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Proof That Zero Hedge Cannot Be Trusted
Wednesday, May 25, 2011, by Stathis

While checking our web hosting admin panel, a staff member spotted some hits to our site from Zero Hedge linking to one of the articles I had written about Harry Dent. Of course, the link was posted by one of the commenters, as opposed to Zero Hedge. The last thing the deceptive hacks at Zero Hedge would want to do is make any mention of me or anyone else with credibility they fear would expose their deceit and trickery.
Zero Hedge is part of the deceptive network of Internet “patriots,” who are only out to deceive their audience while receiving undisclosed monetary and other forms of compensation in return for pumping up gold and silver, promoting other clowns in exchange for “favors” and other activities.
In short, the individuals behind Zero Hedge are NOT to be trusted. Moreover, the websites they promote fall into the same category. I view them as dishonest clowns with no credible expertise in the investment world, creating drama in order to feed their manipulated audience, much of which comes from Max Keiser and other deceitful clowns.    
After following the link, I came across an article written by another clown posing as someone credible; someone you can trust. His online id is the Mad Hedge Fund Trader. When I saw this name, I recalled receiving at least one email several months ago from an individual who had informed me that he had sent this guy an email discussing me, my track record and how I had been banned. So obviously, this guy knows about me, although you can be assured he would deny it. Remember, these guys are NOT on the side of the people and cannot be trusted. Thus, it is not by mere chance that he has aligned himself with Harry Dent.
If you have not yet read what I had to say about Dent, have a look at this 3-part series.
I’ll get back to the Mad Hedge Fund Trader later. For now, let’s have a look at what he has to say about Harry Dent. After you compare my own analysis of Dent with the strong infomercial-like endorsement from this man (who apparently fears disclosing his name to the public) you will realize what he stands for, and it certainly isn’t you. I truly hope you people wake up before it’s too late. 
Here is what the Mad Hedge Fund Trader has to say about Dent…
“I listen to Harry S. Dent, not because he is an iconoclast, one of the few original thinkers out there, and a complete wild man, although these are all admirable qualities to be found in a global strategist. I listen to him because he has been right.”
Did you read that correctly? He claims that Dent is iconoclast. Not true. Dent is the complete opposite. Dent is not an original thinker. His obsessiveness on demographics to explain investment cycles is nearly as old as the investment markets themselves. “Wild man”? The only “wild” I see in Dent are from his predictions.
He continues. “He has been right.” Yea, like a broken clock.
See here to refresh your memory on Dent's track record.
He then goes on to promote Dent’s books. I’ll spare you from this portion of this infomercial.  
“His unique blend of demographic research, identification of global consumer spending patterns, and long term cycle analysis, really makes Harry one of a kind.”
Hardly. In fact, Dent’s entire methodology is something I would expect to see from the U.S. Census; hardly impressive.
“Foreign governments, major hedge funds, financial advisors, and individuals are all just wild about Harry. They have found his advice indispensable when navigating the sticky shoals of international finance.”
Good God. Now I feel like I’m watching an infomercial by Kevin Trudeau. I would like to see the name of a single hedge fund that respects anything Dent has to say. If this can be produced, I would like to see the fund’s long-term performance. As for financial advisors, many are sheep so I won’t doubt this.
If Dent really understands what is going on, why didn’t he release his depression book in 2006 or 2007?
Oh that’s right. Dent was too busy promoting his book, The Great Bubble Boom Ahead during that time. As you will recall, this book predicted Dow 30,000 by 2008.  
Remember, this is a man who uses Elliot Wave witch craft to predict market collapses, similar to Robert Prechter, and we all know his track record.
See here to refresh your memory. Keep in mind that I have not finished reporting on Prechter, so please be patient.
Now take a look at this line by the Mad Hedge Fund Trader...
“Stock markets on crack are about to join Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen in rehab.”
If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was written by Martin Weiss, Bill Bonner of the Daily Reckoning, or one of their goons. This is not how legitimate investment pros talk. The wording is meant to connect with sheep that spend more time watching American Idol and TMZ than anything else. Do you see how he is trying to hook the audience? 
“Harry didn’t bat an eyelash when he looked me straight in the eye and told me that the Dow was going to 3,300 by 2014.”
Yes, just like the Dow hit 30,000 in 2008 like Dent predicted. The fact is that NO ONE IN THE WORLD can predict an exact number for the stock market years in advance. If they do it is complete luck.
By now you are probably familiar with my market forecasting track record. I use many different variables to forecast the market and each variable is weighted differently depending on the time frame and other factors. Yet, I cannot even tell you the highs and lows the Dow will make by 2014.
But I can tell you this. Short of some type of unprecedented event, like World War III, I can guarantee you the Dow won’t come close to 3,300 by 2014. In fact, I’m willing to bet that it stands a far better chance of making all-time highs by then than reaching 3,300.    
The lines of panic continue…
“There will be no place to hide, as this will be a global event, and that reallocation towards more defensive sectors will be a waste of time. The Australian stock market will vaporize from 6,000 to 1,000, while Hong Kong will get pared back from 24,000 to 8,000. China is the greatest bubble and could take the biggest hit. The rising middle class will not take their first ever big recession lightly, and coming political turmoil is a given. Canada, with a great resource base behind it, a new government, and rising interest rates, will hold up better than most.”
“Yes, Harry Dent is predicting that crude will fall from $115 a barrel today (and $128 for Brent), down to $15 by 2015. Yikes!”
“Coming deflation will cut the inflationistas off at the knees. A strong dollar sends those looking for alternatives into the Looney Bin. Take these frills away, and the barbarous relic becomes just a heavy rock that will take it from $1,550 an ounce, down to $250-$400. Gold bugs are about to get doused with insecticide.
As for silver? How about a move from $50 to $4-$8?”
These “predictions” are not at all far-fetched, although the most important ones are. I have been saying the same thing about gold and silver myself as you will recall. It’s not the work of genius. It’s just common sense.
As for oil, Dent is merely going back to the price in the 1990s, so $15 oil is not completely out of the question, although highly unlikely over the next several years. But anything can happen with oil. I will say this.
If in fact oil were to collapse to $15 over the next few years, I will assure you that it won’t stay there for too long, and I will be buying up oil securities like a mad man. This is much different than what Dent is saying. He claims these ridiculously low oil prices will represent a new long-term trend. In America’s Financial Apocalypse, I recall discussing that oil will eventually head back down in price, but certainly not to $15, at least not as long as war in the Middle East continues. 
The unidentified Mad Hedge Fund Trader continues his Harry Dent infomercial…
“To prove that Harry is willing to put his money where his mouth is, he is advising the Dent Tactical ETF (DENT) which mirrors and executes on his views. The fund is up 20% in the past 12 months.”
How does this prove he is putting his money where his mouth is? This guy is either a complete idiot or else a complete liar. Putting your money where your mouth is would only apply if Dent funded the ETF with his own money, which of course is not the case.
At least Martin Weiss actually did put his own money in an account that was used to trade his horrendous recommendations. In no way is Dent doing this. Perhaps the reason is that he realizes his investment performance is just as miserable as that of Weiss.
Furthermore, DENT is NOT up by 20% over the past 12 months, nor was it a few days ago when this clown wrote the piece. I detailed DENT’s miserable performance previously.
As the chart below illustrates, DENT is only up by just over 10% over the past year. More important, the S&P 500 Index is up by more than 23%, or more than 100% more than DENT. 

