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Bloomberg Gets in on the Deception Feb 26, 2013
Recently I showed you how CNBC and Yahoo showed no conscious for duping investors to think it's easy to day trade. In order to pull this off, they featured a 16 year old girl, who clearly has no idea what she is doing. We recently discovered that Bloomberg had it's own 16 year old girl it interviewed in order to promote the premise that even kids can invest or trade stocks successfully.
The Criminal Financial Media Sinks to an All-Time Low Feb 26, 2013
Recently, the financial media featured 16 year old Rachelle Fox, apparently a teen actress, but not for her acting ability. Are you ready? The bought off criminal media featured her because she likes to "day trade." Clearly, this type of promotion pleased online brokerage firms.
They Want Your Soul (New and Improved Version) Feb 24, 2013
This is the third version of the original video. It nearly twice as long as the first, better organized, more detailed and explains things better. I restricted the length to 15 minutes so it could be uploaded to YouTube (even though I know longer videos are permitted but I think you need to provide more personal info).
We Sold CenturyLink BEFORE It Collapsed Feb 23, 2013
We also have some additional news to report for Dividend Gems subscribers. On February 14, 2013, the same day Berkshire Hathaway announced a huge payday for Dividend Gems subscribers with a buyout offer for Heinz (HNZ) for more than $72/share, Warren Buffett Follows Our Lead on Heinz ... ...shares of another one of our recommended securities were downgraded after management cut the dividend by 26%.
Gold Charlatans Strike it Rich While their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 2) Feb 21, 2013
Now, if you have not already read this hatchet job on John Williams, I want to encourage you to do so. After reading it, hopefully you will understand how Williams and the rest of these gold bug clowns have been lying to you.
They Want Your Soul Feb 20, 2013
Most likely, unless you have been following me for some time you won't catch everything depicted by the images in the video below. For those who have been following me, I trust there is no need for narration.
February 2013 Dividend Gems Opening Statement Feb 19, 2013
As the stock market approaches record highs (except for the Nasdaq) investors should start to focus less new purchases and more on trimming down positions. The rationale for this is simple. In many cases the valuations are ahead of themselves, while global economic risk remains.
Gold Charlatans Strike it Rich While their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 1) Feb 19, 2013
The Snake Oil Salesmen are Out in FULL Force A Closer look at Peter Schiff, Porter Stansberry, Chris Martenson, Doug Casey, the National Inflation Association and Zero Hedge. As I have been discussing for some time now, the various gold dealers and others who are aligned with these charlatans represent an enormous propaganda machine that has been created specifically for the purpose of scaring unsuspecting and even fearful investors who are out of touch with reality into buying gold for which...
Warren Buffett Follows Our Lead on Heinz Feb 15, 2013
Yesterday, subscribers of Dividend Gems celebrated the buyout of one of the securities contained in the Dividend Gems Recommended List…Heinz (HNZ) by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.
The Federal Budget and Taxation Feb 10, 2013
As detailed in many issues of this publication for some time now (as well as in Americaas Financial Apocalypse), the U.S. government must raise sufficient revenues needed to pay off its enormous debt obligations. In addition, it must determine how it plans to funds its entitlements program. Even with planned cuts to entitlements, Washington will need more revenues to fund these programs. The largest concern is Medicare.
A Closer Look at the Wealth and Income Disparity Feb 7, 2013
The large wealth and income inequality in the U.S. has continued to widen for nearly three decades. Over the past few years the disparity has become even larger. For instance, the top 1% of income earners in the U.S. account for 21% of aggregate income.
A Closer Look at Poverty Feb 3, 2013
Although poverty rates have been high in the United States for over a decade, they have increased appreciably since the economic crisis. As first detailed in America's Financial Apocalypse and discussed thereafter in previous publications, the official poverty rate has been suppressed by numerous means.
Free versus Paid Content Feb 1, 2013
I think it is important to remind people about the price and quality of content. It’s really quite simple. No content is truly free. You pay a huge price for that content.
A Closer Look at the Federal Budget Jan 30, 2013
Each year, Washington spends money to provide a variety of services. Ideally, Washington should only spend as much as it takes in so that no deficit is created. But of course this is pure fantasy.
