Trader’s Edge

Live Trading Guidance with one of the World’s Leading Investment Minds

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Overview: Assistance with securities analysis and trade setup of most US listed securities, commodities, foreign currencies and precious metals.  In this program we only offer assistance with equities options on a limited basis.

Who It’s For: Both retail and professional traders and investors seeking assistance with generic (e.g. short-term, swing and intermediate-term trades) and specific trading strategies (e.g. dividend capture, earnings calls and arbitrage) including guidance with trade setup and management. 

How It Works: Enrollee provides us with securities intended for trading, along with the objectives of each security. We estimate the best and worst opportunities based on technical analysis, macroeconomic fundamentals, and several other variables that can alter price movements. We then provide recommendations for entry and exit pricing, hedging and factors to consider for position management.

Please note that we cannot provide personalized financial advice. Our trading guidance will be restricted to the merits of the specific security under consideration. Each enrollee must provide us with securities they wish to trade. We cannot provide personalized financial recommendations. We can only assist with trade setup and management.  

Cost: Dependent on the plan selected. Please inquire about the cost by providing us with the number of 1-hour sessions you would like to arrange.

In the public markets Mike assists hedge funds, endowments and financial firms as the Chief Investment Strategist of AVA Investment Analytics. He provides clients with proprietary investment strategies, valuation analysis, market forecasting, risk management and distressed securities analysis.

Mike has advised numerous multi-billion dollar hedge funds, venture capital firms and pension plans.  He has advised countless entrepreneurs, startup, early and middle stage companies. 

As the only investment expert who predicted the financial apocalypse in detail, as documented in the 2006 release of America’s Financial Apocalypse and the 2007 release of Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, Mike has been particularly active helping investors navigate the real estate and banking crisis.  The accuracy of his predictions has positioned him as one of America’s most insightful and creative financial experts. His first book, The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs has been used in business schools as a required text for completion of the MBA program.

NOTE: You must be approved in order to enroll into this program. The approval process may take up to one month. We reserve the right to reject any applicants we believe could use our research in a manner that violates our Terms of Service. Due to time constraints, this program is extremely limited on a first-come basis.