Costs Jun 7, 2010
Serving as a catalyst for BP's oil spill, Obama recently addressed the need for the U.S. to move forward with an initiative to emphasize utilization of its vast natural gas reserves. This is just anot...
Obama Seizes Another Opportunity to Distract from the Most Important Issues Jun 4, 2010
Hopefully by now you are familiar with all of the campaign promises Obama made prior to winning the 2008 presidential election.
4 Stocks Poised to Move Big Jun 1, 2010
I donat make it a habit of analyzing short interest data. However, I always check the data when I initially scan a security because it can help when analyzing the charts. Of course, if I want ...
Can a Book Serve as a Crystal Ball? May 31, 2010
Those who read investment books (hopefully by now) realize that most are littered with filler material, written (and oftenAedited by ghost writers) in a way that makes you think the book is g...
Which Country Has the Largest Percentage of Governent Debt Due to Net CDS? May 29, 2010
I've added this question to the website poll to the left, so I want to encourage you to take a stab. Before you place your vote, I will go ahead and tell you the answer is NOT Greece. So y...
Beck & Co.: Cashing in through Scare Tactics May 27, 2010
It seems as if the new trend in modern America is to use scare tactics as a way to sell the sheep. AIt worked for President Bush when he warned of Saddamas WMDs. AIt also worked ...
Brief Market Notes May 27, 2010
I wanted to give you an overview of what I see today and explain how you should view things, emphasizing the need to understand your own investment strategy, because IAknow that those who read th...
The Nonsense from Schiff Continues May 26, 2010
Today, I’m going to show you just how misguided Peter Schiff remains. As expected, Schiff continues to cling onto his one way investment approach, which is focused on extremes. I am convi...
AVAIA Market Forecast and Recommendations SPOT ON, AGAIN May 25, 2010
Subscribers to the newsletter and those who purchased the special report released on May 9th know well that my market analysis was spot on once again (click here for details). I doubt that any o...
New Market Forecast + Update on BP May 22, 2010
As subscribers to the AVAIA newsletter know, the special report released on May 9 wasAquite accurate. In short, anyone who had access to the special report could have avoidedAup to anA...
Is the Dallas Economy Really that Healthy? May 21, 2010
A few weeks ago, I discussed the fact that the media has been fabricating signs of recovery in certain cities across America.A
The Media: WAY Behind the Curve as Always May 21, 2010
Those who read America's Financial Apocalypse (especially the 2006 expanded edition)Aknow that IAcovered the problems with Social Security extensively.A
Constant Contact - the Email Company Engaging in Selective Banning of First Amendment Rights May 21, 2010
Perhaps you have noticed occasional email issues we have had when sending out notices of reports.A Well don't think we haven't been trying to find a way to resolve this because we have.
An Important Message from Peter Schiff May 20, 2010
I just ran across this plea from Peter Schiff in my mail box and I had to make a comment.
DO SOMETHING, Even if it's Something Like This May 20, 2010
Here is a quickAemail IAsent to one of the government shills/idiots (I do not know whether this person is lying or just an idiot) regarding a news release reporting how inflation has "f...
Even in China, the Rich Get Punished May 18, 2010
You should realize by now that in the U.S., if you have money, you don't go to jail, regardless of the crime. The more money you have, they better your chances to escape the law.
Update on British Petroleum May 18, 2010
A couple of weeks ago, I released a report discussing how I was able to get in on Merck for big gains, while virtually everyone else left the company for dead after the Vioxx scandal played out. http:...
Swedish Candidate for Parliament Says Jews and Rockerfeller Were Responsible for WWII and 911 May 18, 2010
Even more interesting than this article was where IAfound it.Perhaps Mr. Sviden has watched
Beware of Amazon May 16, 2010
It has recently come to our attention that resellers on Amazon have chosen to exploit the lack of availability of The Wall Street Investment Bible by raising the price of their copies to over $20...
More Misguided "Forecasts" from Peter Schiff May 15, 2010
In the past, I have addressed the errors made by Peter Schiff's analysis of the economy and healthcare. For those of you who are still behind the curve and actually think Sc...
Yahoo! and Google Sponsoring Porn and Online Gaming May 13, 2010
IAwanted to show you an everyday example of the dangers of Yahoo! But you should note that this example applies to all websites.A
Europe: Taking the Path Blazed by the U.S. with Similar Consequences to Come May 10, 2010
After the threat of a continued sell off in the global capital markets, leaders of the EU, IMF (and most likely members of the White House) arranged an emergency bailout fund to calm the markets.
I'm Going to Teach You the Secrets to Getting Wealthy May 9, 2010
If you clicked this article thinking IAwas serious, then I strongly advise you to take notes as you read through this piece.
Huge Market Sell-off. What Should You Do? Buy, Sell or Hold? May 6, 2010
Subscribers to the AVA Investment Analytics newsletter will be receiving a special report that discusses forward direction of the market, as well as analysis of selected securities. Thi...
Mearsheimer and Walt: The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy May 5, 2010
In the past, IAhave made mention of Mearsheimer and Walt's book, The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, although IAhave not read it (IAhave no time!).
The Dow Takes Everything Down With It, EXCEPT May 4, 2010
Rather than a sigh of relief, Greece's bailout signals more to come from Eastern Europe. And rather than a more peaceful Greece, it the EU IMF bailout is likely to result in major riots and...
How to Catch a Falling Knife (Yes it Can Be Done) May 4, 2010
In theAAWall Street Investment Bible, I discussed other securities I that had a good chance of bankruptcy down the road (e.g. Blockbuster and Sirius Satellite). Regardless what ultimately ha...
The Real Story of Monsanto May 1, 2010
Okay folks. I've been working on the May newsletter over the past few days and one of the securities submitted for analysis was Monsanto. I've actually meant to do some write ups on the controversial ...
Update on America's Second Great Depression (Part 1) Apr 25, 2010
OverviewWashington, Wall Street and their partners in crime, the media, have continued to spread the myths of an economic recovery since late summer 2009. In response to the propaganda, the stock ...
Another Reporter Gets Called Out Apr 21, 2010
Previously, I published an article illustrating how Greg Zuckerman, author of a book that praised Paulson as some investment God, has lost all credibility as a journalist now that the facts have ...
Propaganda from the Associated Press on the SEC-Goldman Case Apr 20, 2010
I want you to readAan article by the Associated Press. As you will see, it was very deficient, hardly critical of the SEC and the banking fraud, and left out key issues.AA
Zuckerman's Desperate Attempts at Damage Control Apr 19, 2010
I just ran across an article by Zuckerman, discussing the Paulson/Goldman Sachs fraud and had to laugh. If you aren't familiar with the background on Zuckerman, read this recent article I...
Greg Zuckerman is Confronted With the Truth and Runs Like a Coward Apr 19, 2010
Here is the email exchange between myself and Greg Zuckerman, mentioned in a recent article. Mr. Zuckerman, Instead of trying to make Paulson look like some genius, ...
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