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How to Determine if Your Sources Can be Trusted Dec 21, 2013
Before I begin, I will tell you this with complete confidence. If you see anyone in the media frequently, you won’t even need to waste your time checking to determine whether you can trust them because I will personally guarantee you that they either have no credibility, or else blowing hot air.
Proof that Mike Stathis Has the Leading Track Record on the Economic Collapse Dec 13, 2013
We will be making more of these videos in the future so the newer guests of the website can see that no one can come close to the track record of Mike Stathis. We hope to make 20 or more videos in 2014 showing Mike's track record from the pre crisis and post crisis period. We also welcome guest submissions. Clearly, Mike Stathis predicted the financial crisis and economic collapse more accurately than anyone in the world. This is a statement of fact. And we are prepared to risk $100,000 to...
Why the Gold Bugs Got it All Wrong Aug 25, 2013
The correction in the commodities bubble continues to be driven by weak economic growth. Similar to other assets traded on an open market exchange, commodities pricing is determined primarily by supply demand characteristics. Although commodities pricing is primarily a reflection of demand for raw materials required for economic growth, other variables influence price dynamics, such as inventory levels and everything that might alter inventories, such as weather conditions, or in the case of...
Precious Metals & Commodities Forecasting Video Update Aug 19, 2013
We just published a one hour video presentation conducted by our chief investment and trading strategist, Mike Stathis detailing updated forecasts from the August 2013 Commodities, Currencies & Precious Metals Forecasting section of the Intelligent Investor (published August 5, 2013) containing an analysis and discussing and forecast when suitable for the following:
August 2013 Research Release Aug 17, 2013
Broken Clock "Bill" Fleckenstein Promoted by CNBC Despite His Lousy Track Record Aug 14, 2013
Watch, listen laugh and learn.
Mike Stathis Exposes Meredith Whitney (Yes, Again!) Aug 2, 2013
Meredith Whitney is not unlike any of the other charlatans you see or read about in the media. After watching Peter Schiff rise very quickly to media “fame” and undeserved fortune in exchange for providing the media with constant doom and gloom despite having a miserable track record, Whitney decided to duplicate Schiff’s snake oil strategy. Similar to every other con artist and scum bag who lines up to kiss the ass of the media in order to get millions of dollars in free...
Peter Schiff Continues to Prove He is CLUELESS Aug 2, 2013
The more I hear Schiff's delusional and ridiculous sale pitch, the more I am becoming convinced that he has lost his marbles, but that might well represent the best of all scenarios. The alternative conclusion would be that he is blatantly lying to his sheep audience in order to manipulate gold and brainwash low IQ investors into believing his ridiculous claims, despite the fact that he has been mostly wrong for several years now, whether we are talking about his forecasts for the US dollar...
Ron Paul and Many Other Frauds EXPOSED Jul 20, 2013
You are NOT going to want to miss this video. Mike tells me it's one of his best videos of the year.
July 2013 Research Release Jul 16, 2013
Special Promotion for July Only Jul 12, 2013
Stathis on Commodities, Gold and Treasury Yields Jul 10, 2013
July 2013 Intelligent Investor (Part 1) Opening StatementOriginally Published on July 7, 2013 The correction in the commodities bubble continues, as overall global demand continues to weaken. The impact of a weakening global economy on the commodities market is especially evident when one considers the current situation in China, which is now revealing some manifestations of an economic slowdown. We should not forget that at the beginning of 2013, everyone was talking about the strength of...
Stathis Discusses the Fate of Gold and the Global Economy Jul 8, 2013
As we have been discussing for several months, the global economy continues to weaken. Although the establish economists have been forecasting a stronger second half for 2013, we have been warning our readers and other clients about further weakness. In fact we have discussed that the global economy has largely weakened during the second quarter of this year relative to the first quarter. Recent data from China shows that this is precisely what is happening... continue reading, sign...
June 2013 Research Release Jun 19, 2013
We have released several publications for purchase to the general public.
A Look at Fossil One Year Later May 23, 2013
We recently discussed one of the securities we cover in the Intelligent Investor, pointing to the huge gains (more than 80% in the past 30 days). Here, we show an example of another freebie we gave away just over a year ago to subscribers of the Intelligent Investor. We followed that up with a freebie in early August to EVERYONE. Take a look at the article, "" so you can get some background information on Fossil.
Over the Past 6 Months Which Stock Has Soared by 130%? May 22, 2013
The following is an example of one of the stocks we have been pushing pretty hard in the Intelligent Investor newsletter.
