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Free Trade and the Suicide of a Superpower (Part 1) Oct 22, 2012
When President Bush was preparing to leave the White House during the peak of the financial crisis, he was instructed by his globalist handlers to preach the “we must guard against protectionism” line so as to reinforce the continuation of the propaganda campaign once Obama entered office. This line was taken directly out of the mandates from the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other organizations comprising the globalization establishment.
The Con Game (Part 1) Oct 20, 2012
Previously, I exposed ******** as a fraud. His strategy is to exploit the wave of lies and garbage that has been created by Peter Schiff and others. Before I begin, I’m going let you see ********’s webinar if you want to waste 90 minutes of your life. I took the bullet for you so that you don’t have to. But you should check the final 5 minutes where he claims he recently met with Richard Branson and that he and others like him are eager to help you. Lol. Mind you, in 2004...
October 2012 Economic and Market Overview Oct 17, 2012
The recent unemployment data showed a decline in the jobless rate from 8.1% to 7.8%, but this is no reason to become optimistic. This data is most likely an anomaly due to statistical errors, and will probably move back to the 8.0% mark in coming months.No, it is not as Jack Welch has claimed. The BLS did not manipulate the data by any more than it already does in order to give Obama a boost in ratings after a so called poor debate performance against republican presidential candidate Mitt...
Gold Propaganda from Raymond Dalio Sep 30, 2012
The other day I was alerted to article by a colleague who knew I wouldnat be able to resist pointing another example of the type of inaccurate and reckless content spewed from CNBC on a daily basis.
Did You Own the BEST PERFORMING Stock in 2011? WE DID
What was the best performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2011? We did. We called the top and told investors to sell before shares collapsed.
The Truth about Jim Cramer and CNBC (Part 1) Sep 19, 2012
As I have discussed in the past, the financial media constantly portrays the impression that it provides its audience with valuable content from "experts." However, as the facts indicate, this is rarely the case. Like all professional marketers realize, once you have an audience, you can tell them anything you want and they will believe you. Simply turning in the TV or picking up the newspaper sends the signal that you want to be lied to. The biggest marketers target CNBC for their...
Corporate Taxes, Fascism and Trickle-Down Deceit Sep 14, 2012
When it comes to trade policy, monetary policy and foreign policy, both parties always agree. They are going to ship U.S. jobs overseas, allow the Federal Reserve and Wall Street crime syndicate to commit massive fraud, and fight wars for Israel. Regardless who they vote for, Americans always lose. Thus, heading to the voting booth serves no purpose other than to endorse America’s fascist regime. On rare occasion when fraud has been exposed, none of the establishment crime bosses goes...
Who First Alerted the Public About For-Profit College Fraud? Sep 12, 2012
The list of accurate forecasts and leading edge insights presented in Americaas Financial Apocalypse is too long to list.As an example of the comprehensiveness of this book, we will post an excerpt exposing the for profit college fraud that has recently become a topic of debate by Washington and others.
Mutual Fund Disasters: David Tice and his Prudent Bear Fund Sep 10, 2012
Want to save tens of thousands of dollars? In this article, I tie in numerous aspects of erroneous and deceptive marketing by the mutual fund industry, executed primarily through the partnership funds have with the financial media. You will see how virtually every investor has been fooled by these tactics. As a result, they are being taken to the cleaners. I use examples of several of the "best known" fund managers to illustrate this grand scheme of deception, which I feel constitutes fraud....
We Nailed the Gold Breakout Sep 3, 2012
Did you get in on the gold break out?We did.The following is part of the gold forecast we presented in the August 2012 Intelligent Investor (published on August 6, 2012).
What Do Americans Want? Sep 3, 2012
During his four years in office, President Obamaas performance in the employment area has been as bad as one could imagine. Furthermore, he seems to not realize just how bad the situation is.Perhaps Obama has been informed by his advisers that there is really nothing he can do to create jobs because it has been U.S. trade policy that has been responsible for job exportation for many years before he entered office. But to make things worse, Obama expanded trade to South Korea, ensuring more...
Comprehensive List of Gold Hacks Sep 1, 2012
We recently added a significant amount of material to our Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes. This is a publication that will be expanded indefinitely.