It should be obvious to you by now that the Mad Hedge Fund Trader is a complete liar and a clown. Similar to Dent, I’m willing to bet that he couldn’t trade his way out of a whore house even if he had $1 million.
Finally, he goes on to explain why Dent has no idea what he is talking about.
“Harry was originally a “good ole boy” from South Carolina, who like Federal Reserve governor Ben Bernanke, improbably went off to Harvard where he got his MBA. His career then took him to the top notch management consulting firm, Bain & Co. After years of consulting with Fortune 100 companies, he found gaping holes in their understanding of the global economy. That spurred him to take off and create his own research boutique to address these grievous shortfalls in understanding.”
A Harvard MBA means that you have been inducted into the Jewish network. And the last thing you understand is how to make money, at least by legal means. 
“To learn more about Harry S. Dent, please go to his website.”
The question is whether this guy has received compensation for promoting Dent, his useless book and his disastrous fund. I’m willing to bet he has or will receive some type of benefit of monetary value, which is illegal unless disclosed. 
[Note: the staff of Zero Hedge primarily consists of Jewish individuals. This explains how they have aligned with the media and are very cozy with Max Keiser. In fact, I’m willing to bet that the Mad Hedge Fund Trader is also Jewish. Why might that be important? If you know anything about the strength and inner workings of the Jewish network, it explains much of what goes on behind the scenes.]
Everywhere you turn, there seems to be no escape from this fraud; Wall Street, the media, corporate America; Washington. They all work together, each with a different role. Perhaps the most vile component of this cycle of fraud is that the media not only plays a large role along with Wall Street, it also comes out as a shining hero after the fraud has occurred, positioning itself as being on your side after failing to warn you or disclose the truth.
The same liars and jackasses that failed to report what was going on before and during the financial crisis are making millions selling drama-filled books about the collapse. They even get movie deals, like Andrew Sorkin. People need to stop and think carefully about this. It’s disgusting. And it confirms that most people are too ignorant to see the writing on the wall, all but ensuring the cycle of fraud will repeat in perpetuity.

