Another Excellent Educational Video From David Duke
Thursday, December 1, 2011, by Stathis

Have you noticed how every single person in the media continues to trash the OWS movement, calling them scumbags, drug addicts, and making claims that they are eating fancy catered meals, etc?

Think about it. The media is protecting the Wall Street criminals and America's system of fascism. And through repetition, the media is brainwashing Americans to accept that OWS is a bad movement. Please do not be fooled. The media, Wall Street and Washington are the enemies of the American people. I won't cloud this video with my own words. Watch this video and you will be reminded of the reality that seems to be forgotten.



Is it really anti-semetic to identify the crooks that have destroyed the world?



You might notice a couple of images I created for previous articles (using the very crude paint brush application) used in Mr. Duke's video.  If by chance you are reading this Mr. Duke, I have since created some nicer images you might wish to use in the future.






The Financial Media's "Experts" - No Gentiles Allowed


Their track records speak for them. Maybe if the Jewish-controlled media would interview some gentiles, Main Street might actually stand a chance against Wall Street. 



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