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Mike Stathis Exposes the Network of Gold Charlatans Plus More Shitcoin Scams from Keiser Aug 10, 2013
Here, Mike provides a video introduction to the vast network of con artists who have been pumping gold and doom. The full analysis is contained in the , as well as in related articles. Combined, Mike has written more than 2000 pages and produced more than 50 videos exposing these clowns. We continue to add to this massive resource.Always remember that if you want to make money, the very first thing you need to do is determine how to avoid losing money. The best way to lose money is to listen...
The Rosenthal Document Aug 6, 2013
This booklet contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White, Jr. Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement and cause of the major problems we face today. Rosenthal, in exposing certain aspects of the 'inner invisible world of Jewry', revealed the modes and...
Mike Stathis Exposes Meredith Whitney (Yes, Again!) Aug 2, 2013
Meredith Whitney is not unlike any of the other charlatans you see or read about in the media. After watching Peter Schiff rise very quickly to media “fame” and undeserved fortune in exchange for providing the media with constant doom and gloom despite having a miserable track record, Whitney decided to duplicate Schiff’s snake oil strategy. Similar to every other con artist and scum bag who lines up to kiss the ass of the media in order to get millions of dollars in free...
Peter Schiff Continues to Prove He is CLUELESS Aug 2, 2013
The more I hear Schiff's delusional and ridiculous sale pitch, the more I am becoming convinced that he has lost his marbles, but that might well represent the best of all scenarios. The alternative conclusion would be that he is blatantly lying to his sheep audience in order to manipulate gold and brainwash low IQ investors into believing his ridiculous claims, despite the fact that he has been mostly wrong for several years now, whether we are talking about his forecasts for the US dollar...
Mike Stathis' Track Record on the Economic Collapse
As the facts demonstrate, Mike Stathis is the leading expert on the economic collapse. We are offering a $100,000 prize to the first individual who can demonstrate that there is at least one individual who can merely match the written track record of Mr. Stathis. For details, please see .
Airhead from RT Spews BS about Gold But Stathis Sets the Record Straight Jul 25, 2013
Warning: This video contains excessive foul language. If you do not wish to hear such language, please do not watch this video.
Stathis Exposes the Liar and Wall Street Hack Charlie Gasparino Jul 25, 2013
Media scumbags like Charlie Gasparino account for why I no longer watch TV.
Extension of the $100,000 Challenge
January 15, 2013 UPDATE: We have extended the duration of analysis of Mike's track record from October 2006 to December 2012. And we have extended the deadline for submissions for this $100,000 reward to December 2013.
Treasury Secretary Lew Lying About the Financial Crisis Jul 22, 2013
This video serves as a reminder to the American people what has happened and what must be done.
Ron Paul and Many Other Frauds EXPOSED Jul 20, 2013
You are NOT going to want to miss this video. Mike tells me it's one of his best videos of the year.
Stathis Educates Another Clown Promoted on CNBC: Bill Fleckenstein Jul 19, 2013
I'm beginning to really enjoy exposing the countless idiots and charlatans positioned in the media as "experts" because it not only demonstrates the criminal nature of the media, but these videos also afford me the opportunity to discuss what is going on in the economy and capital markets. So if you aren't becoming more knowledgeable about the economy and market, you aren't paying close attention to the details.
Mike Stathis Schools Marc Faber and Exposes More Clowns Jul 16, 2013
Sit back, take notes as you watch, listen, learn and even laugh.
July 2013 Research Release Jul 16, 2013
What Are Earnings Telling Us About the Future Direction of the Stock Market? Jul 16, 2013
Since we first published The we have added more charts and content, so check it out! Click . We have been warning about what we felt would be a greater than expected weakness in earnings. This trend is now beginning to materialize. Thus far, this greater than expected earnings weakness appears to have been overshadowed by speculation as to when the Federal Reserve will begin to reduce its bond buying program. Ironically, this speculative behavior by investors has led to soaring Treasury...
Special Promotion for July Only Jul 12, 2013
The Implosion of the Commodities Bubble Jul 12, 2013
Added to the growing list of accurate forecasts made by our chief investment strategist, Mike Stathis is the prediction of the correction in the commodities bubble. As subscribers to the Intelligent Investor know, Mike Stathis first warned of a correction in the commodities bubble in the February 2011 issue of the Intelligent Investor.
Peter Schiff Exposed and the Truth About Gold Jul 11, 2013
The video below says it all...well, not really. There are many other videos required to counter all of the inaccurate promotion of him by the media criminals, but for now this should do.
Stathis on Commodities, Gold and Treasury Yields Jul 10, 2013
July 2013 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Opening StatementOriginally Published on July 7, 2013 The correction in the commodities bubble continues, as overall global demand continues to weaken. The impact of a weakening global economy on the commodities market is especially evident when one considers the current situation in China, which is now revealing some manifestations of an economic slowdown. We should not forget that at the beginning of 2013, everyone was talking about the strength of...
Stathis Discusses the Fate of Gold and the Global Economy Jul 8, 2013
As we have been discussing for several months, the global economy continues to weaken. Although the establish economists have been forecasting a stronger second half for 2013, we have been warning our readers and other clients about further weakness. In fact we have discussed that the global economy has largely weakened during the second quarter of this year relative to the first quarter. Recent data from China shows that this is precisely what is happening... continue reading, sign...
Delusional Stockbroker Gets Called Out by Media Bimbo Jul 6, 2013
Exposing the ridiculous and often insane nature of Peter Schiff's economic views, forecasts, investment recommendations and political thoughts is a full time job for two reasons.
Mike Norman Destroys Investment IDIOTS Jul 3, 2013
Norman might not have the kind of track record as Mike Stathis, but at least he understands that all of these doomsday investors positioned in the media as experts are clowns....Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Kyle Bass, etc.
