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Mike’s record of forecasting the market has been absolutely spectacular dating back to his initial analysis provided in the 2006 publication of America’s Financial Apocalypse, when he discussed the possibility of a Dow Jones 6500.

Since then, he actually predicted the collapse and discussed when it would occur. Then in March 2009, when the Dow Jones reached 6500, he advised investors to begin buying into the market. Since that time he has advised staying in the market for 95% of the time (through January 2015) other than for market selloffs, all of which he has accurately forecast since 2009.

The Market Forecaster is primarily for less active investors or investors who use other investment resources but want to access our market forecasting analysis in order to determine how they should optimize the use of their other resources.

Because up to 90% of the direction of most stocks is determined by the movement of the overall stock market, if you can detect most of the big market movements you can easily outperform most investors.

Market forecasting is arguably the most difficult task in the investment process. This is why very few firms even offer this service. But it can also be one of the most powerful resources. Hopefully by now you can appreciate just how important it is to know how to forecast the stock market.

This research publication provides monthly market analysis and forecasting for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian stock markets (through analysis of the large cap ETFs). On occasion and at our discretion, we will also cover small and mid cap or specialty ETFs from these emerging markets and others.

This publication is also contained in the Intelligent Investor newsletter.

We provide subscribers to this newsletter with up to a 50% discount on most research reports, and a huge discount on the Dividend Gems newsletter.

This newsletter is released monthly, although on occasion we will send out an update during the month.

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Mike assists hedge funds, endowments and financial firms as the Chief Investment Strategist of AVA Investment Analytics. He provides clients with proprietary investment strategies, valuation analysis, market forecasting, risk management and distressed securities analysis.

As arguably the only person in the world who predicted the financial apocalypse in detail, Mike was also the only financial professional to have turned bullish at the market bottom.  This spurred the initiation of our first research publication, the Intelligent Investor.  The Market Forecaster was later launched for those who wanted a more abbreviated research report focused only on the U.S. and emerging markets. 

Mike's amazing insights combined with the accuracy of his investment and economic forecasts has has positioned him as one of America's most astute and creative financial experts.

Prior to forming AVA Investment Analytics, Mike worked at UBS, followed by Bear Stearns, where he focused on asset management and merchant banking. He is also the Managing Principal of Apex Venture Advisors. Mike has served as an adviser to various hedge funds, endowments, pension plans, private equity and venture capital funds.