Zero Hedge is similar to all of the other faux heroes, who leverage the frustration and anger of the recent financial apocalypse in order to put money in their pockets, all while deceiving and lying to its audience of sheep.
You need to ask yourself two critical questions about Zero Hedge.
Where were they BEFORE this crisis appeared?
They only started writing in late 2008. Why? To exploit the disaster in order to make money from the sheep by selling ads, getting paid by gold and silver dealers for pumping these metals, and pushing certain investment websites/services for compensation. Yet, their sheep audience has no idea how they are being fooled with the useless drama, lies, manipulation and lack of any real value from the content on their web site.

Why is Zero Hedge promoted by the media?

Remember, the media promotes individuals that serve its interests which are to deceive the investment public so as to lower the hurdle for Wall Street to take the money of Main Street.
In conclusion, this article illustrates the critical need for you to spread my work around, because people are being lied to and fooled in many inconspicuous ways.
I can assure you that if I chose to waste my time reading Zero Hedge regularly, I would spot deception, manipulation and lies on a daily basis.
Remember, you are a reflection of the company you keep. Notice the recommended sites posted on Zero Hedge. I have checked each one and I would not trust any of them. They are all in the same network. They work together. You must understand that or else convince yourself. Research it for yourself and you will see.
The clowns at Zero Hedge will not refute this article because they know they are clowns.
Remember here who has the track record…not just a track record but the leading track record on earth.
Remember as well who was recommending gold many years before Zero Hedge existed, yet has never received a penny from gold dealers or gold ads.
And remember who has been warning people about the myths, lies and schemes propagated by gold pumpers and false heroes like Zero Hedge. We have added an entry about Zero Hedge in our "Warning About Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes" piece which is an ongoing listing of crooks, liars and con artists.
"Zero Hedge*[1]

 - false heroes who have duped their sheep audience using the same tactic as other profiteers; detect fear, anger and desperation of the population --> market yourself as a critic of the villains --> once you have sucked in the fish, time to reel them in --> promote clowns with newsletters (get paid in some way for promos) --> pump gold and sell gold ads (for instance, one of the ZH clowns has a gold pumping hedge fund) --> your audience will be suckered to think you are their hero so they will buy ZH shirts, etc...BUT NEVER EXPOSE THE ROOT CAUSE.

ZH is a gold-pumping site run by Jews which claims to have "inside knowledge" about the financial industry, yet another lie. In addition, at least one of the main contributors to the site was barred from the securities industry for insider trading, while at least another runs a hedge fund which we believe is committing front running by pumping ZH sheep to buy gold. They are connected to Alex Jones, Max Keiser and other disinfo agents and profiteers who exploit the anger and frustration of their audience in order to suck money from them in a variety of ways.
Similar to all gold pumpers, they spread delusions of hyperinflation in the U.S. (which as we have shown in impossible) and claim that gold hedges against inflation (which again is not true).  
They ask for donations AND post advertisements AND sell hats and mugs and shirts as though they were celebrities, all while promoting con artists and pumping gold; tightly connected to 100s of con artists. Their blog roll serves as a good list of sites and people to avoid, as they are all sophomoric clowns and profiteers with no track record to speak of. We cannot emphasize enough how deceitful these individuals are. Remember, ZH did NOT exist prior to the financial crisis and now they have come in to herd the sheep. That is what you call the epitome of opportunism. Stay away at all cost."
See here for my analysis of the Mad Hedge Fund Trader.


More on the Zero Hedge charlatans.
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