The Beginning of the End of Brazil Sep 1, 2012
For around two years now, I have been warning about the implosion of Brazil’s economy. These warnings came after I had been recommending Brazilian investments. Those who subscribe to the Intelligent Investor know that Brazil’s economy has imploded just as I forecast. I was able to predict Brazil's implosion because I understand how the banking system works. Those who subscribe to the Intelligent Investor also understand how the game is played. The lesson here is that you cannot...
60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves: Master List
A few weeks ago we released a 9 hour video presentation discussing the analysis of 60 stocks we felt had a very good chance of significant price movement. In the video series, we discussed numerous aspects of each security, such as the fundamentals, technical, and possible up and downside.We also discussed the industry or sector of each security and often mentioned additional securities not contained on this list.Since then most of the securities contained on this list have made very large...
Dividend Gems Opening Statement, August 2012 Aug 26, 2012
Over the past few months we have discussed our anticipation of weakness in the Consumer Discretionary sector. At the same time, we felt that Consumer Staples would gain momentum after lingering a bit during the first part of the year. By June, we saw compelling evidence of these expectations.
More Lies & Deceit from Bankers & Economists Aug 25, 2012
The Federal Reserve and Washington are already playing more games to manipulate assets and wealth in order to enrich corporate giants and the banking cartel. The price for this theft will be felt in years to come by the majority of Americans, who only realize how they were defrauded many years after the fact.
America's Second Great Depression
For nearly three decades, corporations, banks and the ultra wealthy have reaped financial rewards from Americaas bubble economy at the expense of working class Americans. During this stretch, the majority of the gains from U.S. productivity have been disproportionately distributed to the top income earners. Over the years, these inequities have accumulated into an ever increasing wealth and income disparity. Although this trend has been apparent for many years, Americaas mediaas monopoly,...
Record Profits and the Huge Sucking Sound of American Jobs Aug 24, 2012
As a result of the financial crisis of 2008, U.S. corporate profits declined to the lowest level on record in the fourth quarter of that year, accounting for only 4.5% of GDP. The collapse in profits led to the largest decline of the S&P 500 Index in any calendar year in history, with investors losing 45.5%. This $8 trillion plunge in wealth wiped out the possibility of retirement for millions of Americans who had already endured a similar stock market meltdown only eight years earlier. This...
August 2012 Economic Overview (Part 2) Aug 23, 2012
Most economists expect the economy to pick up speed in the second half of 2012, but we do not feel this is likely. The external risks alone threaten to at least keep growth in the U.S. subdued, as the spillover effects of the recession in Europe begin to be felt in coming months. This is something we warned about several months ago. Thus, we have previously factored these projections into our market forecasts. Regardless, it is important to take note of the short term disconnect between stock...
August 2012 Economic Overview (Part 1) Aug 23, 2012
The U.S. economy added 163,000 jobs in July, beating consensus estimates. This recent data raised the average job additions over the last five months to 106,200. This number is just under the rate required to keep up with population growth. In other words, there has been no net job growth for several months. This compares to a much more impressive monthly rate of 252,000 for the three months from November 2011 to February 2012. In addition, the unemployment rate rose slightly to 8.3% in July...
More Evidence of Idiots on CNBC Aug 21, 2012
I ran across this piece today. Apparently, the crooks and idiots at CNBC did an interview with the strategist at Nomura.
UPDATE to Hack of the Day: Compliments of and Yahoo! Aug 20, 2012
A few years ago I wrote an article exposing just a few of the thousands of clowns associated with CNBC and Jim Cramer's completely worthless, snake oil investment newsletter websites. Here, we revisit one of these clowns to prove that they had no real business until recently, despite what the perception created by CNBC.
Washington's Double-Dip Scam and War with Iran Aug 19, 2012
As the United States continues to suffer from the economic disaster created by Wall Street, the aoeexpertsa are once again discussing the possibility of a aoedouble dipa recession. This play on words is ludicrous to those of us who realize the recession which began in December of 2007, never ended.
Snake Oil Alert: Chris Martenson and Zero Hedge Aug 13, 2012
We recently released a detailed article (18 pages) dissecting the methods and tactics of a new scam artist. See here.But we are by no means finished. We plan to continue discussing this guy and others he is linked with in another long and detailed article to be released in the near future.We plan to release more on some other scammers, Chris Martenson and Zero Hedge.