Mike Stathis of AVA Investment Analytics Shows Us Why he is the Sharpest Investor in the World - FOSL May 20, 2013
May 2013 Forecasts Released May 20, 2013
Last week we released the May 2013 edition of the Intelligent Investor, Market Forecaster and Dividend Gems. We also recently released the following reports for purchase, as shown below. These reports contain SOME of the material found in the Intelligent Investor and Market Forecaster.
Gold Analysis & Forecast Video Presentation Released Mar 25, 2013
In this 27 minute video, Mike discusses the technical analysis of gold, covering the short term possibilities as well as the long term. He discusses what to watch for, provides guidance for different types of investors and discusses whether the possibility of confiscation by the U.S. government has any validity.
Gold Charlatans Strike it Rich While Their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 4) Mar 24, 2013
Gold bugs and dealers alike have pumped out so many misconceptions and flat out lies about gold, silver, and the economy that it would be impossible for me to set the story straight in a single article; that's saying a lot considering the fact that my articles tend to be rather lengthy. However, I have previously written several articles that address the majority of the most common of these myths and lies (check the end of this article for a partial list). If you have been sucked into the...
What Stocks Has Mike Been Buying? Mar 15, 2013
Below are stocks Mike has either bought for his own account and/or recommended to Clients (fund managers, financial advisers, pensions) over the past several days.
We Sold CenturyLink BEFORE It Collapsed Feb 23, 2013
We also have some additional news to report for Dividend Gems subscribers. On February 14, 2013, the same day Berkshire Hathaway announced a huge payday for Dividend Gems subscribers with a buyout offer for Heinz (HNZ) for more than $72/share, Warren Buffett Follows Our Lead on Heinz ... ...shares of another one of our recommended securities were downgraded after management cut the dividend by 26%.
February 2013 Dividend Gems Opening Statement Feb 19, 2013
As the stock market approaches record highs (except for the Nasdaq) investors should start to focus less new purchases and more on trimming down positions. The rationale for this is simple. In many cases the valuations are ahead of themselves, while global economic risk remains.
Warren Buffett Follows Our Lead on Heinz Feb 15, 2013
Yesterday, subscribers of Dividend Gems celebrated the buyout of one of the securities contained in the Dividend Gems Recommended List…Heinz (HNZ) by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.
He's Back! Harry Dent the Clown Making More Ridiculous Predictions Jan 18, 2013
Here's the deal folks. CNBC gets these clowns and whores them out for as long as their sucker audience doesn't figure out they're being fed con artists. As a result, charlatans like Dent usually last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. In the process, these media charlatans have been wrong much more than right, but they're also millionaires because they CNBC sheep have bought their books and other trash and some have made the very foolish mistake of sending their money to invest. While Dent has...
The Death of America Jan 10, 2013
In this article, you are going to see what has happened to America, what the future holds and who is responsible for the nation's decline.
Secrets of the Geopolitical Chess Match Jan 4, 2013
In this 14 page article, Mike details the inner workings of how the global game is played, explaining the macroeconomic forces that underlie the risks and merits of investing in the U.S. and other world capital markets. Once you read this article, you will understand how the game is played and you will know more about how things works related to the big picture of investing than virtually every person you have seen on TV discuss investments.
How Does Peter Schiff Spend His Time? Nov 14, 2012
Everywhere you turn, it seems as if the media is feeding you with “experts” who have the next great call to make. Whether from the print or broadcast media, they always position their hand picked salesmen and Monday morning quarterbacks as “experts.” But are they REALLY experts? Do they have track records that back up this claim? Do real experts spend almost all of their time in marketing activities, or are they grinding things out trying to sort out what is going on?...
Examination of the Persistently High Unemployment Rate Nov 1, 2012
Economists and other hacks continue to point the blame on the lingering high unemployment rate on things outside of Washington's control. Some blame it on the economic cycle. These hacks insist the nation's high jobless rate is due to low demand. Accordingly, they recommend more stimulus. Others suggest the high unemployment is due to structural factors. They basically claim that workers no longer possess the skills needed by the work place or else they reside in regions where there is a...
October 2012 Economic and Market Overview Oct 17, 2012
The recent unemployment data showed a decline in the jobless rate from 8.1% to 7.8%, but this is no reason to become optimistic. This data is most likely an anomaly due to statistical errors, and will probably move back to the 8.0% mark in coming months.No, it is not as Jack Welch has claimed. The BLS did not manipulate the data by any more than it already does in order to give Obama a boost in ratings after a so called poor debate performance against republican presidential candidate Mitt...
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