We are the home of the LEADING investment forecaster in the world. This claim is backed by a $100,000 guarantee. Have you ever heard of anyone back their claim with $100,000? So, who is the leading expert on the economic collapse? MIKE STATHIS, Author of America's Financial Apocalypse (2006) and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble (2007). as well as the Wall Street Investment Bible (2008). Those who followed the advice in these books made a fortune. We are #1 in Market Forecasting Mike advised investors to get out of the market before the collapse. In fact, he predicted the Dow would collapse to 6500 in his 2006 book. On March 9, 2009 Stathis recommended buying into the stock market. That would end up being the EXACT bottom. NO ONE else in the world made that call. Since March 2009, Stathis has kept his research clients in the US stock market. Mike has also nailed every market sell off since the financial crisis. Mike Stathis and AVA Investment Analytics... #1 in Distressed Securities Analysis #1 in Currency & Commodities Forecasting, #1 in Macroeconomic Analysis, #1 in Precious Metals Forecasting Yet, Stathis continues to be banned by the media...Why? Because the media intentionally airs jug heads and charlatans since they have been bought off by Wall Street. The "experts" in the media have terrible track records. By airing clowns and extremists, Main Street will be misguided. This will make it much easier for Wall Street to take your money. So if you pay attention to the media, you are going to get screwed. FACT: if you do not have our research, you are behind the curve.
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