We are the home of the LEADING expert on the economic collapse. This claim is backed by a $100,000 guarantee. Have you ever heard of anyone back their claim with $100,000? So, who is the leading expert on the economic collapse? MIKE STATHIS, Author of America's Financial Apocalypse (2006) and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble (2007). as well as the Wall Street Investment Bible (2008). Those who followed the advice in these books made a fortune. We are #1 in Market Forecasting Mike advised investors to get out of the market before the collapse. In fact, he predicted the Dow would collapse to 6500 in his 2006 book. On March 9, 2009 Mike Stathis advised to buy into the US stock market. That would end up being the bottom. And he advised them to buy back into the market at the EXACT bottom. Between Mar 2009 - Dec 2016, he advised to remain in the stock market. Mike has also nailed every market sell off since the financial crisis. #1 in Distressed Securities Analysis #1 in Currency & Commodities Forecasting, #1 in Macroeconomic Analysis, #1 in Precious Metals Forecasting Yet, Stathis continues to be banned by the media...Why? Because the media intentionally airs jug heads and charlatans since they have been bought off by Wall Street. The "experts" in the media have terrible track records. By airing clowns and extremists, Main Street will be misguided. This will make it much easier for Wall Street to take your money. So if you pay attention to the media, you are going to get screwed. FACT: if you do not have our research, you are behind the curve.
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Dividend Gems Scores ANOTHER Huge Payday Aug 11, 2014
How would you like to be on the receiving end of stocks that get bought out?
Mutual Fund Disasters (Part 2) Jul 16, 2014
Previously, we summarized some important pieces published on mutual funds a few years ago. See . Here, we continue with an in depth look at how some kid hoodwinked Main Street into sending him their hard earned money with the hope that he would be able to make them money.
AVA Investment Analytics Intro Jun 24, 2014
Tony Robbins Gets in on the Doomsday Gravy Train (Part 1) Jun 21, 2014
One of the most predictable things I have noticed about con men is that they always go where the gusto is. Once they have built a following of sheep, they expand their "expertise" as a "life coach" or some other scam designation into whatever is hot. Tony Robbins is certainly no exception to this behavior. One of the things you might notice about Robbins is that he is always helping "the best in the world" achieve peak performance, whether they are the best...
Aussie Destroys the Gold-Pumping Con Men May 23, 2014
In the video below, a man from Australia has a few words for the gold pumping, doomsday promoting, fear mongering con men.
Mike Stathis Reminds Investors What Matters Most May 22, 2014
If you did not already know what Mike talks about in this clip, it means you are spending your time filling your head with trash from the bought off media.
More You Tube Con Men (Part 1) May 14, 2014
In this article (of over 50pp) and accompanying 30 minute video below, Mike exposes another You Tube con man who is in all of the precious metals pumping circuits. Combined with over 100 links to related articles written by Mike, this article is certain to add to the knowledge base of our Clients and Website Members in addition to keeping them busy for several days if not weeks. Consistent with our goals for all content added to the , the most important objective of this article is to help...
CNBC's Josh Brown and Stephanie Link Exposed as Idiots Apr 10, 2014
If you think Peter Schiff is a moronic, motor mouthed hypocrite, meet Josh Brown; a kid who has positioned himself as someone on your side. He is "reformed" after all; or is he? While Brown pretends to be qualified to tell you who you should and should not trust your money with, he seems to have forgotten to mention a few facts.
CNBC Pinhead Asks Thailand Resident if the Nasdaq is in a Bubble Mar 22, 2014
Comments on Fannie Mae, Bitcoin, Doug Casey, Jeff Berwick and Real Estate Scams Mar 4, 2014
Here, Mike releases a 30 minute piece where he ties in many learning points.
New Material Just Added to Member Library Mar 4, 2014
Even the Mentally Challenged Realize Peter Schiff is Clueless Feb 27, 2014
Folks, if you are going to listen to individuals for your investment decisions, you had better damn well make sure they have an excellent track record and no bias. Needless to say, Peter Schiff has a lousy track record and his views are loaded with bias.
Mike Stathis Schools Peter Schiff on the Bankruptcy of Detroit Feb 21, 2014
Today, Detroit's emergency manager announced a plan for the city to emerge out of bankruptcy. Throughout Detroit's solvency crisis, investment pundits and other hacks and lackeys have spread rumors and made false conclusions as to the cause.
Reuters Confirms that Even the Chinese Think Their Stock Market is Filled with Fraud Jan 29, 2014
This is something I have been discussing for some time now.
Stathis Warned about the Collapse in Emerging Markets in June 2013 Jan 28, 2014
Recently the financial media has been issuing all kinds of statements about the emerging markets in order to create drama and panic. Does this behavior seem familiar? The financial media is always trying to create some kind of smoke and mirrors drama to get suckers hooked into their programming content so they can sell ads.