January 2013 Dividend Gems Opening Statement Jan 29, 2013
Last Friday the Labor Department reported that non farm payrolls grew by 155,000 jobs last month, slightly below November's level.Last Tuesday marked the commencement of Q4 earnings, with Alcoa meeting estimates on higher than expected revenues and raising 2013 global aluminum demand. This is important because it indicates that China is stabilizing. Modest progress continues to be made in several sectors in the U.S. economy including housing and construction.
Opening Statement from the January 2013 Intelligent Investor (Part 3) Jan 26, 2013
Last Friday the Labor Department reported that non farm payrolls grew by 155,000 jobs last month, slightly below November's level.Last Tuesday marked the commencement of Q4 earnings, with Alcoa meeting estimates on higher than expected revenues and raising 2013 global aluminum demand. This is important because it indicates that China is stabilizing. Modest progress continues to be made in several sectors in the U.S. economy including housing and construction.
Opening Statement from the January 2013 Intelligent Investor (Part 2) Jan 26, 2013
As the Fed continues with quantitative easing, commodities continue to sell off as expected. This makes sense if we consider the primary force driving commodities right now is the global economic slowdown. Thus, weak demand has served to neutralize much of the potential inflationary force created by quantitative easing.
Opening Statement from the January 2013 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Jan 26, 2013
Fiscal cliff negotiations turned out to be a disaster. As you will recall, the fiscal cliff referred to automatic expiration of numerous tax breaks and expenditures. It was meant to serve as an economic emergency brake to address medium term deficit and budget issues in case Washington did not act to alleviate expenditures on its own. Instead of allowing expenditures and tax breaks to expire, Washington essentially abolished the cliff and made a few minor tweaks.
Employer-Based Health Insurance. Big versus Small Firms Jan 24, 2013
Nearly 96% of large private sector employers (with 50 or more employees) offer health insurance to employees, compared to 36% of small employers. On average, private sector employers cover 74% of premiums for family coverage.
Opening Statement from the December 2012 Intelligent Investor (Part 4) Jan 22, 2013
It has been more than three years since leaders from the G20 gathered in London to discuss solutions to the financial crisis and global recession. This meeting also called on experts to devise ways to prevent this catastrophe from ever happening again. Since that time, we have not seen an end to the financial crisis or the recession. Indeed, we have seen no evidence to suggest that the financial system is substantially safer today than prior to the financial crisis.
Opening Statement from the December 2012 Intelligent Investor (Part 2) Jan 22, 2013
Those who followed our recommendations to sell shares prior to the market correction and repurchase on the way down through 12,500 have no doubt done very nicely. Remember that we do not need to be perfect in timing tops and bottoms. If we can sell towards the tops and buy towards the bottoms, over time we will significantly outperform every index you can imagine.The problem some investors have is that they want to wait for the exact bottom before they buy. Unfortunately, this often causes...
Washington's War against America's Middle Class Jan 22, 2013
I have been discussing the adverse impact of U.S. trade policy on America’s working and middle class for several years now. I began this discussion in America’s Financial Apocalypse.
Opening Statement from the December 2012 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Jan 21, 2013
Little has changed since we released the last monthly publication. The global economy continues to weaken. Europe is sinking deeper into recession and even Germany is now most likely headed for a contraction.
November Intelligent Investor Opening Statement (Part 2) Jan 19, 2013
One cannot deny that the chart of the Dow looks impressive since March 2009. This is by no coincidence. A trend of record earnings have combined with record low Treasury yields and the safe haven status of U.S. assets to keep the market high. But as we have been warning for a year now, earnings continue to weaken.
November Intelligent Investor Opening Statement (Part 1) Jan 19, 2013
Based on the performance of several stocks considered to be very reliant on the outcome of the election, it appeared that Wall Street had determined at least a few weeks ago that President Obama would win the election.
He's Back! Harry Dent the Clown Making More Ridiculous Predictions Jan 18, 2013
Here's the deal folks. CNBC gets these clowns and whores them out for as long as their sucker audience doesn't figure out they're being fed con artists. As a result, charlatans like Dent usually last about 10 years. And in the process they have been wrong much more than right, but they're also millionaires because they CNBC sheep have bought their books and other trash and some have made the very foolish mistake of sending their money to invest.
The Death of America Jan 10, 2013
In this article, you are going to see what has happened to America, what the future holds and who is responsible for the nation's decline.