Info on 3 New Sites Coming Aug 13, 2012
America is in a Depression. Here are the Facts Aug 10, 2012
After having proclaimed the end of “Great Recession” in June 2009, Washington, establishment economists and Wall Street shills continue to insist that the U.S. economy is on the road to recovery. And America’s controlled media has not once questioned this ridiculous claim.
Information about the ENCYCLOPEDIA Aug 9, 2012
Because the "MASTER LIST of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen & Faux Heroes" is continuous work in progress, you will need to check it every few months to see any additions or edits. But we realize that due to the length of this piece, it can be frustrating to have to read the entire document looking for changes and additions. Therefore, from now on, whenever we make an edit or add a new entry, the entire entry will be highlighted in bold and will stay in bold for a couple of...
Update on Video Presentation: 60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves Aug 9, 2012
At the end of May, we released a 6 hour, presenation dividend into 9 different videos discussing the technical and fundamental aspects for 60 securities we thought would make huge moves over the next several weeks months. In the past, we presented the resullts of those which we happened to notice (we have not had time to follow this list). Here are the latest new winners from this list.
ANOTHER Security from Our Recommended List Gets Bought Out
Today, WellPoint (WLP) announced a $4.46 billion buyout offer for Amerigroup (AGP), causing shares to soar by 38%.Since being added to our recommended list just over two years ago, shares of AGP have soared by 330%.
The Most Comprehensive Global Economic Report in the World
We recently released what we believe is the single most comprehensive and insightful global economic analysis research report in the world.
Info on 3 New Sites Coming Aug 8, 2012
We wanted to give everyone an early glimpse at some changes coming soon.We are in the latter stages of the release of 3 new sites, each designed to meet the needs of very serious retail investors and semi professional traders, financial advisers and financial institutions and funds.
We have a solution to the media trash. We are seeking an individual with a good deal of experience in broadcasting, pod casting and digital media to host a daily internet radio show centered on Mike Stathis.
More Proof Wall Street Research is Useless Aug 7, 2012
I wanted demonstrate to you that Wall Street research is usually behind the curve, making it more useless than beneficial.If you work in the industry, then you probably already know this.As an example, I am going to discuss Fossil (FOSL).Today, shares of Fossil (FOSL) soared by 32% after beating earnings.
This Article Could Save You from Losing Every Dime You Have (Part 1) Aug 7, 2012
This isnat a spoof. I am 100% serious here. In fact, I spent TWO full weekends of my time researching and writing this article to MAKE SURE you understand what's going on.Some financial professionals are only focused on making money.Others don't bother to alert people about this long list of hucksters because they don't want to open you up to the idea of these scams; they fear you will see through their own deceit.There are some rules that can help you spot scam artists and thus help you...
What is the HMO Penetration Rate in Each State? Aug 6, 2012
What percentage of the state population is enrolled in a health maintenance organization (HMO)? As you can see, the results vary depending upon the state, ranging from less than 5% in eight states to over 30% in seven states; the national average is 22.5%.
States' Progress on Establishing a Heathcare Exchange Aug 4, 2012
As of August, 16 states have established health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act while seven have decided not to create a state exchange.
The Solution to America's Great Depression: Eliminate Welfare Aug 4, 2012
Getting rid of welfare as a solution to Americaas depression might sound like a counterproductive idea. But letas take a closer look at why that just might represent the most viable option.
Critical Lessons from the Facebook Scam: A Blast from the Past Aug 1, 2012
The Facebook pump and dump scam has played out just as I predicted. After only a couple of months, naive shareholders who feel for this scam have already lost nearly $45 billion as the result of a collapse in the share price of more than 50% from the IPO high of $45.
Another Stock Collapses as We Predicted Jul 31, 2012
Investors who purchased our video research presentations continue to rake in HUGE profits.
Did You Profit from Shorting Social Media Stocks? If Not, You Haven't Been Paying Attention. Jul 29, 2012
In my opinion, everything I write about, regardless of the topic ALWAYS offers valuable lessons towards becoming a more sophisticated investor. Sometimes I point out each of these lessons, but many times I simply donat have the time to.
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