Ray Dalio: Great Fund Manager or Clown? Jun 28, 2013
CNBC, Making Stars Out of Idiots: The Case of Doug Kass Jun 25, 2013
Reminder about the Clowns Who Continue to Get Everything Wrong Jun 23, 2013
Any guesses as to who I'm referring to? Certainly there are hundreds of idiots and con men who fall into this category; namely the gold charlatans. Here is a video that serves as a reminder of how clueless Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Mike Maloney, Larry Kudlow, Ron Paul and Jim Rogers ARE, HAVE BEEN and CONTINUE TO BE.As a bonus, you will hear from a few spastic, brainless You Tube chumps and fellow gold charlatans.
June 2013 Research Release Jun 19, 2013
We have released several publications for purchase to the general public.
Peter Schiff is Getting Owned on You Tube Jun 18, 2013
This is just one of hundreds if not thousands of videos dedicated to Peter Schiff and the rest of the doomsday clowns that are circulating on You Tube, exposing just how useless these guys are.
Marketing Disguised as News: Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff Exposed Jun 14, 2013
Today, Mike points to a couple of examples of your typical media and marketing BS, compliments of Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff.
2013 Mid-Year Global Economic Analysis (Video Presentation) Jun 9, 2013
Yahoo Finance Hypocrites Criticize Doomsday Clowns Jun 3, 2013
We here at AVA Investment Analytics do NOT watch the media. However, we do monitor the content ONLY as a way to keep tally as to what is said and by whom in order to expose the clowns and con men. Accordingly, we know for a fact that over the past several years, all of the broadcasts created by Yahoo Finance (Breakout, Daily Ticker and its predecessor Tech Ticker) have promoted dozens if not hundreds of gold bugs and doomsday charlatans from Robert Prechter and Peter Schiff, to Marc Faber and...
Peter Schiff Embarrasses Himself AGAIN With His Dog and Pony Rant and Horrendous Forecasts May 31, 2013
What more do we need to say other than what has been said in the headline? You won't want to miss this video.
May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 3 Opening Statement May 31, 2013
As expected, the U.S. stock market continues to soar. Last month we stated that Dow 15,000 would soon be reached. This is precisely what happened. We have also been emphasizing the fact that the rise in the stock market has been a reflection of strong earnings growth. With so many doomsday charlatans focusing on the issues within the economy, many investors who are foolish enough to pay attention to these marketing clowns may have forgotten that a weak economy does not necessarily translate...
May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 2 Opening Statement May 29, 2013
While a considerable amount of global economic risk remains, the U.S. stock market continues its spectacular run. The unwavering trend of robust earnings growth from the S&P 500 has kept the bull market very strong and resilient for several years now. This strong earnings performance continues to push the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index to new all time highs. U.S. dollar denominated assets remain as the safe haven choice for institutions and sophisticated investors...
Doomsday Investors = Sheep May 27, 2013
Have a look at this video.
May 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 1 Opening Statement May 26, 2013
Commodities continue to correct as we expected. As readers will recall, we were on the leading edge in predicting the correction in commodities more than two years ago. At that time, with the CRB approaching 700, we discussed three possible correction destinations that we felt would be determined by the economic progress; one at 400, 450 and 500. In contrast, many sources were insisting that commodities would soar due to continued quantitative easing. What is remarkable about this is that...
A Look at Fossil One Year Later May 23, 2013
We recently discussed one of the securities we cover in the Intelligent Investor, pointing to the huge gains (more than 80% in the past 30 days). Here, we show an example of another freebie we gave away just over a year ago to subscribers of the Intelligent Investor. We followed that up with a freebie in early August to EVERYONE. Take a look at the article, "" so you can get some background information on Fossil.
April 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 3 Opening Statement May 23, 2013
Get ready for Dow Jones 15,000 because it’s coming, and soon. Earnings continue to shine while the U.S. economy remains stagnant. But earnings are also pretty good in many regions of the world where the economy is much more stagnant, such as in Europe and Asia. The consensus for Q1 earnings growth currently comes in at about 0.05% decline, which leaves a great deal of upside for the stock market if earnings come in at a modest 2% growth rate for the quarter. We feel earnings will in...
Over the Past 6 Months Which Stock Has Soared by 130%? May 22, 2013
The following is an example of one of the stocks we have been pushing pretty hard in the Intelligent Investor newsletter.
April 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 2 Opening Statement May 22, 2013
Investors continue to interpret a more favorable economic environment in United States in comparison with the rest of the advanced and developing world. The long string of impressive earnings from the S&P 500 has kept the bull market persistently strong. This strong earnings performance continues to push the Dow Jones Industrial Average to new all time highs. And on April 10, 2013, the S&P 500 Index finally blew past its previous all time high from 2007. Again, we view U.S. sovereign...
April 2013 Intelligent Investor Part 1 Opening Statement May 21, 2013
Recently I wrote an article discussing reasons for the retreat in gold pricing. As I have done countless times in the past, I pointed out the common myth held by gold bugs that gold protects against inflation. By now you should realize that gold does not protect against inflation. Anyone who has bothered to examine the data will confirm this. Even if gold did serve as a hedge against inflation, the fact is that there has been very little inflation to speak of despite the large increase in the...
April 2013 Dividend Gems Opening Statement May 20, 2013
We are now beginning to see some earnings weakness in excess of that expected by investors. We feel that continued earnings disappointments could initiate a period of temporary downside in the U.S. stock market. But this is a very preliminary assessment. Without continued earnings misses, we would most likely need other catalysts to spark such a down period such as worrisome economic data from China and/or Europe, all of which is very possible and fairly probable.
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