Secrets of the Geopolitical Chess Match Jan 4, 2013
In this 14 page article, Mike details the inner workings of how the global game is played, explaining the macroeconomic forces that underlie the risks and merits of investing in the U.S. and other world capital markets. Once you read this article, you will understand how the game is played and you will know more about how things works related to the big picture of investing than virtually every person you have seen on TV discuss investments.
The Damaging Consequences of Free Trade Dec 29, 2012
For over three decades, proponents of free trade have promised Americans more jobs. This promise has not been kept. Ever since NAFTA was signed into law in 1994, developing nations have been on the receiving end of millions of jobs that have left the U.S. soil.The truth of the matter is that free trade was designed to boost corporate profits. And it has achieved this objective with impressive fashion. Thus, because the wealthiest Americans own large numbers of corporate shares, free trade has...
Housing Market Analysis from August 2012 Intelligent Investor Dec 21, 2012
We have released an excerpt from the August 2012 Housing Market Analysis contained in the Intelligent Investor.
Fiscal Cliff Discussion from August 2012 Intelligent Investor Dec 21, 2012
We have released a presentation on the Fiscal Cliff situation first published in the August 2012 Intelligent Investor.
August 2012 Intelligent Investor Opening Statement and Employment Picture Dec 21, 2012
We have released a PDF of the Opening Statement as well as the Employment analysis from the August 2012 Intelligent Investor.
Household Savings, Consumer Spending and Bankers Dec 18, 2012
Economists, analysts, policy makers and of course central bankers are always paying attention to the household savings rate data for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason for their interest, the end result is the same. Bankers want to do all they can to discourage savings so that consumers will load up on credit, thereby holding them hostage to interest payments.
We Predicted the Market Selloff Yet Again Dec 11, 2012
We do try to remind those of you who still aren’t aware of the FACT that our Chief Investment Strategist, Mike Stathis is the BEST stock market forecaster in the world. His record speaks for itself. Over the past several years, he has successfully predicted the timing and magnitude of more than 90% of all stock market corrections. We don’t know anyone else in the world who can even claim an 80% accuracy rate. Here, we show some excerpts from the market forecasting section in the...
The Importance of China to the US Economy Dec 10, 2012
Chances are you probably do not truly understand the true relationship and impact of China on the U.S. economy. But don't sweat it because I can guarantee you that you aren't likely to find anyone who does; not your business professor, not your investment adviser, nor any of the hams celebrated as experts on TV. But after you read this article, you'll know what's going on.
Where Do We Go for Reliable Information? Dec 3, 2012
We are always being asked where else to go for unbiased credible information and commentaries.
How Does Peter Schiff Spend His Time? Nov 14, 2012
Everywhere you turn, it seems as if the media is feeding you with “experts” who have the next great call to make. Whether from the print or broadcast media, they always position their hand picked salesmen and Monday morning quarterbacks as “experts.” But are they REALLY experts? Do they have track records that back up this claim? Do real experts spend almost all of their time in marketing activities, or are they grinding things out trying to sort out what is going on?...
Examination of the Persistently High Unemployment Rate Nov 1, 2012
Economists and other hacks continue to point the blame on the lingering high unemployment rate on things outside of Washington's control. Some blame it on the economic cycle. These hacks insist the nation's high jobless rate is due to low demand. Accordingly, they recommend more stimulus. Others suggest the high unemployment is due to structural factors. They basically claim that workers no longer possess the skills needed by the work place or else they reside in regions where there is a...
The Con Game (Part 2) Oct 27, 2012
In this, the second installment of what is slated to be a 4 part series, I expose more con men, like Kevin Trudeau, Robert Kiyosaki and more. You won't want to miss out on this piece because as you know by now, you aren't going to get the full unbiased truth about these BS artists anywhere else but here.
Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia Oct 23, 2012
Among the various mechanisms of fraud carried out by the Jewish Mafia, the one most responsible for the economic decline of the United States has been its exploitative trade policy, otherwise known as free trade.As always, the Jewish Mafia has bought off an army of Gentile puppets to carry out much of its fraud, so as to escape detection. For instance, during the height of the Financial Crisis of 2008, President Bush was instructed by his handlers to denounce protectionism so as to implicitly...
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