What in the Hell is Marc Faber REALLY Doing in Thailand? Jan 14, 2014
In this 20 page investigation, Mike shows you what a complete joke Marc Faber is, demonstrating that the media is nothing more than a fraudulent organization meant to exploit the sheep who tune in. By the time you are finished reading the report and watching the videos, you will have laughed and cried. Most important, you are not likely to ever pay attention to anything Marc Faber has to say ever again. Has anyone ever wondered what an old man who holds himself out as some kind of investment...
The REAL Precious Metals Expert Shows You How It's Done Jan 10, 2014
Clowns like Mike Maloney (who has absolutely NO professional investment management experience) seem to be claiming to be “precious metals” or “gold” experts. But all they do is keep telling you to buy, buy, buy.
EXPOSED: Chris Duane (Part 2) Jan 3, 2014
After seeing how so many people were fooled by this obvious unpolished con man, I am now even more shocked to learn just how utterly naïve and completely stupid the so called precious metals community is.
EXPOSED: Chris Martenson Dec 24, 2013
Who is Chris Martenson? Is He Legit? And is He on Your Side? In this 3 year investigation of Martenson, we lay out the details of how this snake has elbowed his way into the gold charlatan network in this 60 page report. We issued a warning about Martenson a while back, knowing well what he was up to, but we just did not have the time to do the investigation and write up required to present a bullet proof analysis of this charlatan. Click to read our previous warning. More recently, we...
Proof that Mike Stathis Has the Leading Track Record on the Economic Collapse Dec 13, 2013
We will be making more of these videos in the future so the newer guests of the website can see that no one can come close to the track record of Mike Stathis. We hope to make 20 or more videos in 2014 showing Mike's track record from the pre crisis and post crisis period. We also welcome guest submissions. Clearly, Mike Stathis predicted the financial crisis and economic collapse more accurately than anyone in the world. This is a statement of fact. And we are prepared to risk $100,000 to...
Why the Gold Bugs Got it All Wrong Aug 25, 2013
The correction in the commodities bubble continues to be driven by weak economic growth. Similar to other assets traded on an open market exchange, commodities pricing is determined primarily by supply demand characteristics. Although commodities pricing is primarily a reflection of demand for raw materials required for economic growth, other variables influence price dynamics, such as inventory levels and everything that might alter inventories, such as weather conditions, or in the case of...
Precious Metals & Commodities Forecasting Video Update Aug 19, 2013
We just published a one hour video presentation conducted by our chief investment and trading strategist, Mike Stathis detailing updated forecasts from the August 2013 Commodities, Currencies & Precious Metals Forecasting section of the Intelligent Investor (published August 5, 2013) containing an analysis and discussing and forecast when suitable for the following:
August 2013 Research Release Aug 17, 2013
Broken Clock "Bill" Fleckenstein Promoted by CNBC Despite His Lousy Track Record Aug 14, 2013
Watch, listen laugh and learn.
Mike Stathis Exposes Meredith Whitney (Yes, Again!) Aug 2, 2013
Meredith Whitney is not unlike any of the other charlatans you see or read about in the media. After watching Peter Schiff rise very quickly to media “fame” and undeserved fortune in exchange for providing the media with constant doom and gloom despite having a miserable track record, Whitney decided to duplicate Schiff’s snake oil strategy. Similar to every other con artist and scum bag who lines up to kiss the ass of the media in order to get millions of dollars in free...
Peter Schiff Continues to Prove He is CLUELESS Aug 2, 2013
The more I hear Schiff's delusional and ridiculous sale pitch, the more I am becoming convinced that he has lost his marbles, but that might well represent the best of all scenarios. The alternative conclusion would be that he is blatantly lying to his sheep audience in order to manipulate gold and brainwash low IQ investors into believing his ridiculous claims, despite the fact that he has been mostly wrong for several years now, whether we are talking about his forecasts for the US dollar...
Ron Paul and Many Other Frauds EXPOSED Jul 20, 2013
You are NOT going to want to miss this video. Mike tells me it's one of his best videos of the year.
July 2013 Research Release Jul 16, 2013
Special Promotion for July Only Jul 12, 2013
Stathis on Commodities, Gold and Treasury Yields Jul 10, 2013
July 2013 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Opening StatementOriginally Published on July 7, 2013 The correction in the commodities bubble continues, as overall global demand continues to weaken. The impact of a weakening global economy on the commodities market is especially evident when one considers the current situation in China, which is now revealing some manifestations of an economic slowdown. We should not forget that at the beginning of 2013, everyone was talking about the strength of...
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