Investment Boot Camp

AVAIA Investment Boot Camp (March 2016 Update)

Update (March 2016) Topics List*

  • Why invest? Risk versus reward – getting expectations in check; expectations > investment decisions > knowledge, skill, insight > achieve investment objectives
  • Basics of profiling yourself to help determine investment risk and strategy
  • Understanding realistic expectations of market returns; capital appreciation vs. dividends
  • Overview – large vs mid vs small caps, risk and reward; earnings, PE, PEG, metrics; emerging vs advanced markets
  • Understanding Volatility
  • Basics of Behavioral Finance: why we do what we do, how to predict and control our behavior in advance in order to make better decisions
  • Basics of Technical Analysis: using charts and other data to help with market timing and risk management
  • Intermediate technical analysis + some of my best kept secrets
  • Basics of position entry and exit: trading vs active management (selective buying, selling, position adds and trimming) vs passive investing (dollar-cost averaging); explain difference between new position vs additional position vs reentry
  • Basics of position management: how to build and how to exit a position
  • Basics of position management: using options to enhance returns and reduce risk
  • Open vs closed-end funds; which should you use? What are the risks and benefits of each? What to look for when selecting
  • Basics of credit risk: how to utilize it to manage your investments (e.g. Brazil capital flows during 2003-2010 vs 2011-current)
  • How thinking like a fund manager can hurt your investment returns
  • Using Economics to Invest – recessions, expansions, inflation, interest rates, GDP, PMI, etc.
  • Understanding the yield curve
  • How to determine your own investment suitability
  • Basics of creating your own retirement plan
  • Understanding the importance of volatility and liquidity

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind:

The AVAIA Investment Boot Camp series will be broadcast by a webinar platform and hence will not be interactive. You will not be see any signs of any other participants. The idea is to make sure each subscriber focuses on the information that comes from Mike, similar to a classroom lecture, rather than being distracted by other participants who might misinterpret the information and lead others astray.

You should take notes during the session and include any questions you have for your own personal inquiry for later. We will not entertain questions by email, as this is not practical. However, you will sometimes be offered the opportunity to submit questions live as the webinar is being conducted. This option will be restricted in order to prevent constant interruption of the presentation.

Questions cannot be about current market forecasts or any securities covered in the research. Please keep your questions focused on information-based topics. Mike will not answer any questions about securities. Questions to be selected based on adherence with these rules and based on how much they are expected to benefit the group.  

Keep in mind that if you are not able to attend one or more of the monthly sessions, you can always listen to the recorded video at a later time (we cannot guarantee that all sessions will be recorded).

* This list of Tentative Topics is designed only to provide prospective subscribers with a rough idea about the kinds of topics we plan to discuss. Although as of March 2, 2016 we plan to discuss the topics listed, this should not be taken as the set presentation because we are still in the process of determining the topics. Therefore, the actual presentation may differ, may not be discussed at all, may not necessarily be in the order shown and/or may not be discussed within the first 12-month subscription period due to time constraints. The extent which topics are or are not discussed will in part be influenced by subscribers of this program so we may devote more or less time on these topics according to the needs of subscribers.

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